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By | November 14, 2019

hello everyone welcome to another
student expert session my name is Trevor Erickson and I’m
excited to introduce Dave Snider our expert in the field today dave is the co-founder of a pretty
awesome influencer marketing tool called ninja outreach I actually stumbled across ninja
outreach last year and fell in love with the platform we best David share his
knowledge and expert tips on how a brand can effectively pursue influencers and
involve them with their overall strategy for growth without further ado here’s
Dave hey everyone this is dave from Ninja
outreach and today we’re going to be talking about how to find and work with
influencers to effectively grow your brand I in this case otherwise known as
influencer marketing just before we get into that I’d like to talk a little bit I’ve just about myself and what I why
I’m here so in 2010 a couple years ago I was just
math major in college I quit my I got a job as a business analyst at a financial
services company I worked for two years and learn about business and marketing
but after two years I quit and decide to go backpacking basically around the
world and i start blogging and doing digital marketing and i got involved in basically that’s here I and finally in
2014 I started a software business called
ninja outreach which is an influencer marketing software I’ve been working on that for two years
be involved in the industry of an influencer marketing and would like to
share what I’ve learned with you today so what we’re going to be covering are
five basic topics number one is what is influencer marketing number two is how to find influencers
number three is ways to partner with influencers four is how to pitch
influencers and five is some influencer marketing success stories so basically we’re going to be defining
the concept than walking you through how you could actually implement it then
finally hopefully give you some motivation as to why this works how are the people are using it so firstly I’d like to stage a little
bit by saying you know I what is the current state of the consumer I most of people that are watching this
if you’re going to be building a sort of marketing business you’re going to be
looking to sell something and so how do people buy well nowadays I’d like to think that we live in an age
of a smart consumer where people know how to do research they know how to use different online
platforms to look for recommendations I was on Facebook recently and a friend
of mine was looking for an apartment and she said she posted on Facebook and
does anybody know about apartments in Cambridge she’s looking for
recommendations from her friends basically and there’s a quote here this
is eighty percent of consumers said that they would purchase an e-book or
software if they read a positive recommendation through social media
ensure people are looking for recommendations from people that they
know and trust whether they personally know them or
whether they just trust them as an online authority before they make
purchasing decisions and they know how to go about finding those people so who do they trust obviously there’s
things like friends and family of course but when it comes to just online
services mostly people are looking at your retail
and brand sites obviously but next is blogs and social
media blogs Facebook groups and forums things like that which years ago this
wouldn’t have been the case. blogging was more of a hobby just something that people sort of did
on the Internet – catalogue their experiences but nowadays blogs are, blogs
and social media are becoming respected authorities on different topics and
people are going to them looking for advice and that’s just the way things
have really been changing recently and that’s essentially resulted in the
emergence of what we call influencer marketing so influencer marketing is what I like to
see have this instructive position where on the
left you probably have maybe your business or blog and maybe it just
started you don’t have much of an audience kind
of crickets meanwhile on the right you have these influencers in your niche who
have large followings these are people like bloggers these are people like social media
experts, journalists, all these people that their primary job and focus has been
to build a large audiences of people who trust them so you can imagine if you could merge
the two of them It could be very good for your business
and good for the influencer as well and basically what we’re going to be
talking about is how do you go about merging these two things so influencer
marketing falls under what we call inbound marketing this is a slide
from Hubspot which is kind of a really big proponent of inbound marketing
software company they tend to think of outbound marketing as this sort of this
red area of the circle it’s the things that everybody typically
hates its things like pop ups its things like contextual ads things like
commercials in your radio and TV whereas these there’s this other form of
marketing which they classify as inbound marketing which is basically the things
that you want to find. influencer marketing blogging I listened to a public speaker word of
mouth these are the things that you tend to come across organically when you’re
searching for something for example they say you know SEO and
PPC is basically a way of being present when a person is looking to buy so you can think of the main difference
with inbound marketing as the inbound marketing the type of marketing somebody
sees when they want to be marketed to and they’re actually looking for
something with outbound marketing is what they receive when they’re doing
something else influencer marketing falls under that
classification of inbound marketing so hopefully that was clear as to no really what influencer marketing is
and and where it falls into the spectrum of marketing as a whole so now how do you actually go about
doing it I actually find influencers well I’ve been doing this for about two
years now I’ve seen talk with hundreds of people on the phone in our software
to understand how they go about searching for influencers when they want
to start to put some work in campaign and as you can imagine most people start
with google right that’s what we mostly start with for almost everything you basically go onto google and you
run a search for marketing blogs okay i want to find out whose influencer
in the market niche and you can do that and you’ll find posts like 25 best
marketing blogs 2014 or something you know these sort of list posts and things
like that but you can also probably imagine this is really not the most
efficient it’s not the most scalable way of doing things it’s just kind of a way to get started
it’s fine it doesn’t really make for a whole campaign another thing is to think from the
perspective of where do influencers come from uh well how do they interact with other
people on the web well a lot of influencers comment on
other people’s websites so if you found one person who you like in say the
marketing niche if you start looking at the comments on their articles you can see
other influencers and often with the way WordPress is setup which is what the
platform that most people use for blogging you can click over to
somebody’s website based on their comment is hyperlink to their name and
see what they’re writing about and that’s just another way to kind of find
essentially some influencers when you only have to start with another group of
people is what we call linkers um so influencers tend to link to other
influencers meaning that if I’m writing an article about marketing i’m probably going to reference someone
else who’s writing articles about marketing as well so if you have one
article you can easily look at the outbound links into that and see who’s
being linked to or and the reverse you can see who’s
linking to your article by using a tool like Moz or ahrefs or any of these
tools which are usually freemium i can put in the URL and see who’s linked to them
and this gives you some idea as to well there are other people that are writing
about such topics next we have sharers in a similar way to
linkers sharers are people that have shared an article before basically I they are reading about Marketing
for example marketing they’re sharing the article we can find
on on Twitter using applications like Buzzsumo
for example who has shared a post another way to find influencers Buzzsumo
which was the application that just mentioned it’s really great for
finding say the top articles on the web about a specific topic and then you can
see whose linked to it who shared it a lot of the things that we were just talking
about are just now in terms of how to find influencers but combined into an
application I one more is followerwonk similar type
of thing where you can search to see who has relevant keywords in their bio so basically maybe you want to see who
is who defines themselves as a marketing blogger in their twitter bio but
searching Twitter could be a little bit difficult and impractical i therefore you can use something like
followerwonk and finally we have ninja outreach full disclosure this is my software it’s
an influencer marketing software you can type in a keyword and we’re going to
pull up influencers as well who we feel are relevant to that keyword and
give you a bunch of data so these are the main ways that you can
go about basically finding influencers you can do Google searches you can look
on their social profiles bios you can see who’s been linking to a post who’s
been commenting who’s been sharing and then we mentioned a couple of
applications that basically streamline that process for you make it a bit
faster I so when it comes to influencer
marketing campaigns in general finding influencers is not that
difficult. there are thousands out there in most niches and there are a
lot of applications that are reasonably priced that you can use to find them what gets a bit tricky is this next part
is how to go about partnering with them and this is where most people go wrong most people when they approached
marketing campaigns are specifically influencer marketing campaigns they’re thinking about what can I get
from this person i have this business I have this product i want to sell it this person has a big audience I want them
to sell my product to that audience but they’re not necessarily thinking about
the holistic approach of how do we get everybody involved that everybody walks
away as a winner because in many ways from the influencer perspective, their
business is the audience that they’ve built up and therefore they also want to
be rewarded when they work with you so it’s pretty clear usually when you
start an influencer marketing campaign what you’d like which is usually sales and exposure but
I always caution people to think about what do you think the influencers
you’re going to work with and their audience is going to want as well so a
couple of things that this a lot of different things you can do to partner
with influences but just a couple of basic things that you may offer them for
example of a prominent blogger in the niche is to to offer for them to be an
affiliate of what you’re selling to actually pay them money up front with
the work that they’re doing or to give them free access or a free copy of what
you’re selling similarly for their audience, you can
give away free copies or give them a discount essentially give them something that they couldn’t
get elsewhere give them something that you know basically rewards them I for spending their time and sharing
their audience with you in that way if you think of this sort of Venn diagram
here everybody is sort of everybody walks away a winner. everybody kind of gets
something another area where people go wrong is
typically with engagement so basically we’re going to go through
it a couple of different types of ways to work with partners work with
influencers but always consider the fact that when you start an outreach campaign
to people it’s important that before you get to
the stage of all how am I going to work with them what am I going to offer them that maybe
you’ve made some attempt to get to know them personally if you’ve signed up to the newsletter
maybe you’ve shared posts that they’ve written maybe a comment on their blogs I you know subscribe to them on social media
the different ways that you might get yourself known as you build a connection
relationship with the influencer because that by and large is going to help you
be a lot more successful with your campaigns so in terms of the types of partnerships
that people often do with influencers one of the easiest ones is guest post
guest posting is when you write an article on their blog and then gets
published and their audience sees the article that you wrote it most often
will link to therefore the audience can click back to see your website you also get some benefits from SEO from
having an inbound link from a prominent website for ninja reach when we were
trying to grow our business two years ago and even today we did tons of guest
post we did I did a hundred in a year I was publishing a guest post a month on
different marketing blogs and the niche to get out there and for me it helped me
significantly sort of build up our Authority for the business because
people saw that i was writing a lot of content about about influencer marketing next is a giveaway a giveaway is exactly
what it sounds like it when you give away product this works great for
example with software where it doesn’t really cost anything to give away an
account is a pretty low marginal cost for giving away software account I’ve seen a lot of people do it in other
niches like fashion but they maybe giveaway closed or or even jewelry
to some degree or food based products all the time so this this often is can be used where you
maybe give away um you give away through a few products
on the maybe you give a discount everybody else who I didn’t win the
giveaway but then gives them the opportunity to buy at somewhat of a
special price giveaways a great tool we used to do a lot
of those next is product reviews this is when you would actually give
your product to the influencer and ask them to write about it um it’s in some ways it has some
similarity with guest posting in that your basic producing content on another
on the influencer’s website but what makes this a bit different is that number
one the influencers writing it, not you and
therefore they’re bringing a lot of the trust and authority that they’ve
established with their audience into the article and number two the focus of the
article is going to be about your product because this is a review as
opposed to a guest post where you might be writing about a topic like influencer
marketing for example in our case we would always do a lot of product reviews
of people we give away away the software for free ask people to basically write about it
and now for example if you were searching into outreach you’ll see all these really great
reviews of people that review the product and you can imagine from a
consumer perspective, when they want to basically say well what is the best
influencer marketing software or what d people think about Ninja Outreach. It’s
really good to have built up this credibility across the web of all these
different people reviewing it and writing about that it builds a lot of
trust so that people know that it’s sort of a legitimate thing uh next is with an affiliate program
again as I mentioned earlier the for the influencer’s perspective, their audience is
their business they gave their business has been working on growing
audience often though this comes at the expense of of creating something to sell
to that audience so they might spend time building a large audience but they
don’t necessary have something to sell and therefore if you can offer them to
be an affiliate of your product or maybe you give them 10 15 even fifty percent
of any sales that are made is it is a real nice way to basically i won I’ll help
them monetize their website but also show appreciation for what they’re doing
so for example for us we go 5050 with everybody that we work with if if they
promote our product and make sales they’re good fifty percent of everything
that I that that is made so we think it’s a very fair model as
well social media exposure would be something
basically like sometimes large brands who have maybe they could have thousands
tens of thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter they can use this as an advantage
basically to say look if you promote what we want where marketing here I’d be happy to basically share your
stuff your website on our social media page I in this way the influencer has the
opportunity to build an even larger audience so social media can work well links bloggers people who are writing on
the web need links they need links to their websites to basically get more
authority in the eyes of social search engines in google so you can link to
them a lot of times when we write content for example I’m we’re always referencing other
influencers we’re linking to articles that they’ve written and in this way we can
reach out to them and tell them like a look we’ve been sharing what you’ve been
writing and linking to it and it can be a nice ice breaker to another, to another
conversation or relationships and finally at least in this list we have things like
content features which is you may have come across things like expert roundups
they’re really popular nowadays when you feature a lot of influencers and a post
you feature maybe a quote from them, a tip from them something like that, a tweet so again it’s this is all about offering
exposure to the influencer as part of the the marketing campaign um so you can feature them in the
content that you’ve written so those sort of the main ways that you would go
about basically working with influencers and we discussed what you can sort of
offer them in terms of you know free product money affiliate programs and also how you
actually go about working with them and the next part is going to be how you
really write to them many of us have received emails that
came across as basically spam unpersonalized, almost deceptive to be honest poor grammar I mean just
things that you just right away send to spam box that’s not the type of pitch
that that we recommend it takes some time but we recommend that you try to
get to know the person that you’re writing to personalize them with that
their first name recent article that they were in a
project that they’re working on something that is just so much special basically and proves why you’re
reaching out to them and not that you’re just so reach out to a thousand people ah at once so typically a good pitch will
have a few different elements number one will be personalized that’s a you know I use their name
references their blogs and websites something to recent they did number two will be clear what you’re
asking for I’ve seen a lot of pictures where nobody really got to the point
that’s what what they were even after about so I’ll say look I’m I’m reach out
to you because i want to know if you know we could guest post on your website
or you’d review our product uh next is some sort of credibility if
it’s someone you don’t really know well it I think it definitely helps to
basically show that other people have you worked with other people and hey
look we’ve been featured here i wrote this post here I appear on this podcast here and when
you’re just getting started and you have you know obviously have to start from
scratch but as you basically gain momentum and work with more people built
more credibility and it makes it a lot easier for someone to take a chance on
you and work with you having seen that they basically that you work for
somebody else and finally is the value again back to
the Venn diagram the three circles what are we offering to their audience
what are we offering to them what do we want everybody to get out of
this partnership that we are proposing so with all that said in terms of how to
run a basic influencer marketing campaign how to go about and basically I
find influencers using applications or searching on the web how to come up with the offer that at
where everyone can basically be a winner and the types of partnerships that you
do I want to leave you with some of the different influencer marketing case
studies that we’ve seen on the web that other businesses some of which are
much larger than ours I have been talking about I number one
is groove groove is a customer service application I they do hundreds of thousands of
dollars a month in monthly recurring revenue and one of the big things they’ve
been talking about influencer marketing quote from Alex the CEO “nearly a month
before we launch the blog we began building a list of influence should we
wanted to build relationships with then we began engaging with them later once they knew we existed in saw us as
contributors, sent them a small ask” this it sounds simple it’s exactly what we
talked about basically coming up with a with a list of people in your niche
engaging with them and then asking them when the time was right for them this
allowed them to basically grow to five thousand newsletter subscribers in five
weeks which is a lot it’s definitely a ton of
subscribers number two is buffer buffer one of the
most popular social media applications in the marketing niche right now they do over 10 million dollars a year
in annual recurring revenue they’ve been around for a few years
and quote from co-founder Leo says “solely through guest blogging we
required around 100,000 users within the first nine months of running buffer it’s been something that was very
gradual though within the space of around nine months I wrote around 150 guest posts” it’s a lot of work but look what they’ve
built similar this is what I what I said we’re over a hundred guest post
ourselves these these strategies have basically been proven to work for a lot
of different products and a lot of different niches and buffer is another
success story and then finally I do although we are
not nearly as large as groove or buffer I do think it’s important to basically
you know show that that we also eat our own dog food so to speak that we also do
a lot of influencer marketing so for us when we launched into outreach two years ago we had basically no
audience no subscribers starting from scratch and we did what I said which was
we wrote a lot of guest posts we wrote a lot of product reviews we start an
affiliate program to work with different bloggers, wrote content reached out to
people and we’ve grown a lot since then basically we now have about 500
customers and just in the last year our traffic has tripled And it’s all through email marketing
is all with effectively a zero marketing budget aside from obviously paying for tools and
things like that we haven’t done a paid advertising or anything like that it’s all inbound influencer marketing on
and you can do it as well so those are the e three case studies Oh at last thing I guess to mention
was that aside from traffic we’ve basically got a lot of nice mentions on
things like Yahoo and moz and Neil Patel and different websites so in
addition obviously growing your traffic you’re building your brand and authority
because people are seeing you all over the web so that is the presentation on
influencer marketing i hope you found it useful um if you have additional questions
you’re more than welcome to reach out to me. my email’s [email protected] obviously my website is I’m also
on twitter but not super active on it skype and LinkedIn so thank you very
much for i guess i guess paying attention to this presentation and i hope that you
will strongly consider influencer marketing to be part of the marketing
strategy for your business or whatever future businesses you end up starting

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