How to grow on YouTube in 2020 – Data YOU need to know!

By | November 16, 2019

When it comes to YouTube, there is a belief
that if you just upload videos you’ll get a lot of views and subscribers. In this video we’ll show you by using data
what it actually takes! [TubeBuddy Tips & Tricks] Hello Tubebuddies! Here are some useful stats YOU need to know
when it comes to being successful on YouTube. We’re not only going to show you the stats,
but how YOU can better understand them to understand YOUR own growth rate on YouTube. There is a lot that goes into YouTube such
as your Content Type, Identifying your niche, search engine optimization, and most importantly
High Performing Quality Videos that connect with your target audience. We at TubeBuddy have access to 3.5 million
channels in our database. We were able to find the average amount of
videos uploaded for channels accepted into the YouTube partnership program, all the way
up to a gold play button. Here are the averages! The average channel with 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers
has 152 uploads. The average channel with 10,000 to 100,000
subscribers has 418 uploads. The average channel with 100,000 to 1 million
subscribers has 1,171 uploads. The average channel with 1 million + subscribers
has 3,873 uploads. Recognizing this helps you understand, on
average, how much content people have uploaded to reach these metrics. This data shows why it’s important to focus
on creating content, and identifying your target audience. Knowing how many uploads on average you need
is VERY helpful, because if you haven’t uploaded enough content you may not be where
you want to be, based on not having enough opportunity for exposure. The keyword here is opportunity. YouTube is a search engine, the second largest
in the world, and with that search gives you the OPPORTUNITY to be discovered. Understanding that content is the main factor
in getting where you want to go, well optimized content is key! With TubeBuddy’s Search and Keyword Explorer
I’ll show you, how you can identify opportunities for you to show up in search. When it comes to search, a great type of video
to make when you’re starting out is called “evergreen”. This lets you create a piece of content, that
can help you grow through search. It’s called evergreen content, like evergreen
trees. This means that the content is relevant year
round. This content type helps you get views by always
being relevant. Evergreen content for example is like How
to content,Tutorials, A Case Study Like this, etc. Here is an example of a keyword for evergreen
content, and how we’ll research and craft it. Our main keyword is “grow on youtube.” We’re going to be using this as a jumping
off point. One thing I want to show is within the weighted
score of keyword explorer. This required a pro or higher TubeBuddy license
if you don’t have one check that card on screen! Now back to the video! One thing we want to look at is You vs. Top
this section let’s us know how many views we need to average to have the opportunity
to show up on the first page of search results. We look at this first, because if this number
is higher than your view average it might make more sense to go for another term. This also is reflected in our poor score here,
so I will go into video searches which are what people are actually searching on YouTube. Since we’re focusing on this content being
evergreen let’s add “how to grow on youtube.” Notice how the results change. The barrier to entry is higher, we now can
see the number of searches per month, but our score stayed the same. That’s where looking at the video searches
come in handy. We want to teach people how to grow however,
at the time of this video it’s almost 2020. We’ll make our title “How to grow on YouTube
in 2020 – Data YOU need to know!” This title does something YouTube recommends! Make the title both searchable AND Compelling. We know that the searchable part is the first
part, and SHOULD BE FIRST if you’re targeting search. SO our searchable part is “How to grow on
YouTube in 2020” The compelling part to the audience is “Data YOU need to know!” This video idea is the early part of a trend. Our friend Salma Jafri says Evergreen + trending
=a great combo for consistent traffic to your YouTube channel. This topic can easily be evergreen, since
in the video we don’t have to mention the year, and we can talk about methods that will
hold up for years to come! Once you know what we want to title YOUR video. You need to think of other videos that can
help bring people in, and keep watching your channel. That’s where knowing the average uploads
needed from early, comes in handy. Knowing those averages lets you plan your
videos to make sure you are focusing on content that you and your audience like while helping
your youtube channel grow! Let’s head to the upload page. First I’ll enter in my title! Then I’ll find a way to make the title naturally
describe our video! “Learn how to grow on YouTube in 2020 the
data you need to know! How to grow on YouTube doesn’t have to be
a mystery, and with the data collected here at TubeBuddy. Knowing how to grow on youtube in 2020 won’t
be so confusing. See how we repeated portions of our title
in our description naturally? That’s based on our keyword research from
earlier and knowing people want to learn how to grow on YouTube. It’s important to repeat your title in your
description and tags, because YouTube sorts by relevancy by default. You want to keep creating opportunities that
let you show up in search, on your videos in suggested, all while keeping your ideal
audience engaged and helping your channel by uploading more content! Remember these numbers are averages, but understanding
them can help you plan out your video schedule and shape content with the tools offered by
us here at TubeBuddy! So you can create uploads that are evergreen,
maybe trending, and can help you know what to create on YouTube! Want to learn how to optimize a video from
start to finish, check out that video on screen! Want to see more data studies like this from
us at TubeBuddy? Let us know in the comments below! I’m Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy and Thank
YOU so much for watching, now go out and plan your future uploads!

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