How to Get Your First Speaking Gig – A Step by Step Guide

By | November 6, 2019

today we are going to talk about
how to get your first speaking gig. But before we do don’t forget to
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predictably in life and in business, all right, so let’s talk about this. Maybe we should talk about why it makes
sense to speak in the first place so it could be for branding. It could be for getting more clients. It could be for just building
relationships with amazing people. So networking right? Sometimes when you speak you think you
can travel to places that you normally wouldn’t go to like
I’ve been to Ukraine. I’ve been to Poland. I’m going to Australia. I just spoke in Hong Kong. I haven’t been in Hong Kong since I was
like, six years old or seven years old and God. I’ve been to like, you know a lot
of places in Europe just because of speaking but. Y’all have to start
from somewhere, right? So for me, I’m not going to say like,
you know, it’s easy getting there, but I will say in the very
beginning what I started. Do I first started speaking when I was
about 25 26 years old and I didn’t know anything. I was actually definitely scared. This is what I was this is when I was
working at leading marketing for a for a start-up I spoke in front about 30
people or so as the like many startup event and my friend that throws
these happy hours in La ask them. I wanted to speak. Actually, we have to sponsor his happy
hours to now I remember you know, what happened was I was
really nervous going up. Like I wasn’t sure if the
slides were going to work. I wasn’t sure if I was going
to add value for people. I just said I’m right now. I had a lot of arms
and eyes I spoke there. For about 30 minutes or so answer
questions for about 15 minutes and at the end of the day, it wasn’t as bad as
I thought it would be I thought people would judge me. I thought all these bad things right how
to get your first speaking gig is you just ask right. So what you do there
is there’s a lot of. Local events around you startup
events around you just offer to speak. There’s a lot of meetups Go to, you know, it’s not calm. There’s probably Tech web
sites around the local area. They’re doing events just searched like
your city like Los Angeles Tech events or B2B events or stuff like that right
or sales or marketing whatever industry that you’re in you go there you offer to
speak you have to add value want to do it too small group first. Maybe you come on a panel first or
maybe you moderate a panel first you ask questions. Those are a lot lighter in
terms of you being alone. Versus you being alone. And from there again, what you want to
do is when you first speak somewhere you think about you talk to
the organizer you say? Hey number one who’s
in the audience right? Number two what we home run to the. Number three. Is there anything else you’d like to add
you ask those things and then you can tailor the conversation to adding value
to people now you think about this when you’re on stage you don’t think about
what people are thinking about you because that’s vain what you want to do
instead is you want to think about hey, what kind of value can
I add for these people? How can I how can I blow their mind with
the value that I’m about to give them right? Because I know the stuff that I’m doing
is amazing and it’s going to help them and it’s going to make them level up its
going to make them grow and you know, I would like you more for that
because you added value. That’s why people become fans, right,
you know, the first level is, you know, go to the local meetups first, you know
get to know people and then maybe ask and what you do is you
go to the next level. Once you gain more confidence you look
at you know conferences that might make sense to speak at and there’s always
often, you know call for speakers. You can apply to speak eventually what
will happen is you keep applying people give you a shot. And then what happens is if you do a
really good job, you’re going to be invited to speak again and again and
again again, there’s one conference like I keep speaking out over and over. It’s the growth marketing conference. And this year. I’m going back to just a stock in Dublin
again as spoken as a stock Dublin as focus a stock Hong Kong going back to
Dublin and I really enjoy it because there’s really smart people there but it
says a lot if you’re going to be invited back, right so initially, what you want
to do is think about how much value going to add offer to speak for free
reach out to people be proactive about it. Keep going keep going keep
going persistence and. Eventually to get better as a speaker
and what I would say as a speaker is you don’t need to come up with new topics
all the time because most people haven’t heard about you. What you can do is continue to refine
your talk over and over and over add new stories to it. And then that talk will be fresh. There’s people that have used the same
talk for over five years or so, you know, maybe I’ll give some practical
speaking tips and another video. Let me know in the comments if
you actually want me to do that. Yeah, that’s how you get your first
speaking gig and eventually leads to the next level. Don’t even think about
making money on these. I spoke at a conference in
Brazil and I paid I think like. A lot of money to fly down
there stay for one night. It was like a 14 hour flight
and the next day I flew back. That was a really short period people
like, oh you’re in Brazil for a really short time, but I got to meet I got
to meet my buddy who runs the growth marketing. If I didn’t meet him in Brazil, I don’t
know if that would have happened or not. And then I also met another one of
my good friends there Zach who runs dribble. I met him there at the time. He was working at a
company called hired now. He’s the CEO of dribble but that would
have happened if I didn’t go there for free. So you have to sometimes Pony up and eat
the costs and then eventually you’ll go to the next level and you start to get. Where the at least cover your flight
they’ll cover your accommodations, right? And sometimes they’ll cover your
business class flights, and they’ll pay you to speak there and that’s,
you know triple amazing right? So anyway, let me know in the comments. If you like to see me talk about some
practical speaking tips in another video. And also if you’re coming from YouTube,
don’t forget to check out the video over there the next one over
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  1. punit bayad Post author

    I found a few roofers who might be good for podcast interview but how do I use that interview with SEO? Should I only talk about their journey and what they do?

    What could I add so it would be a mix of both?

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    I need your help or answer
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    Like many big giants, sites change their design and sometimes their whole link structure or hierarchy gets changed and they recover this. and what others do like you to recover it?
    I hope you got my question.
    Please do answer love your content

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    It's great to see value being given without a cost. Thank you. There is a great programme which is FREE that I would like to share with your viewers for speakers, coaches and consultants who want to build their brand online.


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