How to Get Your Business Started with International SEO

By | October 17, 2019

International SEO can go hand in hand
with other marketing channels to help your business to expand in new markets
and allow your users to find the correct version of your website. Here are seven
tips to help get you started. 1: implement hreflang attributes. This allows
Google to show the right version to the right user but most importantly remember
that good international SEO does not end here. You still have a lot of work ahead
of you. 2: Identify new markets that can bring you the most money. Do proper
market research and don’t blindly target random markets. 3: Choose the proper
domain structure. Should you operate with domain or should you select
multiple country code domains? These are the kinds of questions that need to be
addressed upfront. 4: Don’t just translate the content – localize. Be aware of local differences. Different currencies, different customs. Think globally act locally. 5: make sure you diversify your channels. SEO done properly can be the
growth engine of your international business. 6: Find the right people to make
the expansion happen: content editors, content writers, global managers and of
course SEOs. 7: Make sure that overall you’re doing SEO properly. There can be a
lot of issues unrelated to international SEO that can harm your website’s organic
traffic. Do you have a global business in need of international SEO? At Only we
have extensive experience in creating international SEO strategies for
websites and we’re ready to help you.

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