How to Get Website Traffic: A Q&A with Derek Halpern

By | January 29, 2020

100 thoughts on “How to Get Website Traffic: A Q&A with Derek Halpern

  1. Amy Ward Post author

    Thanks for posting this. I am struggling with getting my footing for my online business and I am hoping maybe ur videos can help..thanks again

  2. GentlyUsed MusicGear Post author

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  4. aviationvideos2012 Post author

    great video. 2 days ago when I checked my Google analytics page for one of my sites. There was a 270 hits in one minute. but it was from the same location. later I figured out that who ever got into that page must have jammed his 'ENTER KEY' and opened that particular page 270 instantly

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  6. Michelle Sears Post author

    Thanks for the excellent tips you two. I can say that I've been stuck in the trap of adding lots and lots of content to my site for awhile. But now I'm going to change that focus to promoting what I've already created.

  7. gary colonna Post author

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  8. chelilandia Post author

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  11. Michael Goldberg Post author

    this guy is retarded… not incredibly smart.. this shit is like common sense and if you don't understand that if you want your website to gain traffic that you need to promote it to the people who are interested, you shouldn't be promoting a website in the first place.

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  14. Krista Carter Post author

    Two minutes in, incredible advice !! thank you Marie and Derek!

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  20. Anointed Ads Post author

    Awesome tips! Although this video has been out for a while I know the tips are still relevant

  21. George Charalambous Post author

    thanks for uploading this on my bday! lol 😛

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  23. Arisai Santiago Post author

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  26. Michelle Fellows Post author

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  33. Bill Cady Post author

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  34. Spook SEO Post author

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  35. Althea Brodt Post author

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  36. Sthuthi S Post author

    This is the only outfit I did not like . Great video though 🙂

  37. Racquel Dalling Post author

    Very insightful and thought provoking! 

  38. Ulises Calvo Post author

    last segment is hilarious.  Thanks Marie for having Derek, I recently discovered his work and now I'm a HUGE fan of his

  39. Shirley Post author

    Y'all are crackin' me up! Thanks, and love all the smart info you give.

  40. Aaron Brown Post author

    Two of my favorite people, that I have never meet in person. Thanks again for the great video. I just sent out an email and made three phone calls to people that I have been wanting to reach out to. I did get them on the phone and we are now taking action togehter in business. Thanks again. 

  41. Best Video Post author

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  42. Robert Gallagher Post author

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  43. John Foley Post author

    I haven't started my blog yet, but from what I read you have to blog many times a week for 6 months for Google to start ranking your blog high up. If you only blog 3 times a month but get tons of subscribers or visitors does that factor into Google rankings?

  44. Advid Senior Team Post author

    Amazing ideas and tips. a Very Helpful information need to take a action.

  45. Curt Eastin - Online Marketing for Dentists Post author

    Two of my favorites – Marie Forleo and Derek Halpern. I'm both a "b-schooler" and a "start your blog righter". Both courses are excellent!

  46. Raktim Miah Post author

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  47. A Voice For The Voiceless Post author

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  48. Mojca Henigman Post author

    Amazing tips, thanks Derek and Marie!! x

  49. Marta Modesto Post author

    I started a errands business and I would love to get people to know about this, I don't think a blog will benefit the business, what should I write about? My target audience are busy mums and dads, busy people that don't have time for that to-do list that keeps getting bigger. Can you advise me a good strategy to get customers?

  50. michael walsh Post author

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  51. Karl Beltran Post author

    Two of my most favorites ^-^ Derek Halpern and Marie Forleo

  52. Monica Amadio Post author

    What is the best method for finding and sifting through various blog sites to find a good "partner" to feature your own posts?

  53. Pau Carvalho Post author

    Hahaha these two are my favorite internet coaches. They have similarities in style.

  54. makemula247 Post author

    Thanks for the awesome information.

  55. I'm WORTH IT! Post author

    Marie, I LOVE this episode! REALLY great tips for my business! LOVE you guys! Can you tell me about rights? For example, if I wanted to dance to a popular song on my show (I'm planning it now), how do I do it, without infringing? Can I simply say "This is Michael Jackson's song __"? Thanks Marie!

  56. Judith Gregoire Post author

    Awesome ideas! I love the first tips but how can we promote an article? Thanks Marie😘

  57. logizticsinc Post author

    Yes, easy steps to promote your blog that's awesome

  58. Bill Bryant Post author

    You have the best interviews! Tangible information.

  59. Bill Bryant Post author

    I thought of this based on something you said. Do you think it would help your mindset if you read a book as if you were interviewing the author the next day?

  60. Sweet Uniques Post author

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  61. Dawn Brosh Post author

    Two marketing/business masterminds. Pure brilliance.

  62. ARPATech PR Post author

    Maire your series are quite astonishing and very supportive. Very informative details on gaining more traffic for your website. Great video keep it up!

  63. José Crisalide Post author

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  64. juan gonzalez Post author

    Great show. I'm in the aviation business, and gonna take advantage of this great generous tips for my business.

  65. Yusuf başaran Post author

    you speak very well . ı feel in love to formally speak <3

  66. Jakob Bourne Post author

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  67. Daggermuth Fleshgod Post author

    hey, pleasee keep posting more videos like this, It's really helpful

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