How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – YouTube Roundtrip Trick

By | February 14, 2020

the question is this: how to get traffic to
your blog – it’s called the YouTube round-trip the YouTube round trip and
it’s surprisingly effective what you do is you produce a video quickly using a
screencast quite like what I’m doing here the
answers a question that would be the interest your blog users one question to
my blog uses one all the time is what’s the best video format for
YouTube Symphony type it into Google and the search into Google you notice
I’m not signed in so this is a generic search might video pops up what is the best
format for YouTube video you click on that you could see that
this has been pretty effective because I I’ve been viewed 8703e times to dismantle its most that has come from
Google know it’s great here is I have a blink
to my blog I V mink I for the description to my
blog I I have only been a number of other places but a great thing here is is right here which has 20 more
questions about you to be answered at WWW dot 21
questions for you to dot com click here to visit the site you click
on an and it takes them right to my blog with the 21 questions about YouTube this is the way to do it this is the U-two
Brown tribute to an article you do a blog post and there are thousands if not
tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands people competing against you you do with video and you’d be surprised
how few people are competing with you the best part is you do a video person in the audience is
looking for like best video format for YouTube you find yourself at the top up Google because Google prefers videos
know some people to YouTube which has the social proved and YouTube to send
them back to your blog it’s nice simple easy it’s the YouTube
round trip and is the best way to get traffic to
your block

10 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – YouTube Roundtrip Trick

  1. Paul Colligan Post author

    How to get traffic to your blog with the "YouTube Roundtrip"

    How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

  2. Ileane Smith Post author

    Excellent tip Paul. I agree.
    How do you determine what point in the video to place the annotation link? I haven't found the sweet spot yet?
    Thanks for sharing this, someone just asked me this question today.

  3. Paul Colligan Post author

    I put the annotation for as much of it as I can.

  4. Paul Colligan Post author

    Thanks. Consider sharing the videos with anyone you think it might help.

  5. Terri Murphy Post author

    Excellent – great info – simple delivery!  I'm a fan!
    thank you for sharing

  6. Gregory Lewis Yock Post author

    love your presence here and elsewhere


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