How To Get Traffic to Your Blog for FREE (5 Simple Methods)

By | February 17, 2020

Hey everyone, Evan Hoeflich here from
And in this video we are going to go over five simple methods on how to generate free
targeted traffic to your website. So with that being said, let’s get right into it. Now, I wanted to shoot this video because
of a recent conversation I had with one of my coaching students. They didn’t have a budget
in terms of paid advertising and they were getting discouraged that they weren’t seeing
all this much traffic coming into their blog. And I think this is a common problem with
a lot of bloggers. One, they don’t have … A lot of starting and beginner bloggers, I should
say. One, they don’t have a budget in terms of paid advertising. And two, they’re not
really generating all that much traffic if their website is super new. So I wanted to
put together this video, and super quick, just to go over a few simple methods that
you can use, free methods, I should say, that you can use to generate more targeted traffic
to your website. Now, number one, and the most important, in
my opinion, is search engine optimization, so SEO. Truly, this should be most bloggers’
bread and butter in terms of driving free, targeted organic traffic to their website.
So you want to make sure your blog posts are optimized properly, you’re targeting proper
keywords, you’re writing proper SEO tags for your website, you’re tagging your images as
well. Make sure that you’re building backlinks to certain blog posts. Make sure that you’re
building internal links within your blog content to other pages on your website as well. So SEO, if done properly, can bring you in
floods and floods of targeted organic traffic to your website over the long-term if you
do this correctly. So that’s always my number one recommendation and what I teach the most
is how to drive more targeted traffic to your website through SEO. So that’s the best method,
in my opinion, for driving free traffic to your website. And if you need additional help
on that, I’ll leave a few helpful links in the description of this video. But SEO should
definitely be something that you learn as a newer blogger, or that you learn over time
to start gaining more momentum with your website. So number two is creating quality and valuable
content. So if you’re generating really high-quality content that’s super valuable to your readers,
this increases the chances of, one, actually the search engines liking it, and two, it
increases the chances that it will get shared more on social media platforms, for example.
So if you really focus on generating high-quality and valuable content to your readers and you’re
optimizing it properly, like I discussed in the last step, this really can be a great
recipe for, one, people sharing it on social media platforms and driving additional traffic
to your website that way, and two, creating high-quality and valuable content tends to
rank really well in Google compared to just slapping together really low-quality articles.
So always focus on quality and always focus on providing value within the content you
produce to your readers. Now, number three is kind of an old-school
tactic, but can be beneficial if done properly, is posting on relevant forums. So depending
on the niche you’re in, you should try to identify various forums, popular forums, some
of the top forums that you can locate. For example, I’m in the internet marketing, the
SEO, the blogging niche. One of the best forums for people like me in this niche is called
the Warrior forum. And what the Warrior forum allows you to do is they allow you to have
a little signature or link that you can have below every single one of your forum posts
that can potentially drive targeted traffic to your website. So it’s important in these forms that you
are active, that you contribute to the threads and the discussions on these forums, and that,
again, like talked about the last step, just like in your blog content, you want to make
sure your forum posts are super high-quality and highly valuable posts as well. This will
encourage more people to click through and be more interested to see what your signature
link is all about and what your website is all about in general. So kind of an old school
tactic, but this still can be really beneficial if you’re a newer blogger trying to generate
a bit more traction and just generate a bit more awareness around your overall website. Number four is creating YouTube videos. So
this is probably one of the best ways to generate free targeted traffic for your website. Just
like your blog, you want to build up your YouTube channel as well. You want to consistently
produce and generate high-quality content. Once you start gaining a little bit of a following,
you can put your links to your website within the video description and encourage people
to click over to helpful articles on your website. So it’s super important that, with
where we’re seeing people’s attention go today, so much traffic is hanging out on YouTube
on a daily basis. It’s incredible the amount of users and people that surf YouTube on a
daily basis, hourly basis even. So you definitely want to capture some of
this traffic for yourself. And it’s really not that difficult. If someone likes your
video content, there’s a good chance they’re going to check out your video description,
especially if you prompt them, to take a look at a specific article of yours in the video
description. They’re going to be happy to click over to your website. And you could
earn a brand new reader that way, or even a subscriber to your email list. So YouTube
should definitely be utilized. And it’s a great way to drive free targeted traffic to
your website. Number five is guest posting on other blogs.
So this is also one of my favorite methods to generate free targeted traffic to your
website. So there’s two benefits here, guest posting, one, you get the benefit of building
a quality backlink to your website. Most guest post opportunities, they’ll allow you to add
a link that points back to your website. So this is helpful from an SEO perspective. So
the first benefit is that you build a quality backlink for your blog or your website, which
will help with your search engine rankings over time, and it’s good for your overall
SEO. Number two is these guests posts, if you have a link within your guest post article,
one, I said you get the backlink, but two, you can also generate some really good referral
traffic, free targeted traffic, from people clicking on your link within the guest post
if they like the article, and checking out your website. So guest posting, I would say would have to
be doing in some volume. You want to do this definitely consistently over time. One, it’s
really going to help your SEO, but two, it will increase your overall referral traffic
as well. And this is free targeted traffic coming into your website. So guest posting
is an excellent way, kind of a one-two punch strategy to, one, improve your SEO, and two,
to generate more targeted traffic to your website. And last, but certainly not least, is sharing
your blog content on social media platforms. It’s incredible that so many people are hanging
out on these platforms as well, just like I discussed on YouTube. But there’s so much
traffic on these various social media platforms that you could take advantage of. So make
sure that you’re sharing your content on social media as well. This is just a surefire way
to get more targeted and free traffic to your website. And you don’t have to do all the
social media platforms at once. You could start with maybe one or two and really try
to hone in on those, and then maybe venture off onto a few other social media platforms
as well. But this is really just a great way to generate some pretty simple free targeted
traffic to your website. So make sure you’re sharing all of your content on your social
media platforms as well. So with that being said, there are a whole
lot of other strategies to drive more free traffic to your website, but these are just
some that I’ve seen success with and some that have helped my students out as well.
So you don’t have to try all of these right at once. Maybe pick one or two to begin with.
I have a great video actually, about how to find really good guest post opportunities.
I’ll leave a link in the description if you want to check out that strategy in more detail.
But with that being said, give this a go. Let me know how it works for you. And I hope
this was helpful. If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and subscribe, and I’ll see
you on the next video. Thanks so much.

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    What methods are you currently using to drive traffic to your blog?

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    Great video Evan. I just subscribed to your channel. Thanks for sharing this. I don´t use a blog now (to answer your question).

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