How To Get Traffic From Pinterest (2019 Method!)

By | December 10, 2019

in this video I’m going to share with
you my favorite traffic source that has given me over a hundred thousand
visitors to my blogs and websites these traffic source works in any niche for
any kind of business model health makemoney wellness cars dogs pets
whether you have an e-commerce store blog if you’re building the list maybe
you’re selling your own software you can use this traffic source to be successful
with all of those niches and business models using this traffic method I’m
getting results just like what you can see here on the screen I’ve taught many
others how to use this traffic source and today in 2019 it works better than
ever before so keep watching to find out how you can do the same my name is Greg
Kononenko you might also know me as the
caffeinated blogger and on this YouTube channel I put out regular tutorials
dedicated to blogging making money online and traffic generation make sure
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tutorial alright let’s get into it all right so in this video master class
today we’re talking about Pinterest traffic and how you can get pinterest
traffic all of the updated strategies i’ve got a ton of super useful
information for you guys you can see it here on the screen I prepared this
presentation so we’re going to talk about why you actually need Pinterest
traffic and why it’s so good then we’re going to talk about some basics of
Pinterest profiles set up to ensure that you’re well positioned to get maximum
amount of traffic we’re going to talk about pin Anatomy we’re going to talk
about how Pinterest traffic actually works and then I’m gonna give you two
amazing ways to get traffic from Pinterest to your blogs websites
affiliate links and so forth so let’s get started so firstly why Pinterest
traffic what is actually so cool about Pinterest traffic now Pinterest traffic
just plain works ok that’s sort of the main reason is that Pinterest traffic is
actually amazing and it works you can see here on the screen I’m gonna put
some proof for you of tens of thousands of Pinterest visitors that I’ve
generated to each of my several blogs in total I’ve got hundreds of thousands of
Pinterest visitors so it just works Pinterest traffic also works in any
niche I myself have websites in for Nisha’s that I’m driving traffic to from
Pinterest it works it’s great you know it doesn’t matter whether you’re in make
money online or in health niche you can get traffic from Pinterest reason number
three is that it actually works for any model if you have a blog if you have an
e-commerce store if you sell software if your internet marketing list building
and so forth Pinterest traffic is going to work for
you that’s how good and versatile Pinterest traffic actually is what are
they last but not the least reasons is that
Pinterest traffic actually buys stuff so you can see here I get regular
Commission’s hundreds of dollars in commissions just from one Pinterest pin
that I continually reshare in Pinterest it just continues bringing me sales
month after month you can see the proof here on the screen so now with that out
of the way let’s talk about basic Pinterest set up so I’m gonna show you
through step by step exactly what you need to do to set up your Pinterest
profile but essentially it needs to be a business profile you need to have a nice
photo inscription you need to have set up ten boards and your Pinterest profile
and in to fill those boards we at least ten pins by other people in each of the
boards so let’s jump into Pinterest and I’m gonna show you step by step exactly
how this is done so this is one of my test profiles on Pinterest and I use
this profile to teach my students the basics of how a basic Pinterest profile
should look like you will be able to see that on my profile if if you look at it
I’ve got a nice profile photo so very important make sure that you give it a
good name that’s recognizable and it’s consistent with your brand or your blog
make sure that you also have a nice short friendly description here I’ve put
a lot of traveling and share my travel stories with you so something similar
like that works great now as you can see here I have 11 boards that I have
created so each of these boards is actually consistent with a sub theme of
my website so this is a travel profile and therefore I’ve created a board for
each of the kind of little smaller sub niches within the travel profile so I’ve
got best beaches best waterfall Australian holidays New Zealand holidays
and so for your niche it might be if you’re in
the car nish you might have a board for American cars a board for European cars
and board for race cars and so forth you get the picture
now the reason why we need this is we need this to make sure that your profile
actually looks solid and complete that if anybody comes to your Pinterest
profile they can see that you actually have some content on your profile now
you need to feel each of those boards with pins okay and a pin is simply one
of these images they don’t have to be your own pin so what you can do is you
can just go into Pinterest search bar and type in something like Moscow travel
or whatever your board is going to be about and then you simply point to each
of these pins and hit save and save it to the appropriate board okay so it’s
just very simple basic setup you need to work towards in order to apply the rest
of the techniques in this video you need to have a business profile you need to
have it filled out with a logger and you need to have these ten boards with at
least ten pins each now if you guys are in doubt about how to do this and you
want detailed instructions on how to set up these basic Pinterest profile then
make sure to click the link in the description below to grab my free
Pinterest course I’m gonna walk you through every single step or in detail
of exactly what you need to do to set up your Pinterest profile the Wynnum that
I’m showing here after you watch that video then come back to this video and
you can continue following along all right so now by now we’ve filled out ten
pins by other people by other people in each of our boards we’ve got our nice
profile all done now let’s talk about pin Anatomy so I want to talk to you
about this just in case you’re a bit new to Pinterest and you’re wondering well
how the hell does Pinterest actually send me traffic so I’m gonna walk you
through this now so each pin has what’s called a clickable URL so it’s basically
an image that links to web page let me jump into Pinterest and I’m gonna show
you exactly how this pin Anatomy thing works essentially all Pinterest images
are clickable and they can take the user that clicks on an image
to any URL that the creator of the pin wants so for example if I mouse over
this one you’ll be able to see that this particular pin if someone sees it on
Pinterest and clicks on it will open up a page on the create and go website
similarly as you are wanting to send traffic to your blog or to your website
or to your affiliate link etc here is the exact process just so that you
understand how this actually works so you will go and create a pin using this
option here and then you simply need to drag-and-drop or click to upload a pin
so when you want to upload your image you just take that pin click open and
then you will see that Pinterest will actually ask you for the URL that these
pin links to that’s the anatomy of a pin so whenever you create these pins and
you can create as many as you want you can point this pin to a particular URL
so a particular page on your blog or website where you want all of the
traffic to go I will tell you in just a moment about how you can actually get
the traffic and how you can get this pin to get a lot of eyeballs and a lot of
people clicking on it but for now my goal was to make sure that you
understand these so-called pin Anatomy I just think yes you are new to
Pinterest alright so with that out of the way let’s move on to the next step
next step here is understanding Pinterest raffiq so how do people
actually discover pins on Pinterest and how do you get clicks from Pinterest
onto your website onto your affiliate links EECOM store and so forth so there
are three main ways that you can get clicks onto Pinterest so first of all
followers of profiles get notifications let’s look at that in a little bit more
detail so as you can see my profile on Pinterest caffeinated blogger has 7400
followers and another one of my profiles on Pinterest Travel Crockett Travel
profile also has thousands of followers and I have a couple of other profiles
and features that I’m actively growing where I’ve got thousands and thousands
of followers so any time I upload a building just like I was showing you
here whenever I share that pin on my profile a lot of my followers will see
this pin likewise you know if someone with a hundred thousand followers on
Pinterest shares a pin they will get lots and lots of
use and lots and lots of clicks to this pin so that’s the very first way that
you can get clicks onto Pinterest pin either you can share your pin or maybe
other people might actually share your pin all right and that’s very powerful
we’re gonna talk about that in just a moment it’s coming up a little bit later
but that’s the number one way for how you can get clicks on to your Pinterest
pin second its Pinterest search so what is Pinterest search so basically
Pinterest is actually a massive search engine a lot of people don’t realize it
but most Pinterest users use Pinterest to research their purchases so they
might start typing things like wedding dress okay and then you will see that
there are lots of suggestions that are coming up here wedding dresses wedding
dresses boho wedding dresses with sleeves wedding dress backless so if you
create a pin see how we’re creating this pin here you actually need to type in a
description here right and if you put in really good description with your
keywords with your target keywords into the pin then your pin will get a really
high chance of getting discovered by Pinterest search when someone starts
searching for it so Pinterest actually is a massive search engine and you can
do basic keyword research on Pinterest very simply and easily so you can say
how to May and then you will see that it starts coming up with suggestions how to
make some how to make slime how to make soy candles so you can make pins about
all of these things and that’s how you can find the possible ideas for what
kind of descriptions to put into your pin so that’s number two right Pinterest
search is huge you can get a lot of traffic using Pinterest search the third
way is suggested pins on other pins so here is exactly what I mean by that let
us look at this example here really quickly so if I type in New Zealand best
time and then it gives me a suggestion using the best time to visit its popular
keywords search keyword on Pinterest if I type that in you will see that the
pins that are coming up actually this pin here is a pin from my website so you
can see travel croc that’s one of the websites that I have it’s a blog and
travel niche that I run okay but if I click this pin it will open up like this
then people have an option to visit my website which a lot of people do it but
if I scroll down just below you will see that there are lots
of pins that are saying more like this so this is essentially suggested pins so
to speak or pins that are related to the pin that people are looking at so your
pin can also get discovered this way as a suggested pin on other pins also very
very powerful and also very important to make sure that when you create your pin
you put in a keyword of each description for your being so that Pinterest can
figure out exactly what your pin is about and can start showing it in
various places and to suggest the pin all right so now let’s talk about the
actual two methods that you can start getting traffic from Pinterest so the
very first one that I want to talk to you about is called tailwind tribes
Talon tribes guys is absolutely amazing it’s a tool that I’ve been using for
close to a year now and it’s very very powerful you can get traffic instantly
even if your profile is brand new if you have zero followers if you have no
existing list you know you don’t need any paid traffic it’s just you can
pretty much turn on the traffic just like that so first of all what is a
tribe so a tribe is a community of people that runs within this tool called
tailwind that I’ll show you in just a moment
but it’s a community of people who agree to share each other’s posts so imagine
this imagine you have a travel blog or a blog about dogs you can join a community
of people who also have travel blogs or dog blogs and you can all agree to share
each other’s pins and a lot of people in that community will have thousands tens
of thousands hundreds of thousands of followers so when you share their pin
they will then in return share your pin and all of their followers will see it
it’s very powerful the traffic just picks up so quickly
now the way that it works is the more you share the more shares you will get
for your pins it’ll make sense in just a moment it’s coming right up I’m gonna
jump in and do a full demo for you now important thing is that tailwind
actually has a really good free trial if you want to grab a free trial of
tailwind tool just scroll below this video there is a link in the description
below that will tell you how to get a tailwind free trial ok so just check
link in the description below if you want to sign up to tell wind with a
really good free trial plan now let’s jump into
tailwind and actually have a look at how parent tribes work once you’re inside
tailwind you can go to the section of tailwind that deals with tribes and you
can click on find a tribe and they can find tribes to join by keyword or
category so if your website is in the top niche you will just type in dog and
you will see that there are lots of search results that are coming up with a
lot of statistics for example this one here dogs dogs dogs it says there are
397 members it has four bars out of five of activity so it’s very active it’s a
good trap to join and there are no requirements to join so you can actually
just click join now and you will be accepted instantly into this tribe so
you can scroll around and you can find the tribe that you think suits best
there is one for example with 59 members and there is a high level of activity
which is usually very good and you can request to join now you can also preview
tribes and check whether the information that’s being shared inside the tribe
fits in with what you are trying to do and with your niche and whether it’s
going to be something that you’re going to be comfortable sharing those pins on
your profile and whether you think the people in there will be interested in
sharing the stuff that you post on your website once you’re inside the actual
tribe the first thing that you’ll want to do is you will want to add content
for others to share so you just click on this tab here yours and then click to
add content to tribes and then you will nominate a whole bunch of Pinterest pins
those images that are already posted on your Pinterest profile that you want
others to share so each of these of course will link to a particular URL on
your blog or on your website you can see all of these are linked to different
things this one is linked to how to find a niche they’re all linked to my blog
post right so whenever someone shares one of those and anyone who clicks on
those pins will come to my blog or to my website that’s how I’m getting all of
this traffic from Pinterest and you can see how good and how powerful it
actually is like a lot of my pins have had this much popularity and these many
shares on Pinterest six hundred and fifty to two hundred and 101 and I’ve
got lots and lots and lots of content here in fact I’ve got 50 pins nominated
for this particular tribe all right then what will happen is that other
people in the tribe basically their view is like this so there are some pins from
other people at the very top and generally the people who are in those
top spots are those people who share a lot so the more you share the higher the
chance will be that your pins will get promoted to the top for others okay so
it’s like a share for share arrangement it’s very very powerful works really
really well and everyone is expected of course to be sharing the content from
the tribe because if no one shares that nobody’s gonna get any shares so it’s a
really good way to join a community of people who are gonna promote your pins
gonna share your pins on their profile bring you lots of traffic and in return
you’re gonna get followers you’re gonna get traffic and you’re gonna be sharing
their pins back alright so that’s a wrap on tail wing tribes very very powerful
if you guys have not started using these I highly recommend this is a super
awesome way to get traffic if you have really truly zero attraction right now
and you’re not getting any traffic then I really really highly recommend that
you check this out now if any of the Pinterest stuff is sounding confusing at
this point make sure to sign up for my free Pinterest traffic course in the
description below it will take you through step by step I just can’t cover
everything in a fairly short youtube video but I’ve got a free course where
I’m gonna walk you through step by step how to set all of this up and it’s
completely free alright so the next thing we’re going to be talking about is
smart loop smart loop is a new feature from tailwind and it is extremely
powerful it’s a feature that a lot of bloggers have been asking for a long
time and it’s kind of like a dream come true personally for me and I think for a
lot of you guys it might be as well so here is exactly how this works so
basically smart loop allows you to automate a lot of your Pinterest
marketing activities and it will get you traffic on complete autopilot once
you’ve set this up so here is how this works and once again I’m gonna give you
a full demo inside tailwind as well so basically you nominate a particular set
of pins for example 10 pins or 50 pins or 100 pins those images with links
linking to your site to be part of the smart loop okay and smart loop
we’ll then cycle through them so what that means is that if you give it ten
pins to share for example two pins a day every five days what it will share two
pins every five sorry every day for five days it will share two pins in that time
slot it will go through and it will share all of those ten pins and then it
will start again okay so it’s a loop it’s gonna loop and it’s
gonna continue to share your pins put them out there and don’t make a mistake
this is actually automated traffic this perhaps might sound simple what it does
but this is the only tool out there that allows you to do this and this is 100%
automated traffic I have currently 50 pins that I’m putting through a smart
loop and I’m getting really really good results without so let me show you
exactly how this works inside tailwind all right I’m here now
inside tailwind the smart loop functionality lives here on the
publisher publish and then it says smart loop and there is a very powerful hack
that I wanted to share with you guys so you are not limited to having just one
pin for each page on your side that you want to promote you can actually create
10 15 20 different pin images for one single post on your website check this
out okay I have a quick look here so as you can see I’m here in the in my smart
loop and I’ve got two different loops set up so the free traffic loop has one
two three of these images actually there are more but let’s just look at these
three and each of them if you look in the bottom left of the screen each of
them is linking to caffeinated slash free traffic sources
okay this one two free traffic sources mix one two free traffic sources but
guess what each of these pins looks different and I’ve got more of god I
think five different images for this particular post you can go ahead and you
can create ten or twenty just so that they actually look different and they’re
different pins so you’re not sharing the same thing over and over again every
single day okay you can actually just for one page you can create ten 20 30 or
40 50 peon images if you want after you have done this what you can do is create
this lube obviously you will want to create a
lot of different pins for a lot of different pages on your website but I’m
just trying to illustrate the point then you can create the loop and I’m gonna
show you exactly how you set this loop up the smart loop will ask you which of
your boards do you want to share this pin to so that’s simply which of the
boards on Pinterest you want those pins to kind of be attached to now all of
your followers and all of the people who search content on Pinterest you know via
search and so on they will find your pin no matter what but it is recommended
that you pin to several of your boards that have related names so for example
if your loops are about how to lose weight then pin them to the boards that
are about weight loss how to lose weight weight loss for women weight loss for
men weight loss for adults and so on okay make sense just so that there
topically related because this will help you
this will help Pinterest understand what you’ve been direction about so all of my
free traffic pins are basically going into either free traffic or to bloggers
then after that you will be asked for the pin schedule for the loop so I’ve
set mine to two times per day and it says to look through all of the pins
that I’ve nominated it will take approximately two months okay so in a
typical day I’ve got 56 time slots where I’m sharing a lot of different stuff on
my tail wing profile but two of them are automated pins that I just continually
no matter what I do it’s 100% automated it gets shared and Reshard and Rishi and
I’m putting content out there now each of these pins here that I was showing
you before actually has a different description and it’s targeting a
different set of keywords okay so for example this one here targets how to get
traffic to your blog this one here targets free traffic sources this one
here targets traffic sources and so on so each of your pins even for the same
URL you can actually target a different variation of the keyword so very very
powerful the more of those you put out there the higher the chance that one of
them is going to rank in the top you know 5 10 or so on Pinterest for search
and is going to bring you a ton of traffic blasting in the beginning
traffic from related pins you’re going to be getting traffic from your own
follow us clicking on your pins and so on so this is guys 100% automated
traffic so if you’re not using smart loop yet I really really highly
recommend that you start using this today because it’s 100% automated
traffic so that’s pretty much it these are the nuts and bolts of exactly how
smart loop works that’s it thank you so much for watching hopefully you enjoyed
this tutorial make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
and also take the little Bell notification icon to get real-time
updates as soon as I upload my next video also check the links in the
description below in that area you will be able to get a free trial plan to tell
wind so that you can implement all of the strategies that I’ve shown in this
video you can also download my free traffic course also check the link in
the description below for that once again thank you so much for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

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