How To Get To The Top Of Google Tips. SEO Tricks To get Your Website At The Top Of Google

By | August 17, 2019

How To Get To The Top Of Google Tips. SEO Tricks To get Your Website At The Top Of Google
hey happy Monday guys I’m just getting
out of a client I actually drive it home and something that’s bothering me and
it’s hard not to get upset because I see people losing money a lot of it has to
do with Google AdWords and the companies you’re hiring to take care of your
website quick test for you guys to do is to go to your website every time you
talk to a social media marketing or a website builder the thing you want to
ask is how are you gonna use the keywords and how we get those keywords
into the website and it’s all about real estate you know that your website is
real estate and I’m gonna give you the secrets right here and how I get one day
smart home at the top of Google I don’t pay for Google Adwords
it’s how I utilize the real estate talk about the images I’m something about the
placeholders I’m talking about the graphics when you go to a website and
you right click on the image it’s going to tell you what the name of that image
is and I can guarantee you it’s probably gonna be like a pjg six five five zero
nine jpg it has nothing to describe your website and Google looks at every one of
those images it looks at every one of those placeholders looks at every one of
those gif images to see what the name is and 99% of the time is just gonna say
the name of your company logo and unless you’re a logo company no one’s ever
going to go in and search John’s haircutting logo to find John’s hair
cutter so that logo needs to be named best hair cutter sharpest hair cutter
best scissor whatever the business you’re trying to do is I’m trying to
keep it generalized not to poke out the people that I just spoke to because we
went through their website and it was exactly what I suspected you know the
company wants to redo their website and they’re gonna pay for Google AdWords to
get at the top of the Google search and again if you go to Google right now
and you search smart home packages our website will come up first or in the
first page one day smart home if you search affordable smart home packages we
come up number one under the Google Ad paid works if you search smart home DIY
packages we come up number one if you look at the real estate here in front of
me it’s not really promoting the name of the company
it doesn’t say env am a sign or marketing sign it gives you what they’re
trying to do flooring sale the name of the company isn’t even on this and this
is what I want you guys to teach the people who you’re building your websites
the name of this jewelry company isn’t even on the sign it’s what they do
jewelry and watch repairs it doesn’t say Frank watches or Frank’s jewelry they
give it a description of each of what they want you to pull in
here for with the name but for the most part what’s the service what are people
looking for is they drive by this store or this shopping mall and that’s what I
want you guys to look at on your website there’s well people looking together
what do they need again every one of these signs very small logo for the
business but describing what the business does it’s important I don’t
want you guys wasting money on Google AdWords the company today was paying a
dollar 46 per click that can add up really fast especially when there’s no
conversion and you could be at the top of Google search engines by just taking
these little tips of every image on that website every space holder every gift
you can even make up banners that hold text in it so if you have a white banner
across your web page and you want black riding in there that that white banner
can be named the same text that’s inside the banner giving Google a better result
or a better idea of what your website is about instead of it just saying nvm a
logo nvm a JPEG alright guys I hope this helps talk to me leave some comments
below I’d love to help you guys to some free information

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