How To Get Sponsored On YouTube

By | October 18, 2019

So how do you get sponsorships and brand deals
for your Youtube channel? We’re gonna talk about that in this video. Hey what’s up? Sean here. Benji here! – And this is Video Influencers,
helping you build your influence And your income with online video. And today
we’re talking about sponsorships And brand deals for your Youtube channel,
whether you’re big or small, So you and Judy are doing larger brand deals
and sponsorships, you have A huge influence, lots of subscribers, but
we’ll also even share some of the Tips that I’ve been able to do with even under
ten thousand subscribers And getting sponsorships, brand deals at different
levels, so tips for people Wherever you’re at with your Youtube channel.
– And let’s be real, that is Probably one of the leading reasons why you’re
even watching this channel, Because you wanna optimize your channel, you
wanna create better content For the purpose of making more money with
your online business, With your business in general or as a Youtuber
right? Whether you’ve got Ten thousand subscribers or a million subscribers,
it’s all about how to Make more money for the effort that I’m putting
out, so this is a video That I’ve been wanting to do for a long time
because it’s one of the Questions that don’t get asked, but people
want to ask. ‘Cause people Are so shy about this, they’re so coy, they’re
so beating around the bush About it, because there definitely is a stigma
about making money On Youtube. Let’s just be clear, Judy and
I, we do this as a career, We do this as a business, but we’re also very
passionate about it And we try to do the best job possible to
entertain, to inform and To bring value with all our videos. – Absolutely
and yeah, so don’t be Afraid, I think that it is okay to pursue
turning your creativity into a Career or pursue supplemental or siding cover,
passive income and Sponsorship and brand deals are a great way
to do that. -Turning Your influence into income. – Boom! So what’s
the first tip, Benji? Build your channel, better content. So a lot
of people think Well How to make money? Well the first thing you
need to do before You actually make the money or go pursue getting
sponsorships Is deliver value through the content, whether
you’re a comedy Channel, whether you’re like a tech channel,
or a daily vlogger Just entertaining and connecting with people,
always raising the Value of your channel by getting more subscribers,
you know Specific types of subscribers, or getting
more views, right? Because trust me, the more subscribers you
get, the more views You get on your channel, the sponsorship opportunities,
the Brand deals will come to you. The opportunities
to make Money will come to you because this is the
thing, business, They know the value that you have when you
have so much Exposure, so it’s not gonna be hard for you
to put the e-mail In your info box and get inquires to be able
to do that. But it All starts with great content. I think that’s
something a lot of people Forget about. – Absolutely, build your channel
first, build great Content first, and niche is better. – Niche.
– And so a great example Is the first sponsorship brand deal that I
did was related to my Media channel, ThinkMediaTV, Shameless Plug,
I’ll link it up here On the screen, where I do video gear reviews
and video equipment Reviews and so it was natural to have a relationship,
in this case there was no money involved, just gear to review
it and use it which Is huge when you’re trying to build your,
you know, even just the cost Of that and so having a channel that does
video gear reviews was A natural relationship with that sponsor or
a creator with that Type of a thing. Judy has a beauty channel,
thus the relationship Opportunities are focused, some people, their
channel is general, And if your channel is general, it’s gonna
be harder to get a Relationship with a sponsor or brand deal,
but if you have focus And they can see that your audience and your
channel and those That are watching you are focused, it’s gonna
be a lot easier, Even if you don’t have that many subscribers
and views. Consider from the brand or business’s stand
point. If not Only your audience’s niche is looking for
what the brand or Company is trying to sell, but you as a content
creator understand That audience and the products or the brand
that you would be Pitching or integrating into your video, you’re
gonna be able to Deliver a call to action that’s stronger that
the person that’s just Like trying to do a sponsor based on a fee
that they get paid To make money. You know you are passionate
about that. So for Example say you’re a gardener, right? And
you know gardening Left and right and you just know how to grow
the best tomatoes, A dirt fertilizer company is gonna much rather
you talk about their Product, even if you have a tenth of the views
of someone else Who doesn’t understand gardening at all, okay?
– Right. Now there’s literally millions of examples,
but that’s just a Really simplified quick version. What do you
think about that? I think that’s great. And you mentioned it,
but just a few other Notes under building your channel. Don’t seek
sponsorships too Soon. I think if you can hold off the longer,
the better. To build Your content, get your focus, get momentum,
because it takes A lot of work so you wanna consider if it’s
worth it. Even just Having done some of those initial things,
I kind of was like You know Yeah, make videos, I’ll do all this
kind of stuff for You if you would send me some gear, we were
working out the Details, then I kind of realized it might
have been just better To just, you know, I was waiting tables at
the time, to just Buy the equipment, I was like man, this is
a ton of work, like And so you kind of wanna consider if it’s
worth it which leads us Into number two. – Number two, take less,
get more. What I mean By this, just like what Sean said, pick and
choose these sponsorships Or the opportunities you take so that you
can focus on doing a Better job for those brands, for those companies,
those businesses Right? So that in the future you build your
value. And what I mean by That is okay, you might charge so much because
you’re getting Things left and right and you’re just getting
them all over the Place, but when you’re very specific on what
type of content You’re delivering and your audience is a niche
audience and You’re doing less so you’re more exclusive,
you’re gonna be able To charge more, potentially for less work,
better work. And you Raise your value. And I think overall your
channel would be Better because even when you do a sponsored
deal or you’re Integrating some kind of brand, you’re doing
it in a way where You still keep your integrity, people aren’t
pissed that you’re Trying to make money, you know, just make
a quick buck Because it’s available, you’re still doing
something and delivering Value to the viewers who make up what your
channel is. So good. And then the next one, which is a
big question, How do you actually go about getting those
first brand deals, Getting those sponsorships and cultivating
those and what We would say initially is just reach out.
– E-mail. – Just e-mail Them, Tweet them. – Call them. – Just ask,
yeah, call them, Knock on a door, a few practical things is
just this week I was Curious about doing something with Aces or
Asus computers and So I just Tweeted them, they replied right
back with here’s the e-mail and the form to fill out. Canon cameras,
exact same thing. Just by sending them a Tweet. And I like that,
’cause you said take Less, give more. Work with less sponsors or
brands, but more That you’re passionate about. I a lot of times
pursue what I’m Passionate about. Like it’s not just this
channel, but express your Passion, like I really love your stuff, like
I wanna work together. This is who I am and I wanna share this and
so just reach out. And on that note, keep your mind that you
don’t have to be Afraid of the bigger brands too, like the
ones that are, that you Think are untouchable or they don’t need you.
Realize that these Brands have whole departments around considering
what kind Of content to create, you know what kind of
marketing campaigns To have to be able to deliver their products
or to sell their products Or their services. So if you as a passionate
content creator in the Niche that they’re in or the industry that
they’re in, deliver a Literally a story board of how to sell their
product or sell their Service, and you tell them I’m gonna do it.
That’s a huge deal. And now it’s not gonna happen every single
time, you might have To pitch to ten, twenty, thirty to get one
deal, but when you Get that one deal and it hits, realize the
marketing budgets Are much bigger than you would ever realize,
because they Have so much overhead. That’s one of the things
that I think That we should always remember and you know,
we forget. But you are this content creating machine,
you are a one man Band and I used to call Sean the backpack
producer and That’s powerful because a lot of businesses,
they have literally Hundreds of people to do what sometimes you
can do all By yourself. – So practically, e-mail the
person, go to the Website, look for the media inquiry section
or the media contact e-mail address, just Tweet them and say Hey,
what’s the best way about going up, I have a video idea. – Social
media. – Social media. Knock on the door, you could work and do brand
deals with local Businesses. – Totally. – Talk about that.
– Yeah, so especially if you Are like a newer channel and you don’t have
as many followers, You don’t have to look for the feed based
method, you could go For an exchange of resources, say you only
have a few thousand Subscribers, but again, they’re a niche audience
looking to You for like travel tips. You could reach
out to a few hotels in The city that you’re gonna travel to and see
if you could give them A little bit of advertisement, on your platforms,
for exchange of Maybe a free room, even a discounted room – so smart – I’ve had so many Youtube Friends that have had way less followers that
I did that Were able to get free rooms, connections to
other opportunities, Whether there in the city or somewhere else,
so don’t discount The power of just asking. – I love it. If
you have a beauty channel, You could go to a local salon and say I have
a video idea, Would you do some free stuff and lets create
a video. You’re Gonna get experience, that first deal might
not be like huge, You’re gonna have to do work creating the
video, they do some Stuff, makeup or beauty, but now you have
something as an Example or a case study, you say Hey next
brand, I’ve worked With this salon locally, here’s an example
of a video we Created, so just getting creative to reach
out digitally, knock on A door physically, and then the last one would
be middle men. Which middle men would be networks, big or
small, there’s A place called Fame Bit and make sure to check
out the Youtube description, we’ll link up some options,
the whole Purpose of Fame Bit is to link creators with
brands and so One thousand subscribers I think is the minimum
to Get started and so you can start reaching
out and They curate the deals, all kinds of, either
big Youtube Networks or even smaller Youtube networks
or ones That let smaller channels, they connect the
dots between Creators and brands and sponsors. Now we’re
gonna be Going into more depth on that and you don’t
wanna just jump In with any network and sign your channel
of immediately or Whatever. That’s got some pitfalls, but that’s
another Way to find those connections, by working
with somebody that Will introduce brands and sponsors to creators.
– Now with that Being said, we do have some disclosures about
how to go about Doing a sponsor video, especially for those
people that it’s new for Them because I see a lot of mistakes being
made. What you Don’t even wanna do is endanger your channel,
endanger your Integrity, so the number one thing is always
have integrity, okay? Do things that you’re proud of, okay? Back
up brands and products And services that you personally have or use
or would use If you needed them, right? Anything else that
you’d say? Yeah, 100 per cent, don’t, if you love Coca
Cola classic, but Pepsi Offers you a lot of money, be honest to yourself,
you’re like I love Pepsi. No, you don’t, like you love
Coke, but like when I Think, I love Canon cameras, that happens
to be who I have a Relationship with and so we stay congruent
and so I will Promote brands I’m passionate about all day
long, but you Wanna make sure you stay in integrity. The
second thing is You gotta disclose. – Disclose, be honest.
– And some people Are not understanding that actually legally,
you need to disclose, Affiliate partnerships, brand deals, sponsorships,
make sure you Do your diligence. – FTC guidelines. – FTC
guidelines, you don’t want To just pretend and like Hey, look at this
you know shirt that’s from Whatever store and I love it and it’s a sponsorship
deal and so You just gotta disclose it, there’s no harm
in disclosing it. – No. You just wanna be honest and. – In fact, people
will appreciate that, It’s when you’re not and they find out you
weren’t that they will start Hating on you and that’s a whole other video,
but being honest Is really important. I see a lot of creators,
like a lot of Youtubers, They’re actually like very, very honest, like
from the get go. Hey you guys, I don’t usually do sponsor videos,
but these guys told Me that they wanna pay me and I love their
products, right? – Yeah. And people really appreciate that, you can
even put a comedic Spin on it, right? – And then lastly, always
create value with Sponsorships, so when you do that, when you
do a brand deal Or a sponsorship deal, you know always make
sure that you Tie it in creatively. – Yes. – To add value
to your audience. Coming full circle to what our first tip was
building good Content for your channel and I think you and
I have a lot Of experience with this with Judy, right?
How many times Have I come to you with a sponsorship opportunity
that Was presented to us and I’m like Sean how
can we make Something fun? – Yes. – You know? – Fun, creative,
entertaining And still add value and relationship to this
brand. – So it’s a win-win-win, And what I mean by win-win-win, win for the
audience Because they got something of value, whether
it’s entertaining Or you know informative, the brand, it’s a
win for them because They get exposure and they get what they want
and a win For me, I’m making money as well being able
to deliver Good content to my audience. So there you
go, the three wins. So hey, thanks so much for checking out this
video. In The comments we wanna hear from you, what
are Your specific questions or challenges, because
this is A big topic when it comes to sponsorships,
brand deals, Practical situations your facing or any other
questions, Let us know in the comments below and make
sure to Check out, grab our free
guide, 19 things to do every time you upload a Youtube
video, But specifically get on our news letter and
that’s what You do, when you download our guide you’ll
be on our Newsletter, because Benji’s got a new book
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you’ve done A ton of that and at different levels, so
just get on the Newsletter, ’cause that’s where we share some
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here on the Channel. – Make sure you subscribe to this
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so much, keep crushing It, keep smashing it, keep grinding it out,
keep blowing it up, keep Maximizing and amplifying. – Blasting it out
of the park. – Out Of the park it goes. ‘ Because we’re trying
to do for you what. What yourself did for them. Thank you so much
for watching This video, Video Influencers, helping you
build your influence And your income with online video. – Audio
is good on that? No! Oh good, I almost believed you for a second.

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