How to Get SEO Clients Today – 6 Actually Proven Methods

By | August 31, 2019

– Yo, yo, yo, what is up, it is I, your boy, Dan Ray. You would think, having branded myself as a link-building expert, I would, get asked a lot of
link-building questions. But, it is the way of the
world that people want monies. So, here it goes. Here’s how to make it. So, the idea of the video
is to show you the six, I think I have six, ways that I would start again if I had to today. This is what somebody asked me today. So, the general, you’re
gonna notice a similar theme. That’s sign-language for
theme, apparently (chuckles). Throughout all of these methodologies, and that is that I am never reaching out to people who don’t already
want what I’m selling. You’re gonna see that theme throughout, sometimes a little bit more
hidden than other times, sometimes it’s just really blatant, these people are asking for it. You should be able to implement all of these strategies based on zero sales skills. And start them all today, or tomorrow. The fifth and sixth one, five and six, are the best. So, either watch all the way through, or, you know, use the little
scrubber to get there. Those are gonna be the best ones, they’re gonna be mutually beneficial, because if you use them ones,
it’s gonna put some money in my pocket, as well. So, check them out. Number five, I think it’s gonna be, I’ve not decided the order yet. But, number five, I think it’s gonna be, is probably one of the smartest ones that I’ve ever seen, and
I don’t really know why none of you have come up with it and started using it yet. It’s basically a way to use my group to make a shit-load of money for yourself. Okay, strategy one, check this shit out. (chuckles) I don’t know. This is why people don’t respect me. Go where people are already looking. So, there are multiple,
multiple job boards, freelance sites, shit like that. If I was choosing one
freelance site to get on, it would be Upwork is really low-level these days, so check that out, it can be really hard to get a profile on there, which is good, because it means they really vet people before they let them on. So, your competition is
only gonna be high-level. You’re never really gonna be competing for lowest cost on there. Digital Marketer have a website, if you’re a member of their
monthly membership thing. They have a job board. People post digital marketing jobs, and they’re generally remote,
pick it up and take one. If you’re a writer,
ProBlogger has a blog board, a job, job blog board, so go check him out if you’re a writer. There are multiple,
multiple places like this. Applying for jobs on job
boards is very, very simple. They basically tell you what they want, so you just have to say,
“Yo, I can do this”. If you have the opportunity,
I would always record a personal video for these people. Fire up your iPhone,
exactly like I’ve done now. This microphone was like
30 quid or something. So, the sound’s good. So just say, yo, whatever
your name is, I am, here’s what I do, I’ve done it before, here’s an example, I can do it for you, and here’s the expected
results if I do it for you. That should generally be
enough to get you a call with the person, or them to
ask some more information. At this point, you should probably have a core concept piece. If you don’t know about that, ask me, it’s my main thing. (chuckles) So, yeah, send them to
a core concept piece that answers every single fucking question they could possibly ever have, and, it should be so detailed
that if they ever ask you another question, you should
just send them back to it to answer their question. Like, your answer should always be, Whatever your question
is, the answer is here. And you can just send them
straight back to that section. So, it can be price,
what your methodology is, what your typical results
are, do you do reporting, shit like that. Other than that, there’s
not much else to it. I did write a blog post if you
wanna go and check that out. It’s called something like, How to Start a 2,000 Pound
SEO Agency in Two Weeks. This was a case study that I did. Go and have a look at that,
it was five years ago. So, update things a little
bit, don’t use the swipe files that are within it, because they’ve been used to shit by now. That’s it, that was the first one. Very, very easy, these people
are already looking for you. So, go and give them what they want. The price is generally going
to be a little bit lower than bespoke, but sometimes you just need to pay the bills, this is great for that. Okay, number two. So, fuck you. Number two, I’ve forgotten what it is. Right, whilst we’re on the
subject of my content piece, and I suggest you all have one of these even if you’re not
following my methodologies. You should probably
have a piece of content that tells everybody exactly
what the fuck you do. Not we do SEO, what is
SEO, and all that shit. Tell me exactly how you do SEO. So, once you have one of these things, it’s literally a numbers game. It has your pricing on it, it tells them exactly how you
do things, your methodology. Essentially, exactly what you do so it becomes a sort
of productized service. If they like the way you’re doing this, and they like the way you talk, they will hire you. It’s just a matter of
getting enough numbers, enough people who need
the service to see it. You can get these numbers
in multiple, multiple ways. I’ll show you at DCWD,
my monthly membership. Ding, ding, ding, check
that out (chuckles). You could use cold email, it’s literally a numbers game with that. Send as many as you can to as many relevant prospects as you can. Try to keep to about 25 or 30 a day to not burn your email account and to make sure your
emails are custom bespoke and actually relevant
to the person, right? Facebook ads, I literally did a case study where I spent 90 pounds, made,
like, how much did I make? Seven grand from 90 pounds, just sending prospective clients to my content piece through a funnel. I’ve spoken about my funnel before. There is, if you search funnel, there should be a basic guide in here. If you want the full guide,
come to DCWD, 50 quid a month. It’s now called Google Ads,
but AdWords is also fantastic. AdWords is gonna convert the best because people are actively searching. If they’re looking for a
link-building consultant, or a link-building company
and you come up at the top, you’re looking at about… I think I pay maybe 15 pounds a click, something like that. But it’s a very valuable click if I can get one client for less than 2,000 pounds, I’m in profit as soon as the
second month comes around. So, once you have a core content piece, just send traffic to it in multiple ways. As many as you can think of. Fucking Reddit works. Anything like that. Anything that can drive traffic, there are loads and loads of ways, Send this traffic to your content piece, they’re then trapped inside your full, which we’ll talk about
at the end of the video because this one’s not about that. But, have your content piece, send traffic to it, cold
email, Facebook ads, and Google Ads are your best bet. But there are many, many
other ways to do it. Think of something that
nobody else is doing and you’ll get it even cheaper. Okay, number three, and I
remember what this one is. I’ve drafted it down there. Emails. Nope, we’ve done emails. Phone calls, okay. Totally didn’t remember today. You have a method available to you that people are shit scared of doing and I totally understand. SEO and sort of digital agencies, they attract a certain type of person. The type of person who
maybe isn’t the best at interpersonal communication. You want to sort of sit at home, you’d rather send an email than
pick up the phone to people. Which means, if you pick up the phone, it’s really fucking effective. Especially if you do it yourself and don’t hire a salesperson
to do it for you. So, I’m sure a lot of you aware of the very first thing I did, how I sold my first SEO deal, whatever. I walked around my local town, which was Leeds City Centre at the time. Every single company, every van I saw, every shop front that I saw that had a URL on it and a phone number, I just took a picture of it. And I didn’t have a phone at the time. It was a digital camera. That’s how fucking long ago it was. Phone cameras were shit. I got home, I had about 35 pictures, called 35 people, I
told them the same stuff that you’re gonna say in
your video on Peopleperhour. Who you are, what you’ve done, that you’ve done it before, show them an example that
you can do it for them. And what will happen
if you do it for them. If you can sell this to the
right person on the phone, which is an art within itself, if you want to know how to do this more, I suggest we have a discussion
somewhere in the group. Because I don’t think it’s… something I can get across really quickly in a video like this. So, let’s have a discussion about that. We’ll get better salespeople
in to teach you it. But if you can get in front of the person, which, if it’s a smaller company, you can easily just by calling a number on a Saturday morning. Because the owners are the only people who work on Saturday mornings in general. You’re gonna get through
to the right person if you tell them all those
things and they need that thing. I didn’t really wanna talk about this, but I’ll tell you while we’re here. You can use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to see if people need this service in the first place before you call them. I wouldn’t really do it, because it’s gonna slow you down and
give you something else to do rather than make the fucking calls and I think you just need to make the calls as soon as possible. But you can check to make sure these people don’t rank for stuff. Because if they’re already number one and you’re calling them,
what’s the point, right? If they need link-building
or ranking improvements, maybe they need content or a blog, whatever service you’re offering. Do they need AdWords, Facebook Ads? Have they got a pixel on their site? You can do all kinds of
research before you call them, so you know what they
need before they tell you. Or just listen to them and after you’ve told them all your shit, this is how I made my first,
like, what did I make? Six, seven grand in the first day. And this is how I got started selling SEO. Simple as that. I haven’t done it for a few years because I’ve not really needed to because the other methods are equally as effective. But if you really do want
to stand out from people and you want to sell in your local area, this is an easy way to do it. Pick up the phone, call as many people as you can get your hands on. Tell them what you do. That’s it. If they need it, they’ll give you money and if they don’t, they won’t. Simple. Whew, you’ll have to
excuse me a little bit. It’s getting very fucking
hot in here right now. Number four, I think we’re on number four. One, two, three. Yes, number four. So this is something I’ve
also written a post about which you should definitely
go and check out. It’s called something along the lines of The Quickest Way to Get
10,000 Pounds Per Month, something like that. You’ll find it in the best articles or the most read articles at the bottom of my site, So, this is partnering
with people who need you. I get emails all the
time from SEO agencies asking if I want to, sort
of, white label for them. The issue that I have
with doing SEO agencies is that they don’t want you to do it unless they’re making profit on it. So, if you want to value yourself highly, you wanna charge what your worth, what a link-building job is worth, and you’re charging, say,
$2,000 pounds a month, for example, you’re giving the client 2,000 pounds worth of work, this agency is gonna charge
them perhaps up to four grand. At that point, you’re delivering
2,000 pounds worth of work that somebody is paying 4,000 pounds for. This is why I don’t
work with SEO agencies. They need that margin too much. And if they’re willing to sell it for the same price that you’re doing it, there’s no point in them doing it. There’s no point in them
having the extra stress. Except that maybe it lets them keep their clients or something. If they’re willing to do that then there’s no problem with it. I had someone contact
me on these terms today. Which, I’d be happy to do it. There’s no problem with that. But, there are two
different types of people who have your clients who don’t do this because they just want
to help their clients. Web developers and PR agencies. I wanna talk about the second one. PR agencies are, right about now, they’re already building lists. And you see where I’m
going with this, right? They have the lists that you
need in order to build links. They already have
relationships with people because that’s their job. Their job is to build relationships, send tweets, have, like, social
media strategies in place. Things like that. Which means they have great
content, to start with because one of their jobs is to produce content that gets shares. They have contact lists and relationships. All three of those things
help with link building. So it makes your job really easy, and they don’t need to
make extra money from it because they’re already
charging the lot for PR. They just want to give
somebody that they trust to handle the link-building. This is a perfect partnership. If you can find PR
agencies, if you live in a large city and have a lot around you, they’re the perfect partners for you to white label your searches to. Web developers, quite similar, but also, a lot of web
developers think they know SEO. They don’t for the most part. So, stick with PR agencies, go to web developers if you want. Never, ever, ever work with SEO agencies unless they’re not making
a profit on your services. That’s number four. Next one is the best one, I think. Welcome to number five. This is probably the best strategy. The one that I would do first if I had no clients, and I wanted some. For those of you that just saw me say this in the first part of the video, you’re a lazy motherfucker. Go and watch the others. No, this is the one that I would do. It’s gonna be beneficial for me if you do it because you’re gonna be giving me money at some point. I get to name it because I made it up. Let’s call it the… What did they call it in
Zoom the other day, there? The Suck Dan’s Dick strategy (chuckles). If you don’t wanna say
that in front of your kids, call it the Kiss Dan’s Ass
Strategy, something like that. Either way, Be Really
Nice to Dan Strategy. That’s what I would do now. So, the core strategy is this. And it’s not necessarily specific to me. You can go and do this in other groups that sell digital services. If the owner of of the group sells training of any kind, or they teach a particular type of strategy. So, I teach a very particular way of doing link-building. I teach a particular way
of selling link building. And, the thing is, some people come in here just to find link-builders. There’s probably 1,000 out of the 3,300 people in my group, there’s probably 1,000 of them
want to hire link-builders or they have a need to
hire a link-builder. They’ve come to discover strategies and when they see it, they think, fuck that, I can’t be arsed doing it. But, if somebody else can do it, and that’s where you come in, then they can make a lot of money. Now, obviously, if you post
in my group, and you say I do link building, who wants it? I’m gonna delete that
post and fucking ban you. Or BB will, or Daniel will. Somebody’s gonna see that
and ban the shit out of you. So you’re probably gonna have, maybe, 20 minutes to an hour depending on what time of day you do it. And then your post’s gone forever and you’re gone forever, and you lose all the
connections, whatever. So, think for a second if you’ve got a spare 600 pounds, you come and buy my link-building service. My link-building system, sorry. You then implement my system, which, there are millions of people out there saying, you know, it works, whatever, I build this many links. Even people who don’t
like me tell me it works. If you did that, and
then you came and posted saying, yo, I bought Dan’s
link building system, I implemented it and I built 50 links in one month from 200 targets and here’s what I did. But don’t give away my system, obviously, because then I’m gonna ban you again. But if you say, here’s what I did, here’s the angle I used,
here’s the industry, and you give some details, something that can help people, right? I’m not gonna delete that post. It looks great for me, and
guess what else happens? Every single person who’s
looking for a link-builder who can’t afford me, and you’re probably gonna be cheaper than me,
is gonna try and hire you. They’re gonna PM you and they’re gonna go, yo, I saw what you did, can you do this? And they’re gonna hire you. We’ve recently saw a guy come in the group who I’ve never, ever spoken to before, who’s never tried anything my way, the way that I teach, as far as I know. I’ve never seen the guy, none of my mods have ever seen the guy, nobody who attends the
regular Zoom meetings has seen the guy, but he’s posting saying he’s tried everything and he’s about to give up and get a real job. And then he got three clients and more inquiries than he
can probably fucking handle. And that’s just by, I kinda let it go, but I don’t know if he was sort of scraping
the group for jobs. I have no idea, right? But it does work. But he was on the verge of being banned. He was really on that line. So, if you’re sucking my dick, being nice to me, kissing my ass, telling people that my
link-building system works, making me make more sales
of my link-building system, people also know you can
build a fuck-load of links with very few targets for cheaper money than they would have to pay me to do it and it works out for us both, so I’m not gonna ban you
and you’re gonna get jobs. The Suck Dan’s Dick strategy, it’s genius. Brilliant, and it works, go
and do it to other people. Congratulations, you’ve made
it to the last one, I think. I am gonna add a bonus
one, so there’ll be seven. But this is the last
one that’s my strategy. I’m just gonna steal the
other one from somebody else. Gary Vaynerchuck to be exact. So, you may have heard me and other people talk about the quick hustle strategy. The reason people talk about it a lot, the reason I talk about it a lot, because it fucking works. It works consistently. It works pretty much every
single time you try and use it. Unless you do something wrong or you don’t approach enough people. I have a video in here about it before. If you type quick hustle, which… I wanna say down there,
but I have no idea. If you type quick hustle
into the search box, you’ll find a video of
me talking about it. If you join DCWD, you can see me do it with an over-the-shoulder video. You’ll see me make four and a half grand in three hours… Four and a half? Something like that, somewhere
around that type of median. Four figures. In three hours work, sat in front of the computer in front of you. You’ll see multiple people, I think we had one this week. Somebody saying they’re in trouble, they might not have afforded
their rent this month. They were gonna leave DCWD because they couldn’t afford the 50 pounds. So they just implemented the quick hustle. It takes… Five days? To do it fully, you probably
don’t need to do it fully, but I encourage people to anyway. And they made enough money
to pay their rent this month. And they’ll do it again this month. And then again, and again,
until they are out of trouble. It’s fantastic, I didn’t invent it. Brian Harris did. But I adapted it, and
this is what I teach now. So, the strategy is quite simple. Go into, I now use Ahrefs for this, Ahrefs content explorer, most of you probably already have this. So, it’s useful, right? This is a perfect way to use it, because you already have the programme. There’s an extra use for it. Find a… how-to article, something detailed. Don’t use mine, because
people don’t share my shit. Find a how to article, really detailed, do this, then this, then this, of a service that you’re interested in. It might be link-building, it
might be infographic creation, it might be setting up chat-bots, it might be, what was
the other one I sold? It was… Oh, making expert roundups. We did a few more just as examples. You put this URL into
Ahref’s content explorer and it poops out all the people that have shared it on Twitter. We’re then gonna contact those people but basically, what we’re gonna do is export all the people who did it. We’re gonna have to go
through them manually and be like, does this person
already do this strategy? So have they implemented it already? Because then we can remove them. Do they sell the service themselves? And then we can remove them. If they don’t meet those criteria, then they’re a target,
they’re a valid target if they’ve got enough money for you. We’re then gonna create a Google sheet that has exactly what you do. So it might take a month. It might be a really long type of thing, Creating expert articles,
expert roundup articles takes a long time, you have
to research the experts, you have to approach them, you have to get enough of them to say yes, you then have to get their thing, have them write something,
have them record a quick video, have them share it in
their Facebook groups, their email list, whatever. So, say there’s 30 days worth of stuff. You tell them, day one,
this is the activity. Day two, this is the activity. Day three, this is the activity. The reason you do it in a Google sheet and not just a list is that
you can give them access to it so they can see you’re
crossing off things. Every day when you do
something, it’s crossed off. The next day you do the next thing, it’s crossed off, so
you can actively see you working on their campaign, so they’re not emailing you, bugging you,
have you made progress? What’s going on? Et cetera, et cetera,
can we have an update? They don’t need updates because they can literally open
up the Google sheet link and see you doing the work. I also do this in my link-building if you check out my system. And once you approach these people, we tend to get one person
buying for every 25 we email assuming you’ve done
your targeting correctly. The pricing for this is, I would say, below premium, so you can
charge, like, 2,000 pounds. So, I think I got 1,500 for the expert roundup article I made. I got 900 pounds each for
two funnels that I built. I didn’t really wanna do the work, but I just wanted to demonstrate
that you could do them. So, if you’re looking for leads, you’re looking to sell something, you’re looking to make
some money this week, go out, find five articles,
five how-to articles with a lot of shares, run them through Ahrefs content explorer,
download the people, make a list of exactly what
you do for the service, and go and offer it to them, the ones that meet the criteria. So take out the people
who offer it as a service and the people who’ve
already implemented it, and offer it to everybody else. So, they’ve shared it on twitter. That means they’ve read it,
they’re interested in it, and if they haven’t done
it, and they don’t sell it, they probably want someone to do it for them but can’t be bothered. That guy could be you. Or, that girl could be you. And that they, zey, whatever you wanna call
yourself, could be you. So, yeah, I think that’s number six. I might do one more. But that’s not mine, I’m gonna steal it from Gary Vaynerchuck. I’ll also link to his videos
so you can check that shit out. I’ll probably link it there. Boom! Fucking bonus content. (laughing) I stole this one straight off of Gary V. I’ve not actually done it yet, so I can’t vouch for it, but I’ve seen many, many people saying it does work, so I am going to test it myself, you guys
can follow along with that. I’ll make videos to show
you all what I’m doing. Maybe in a 30 day challenge, who knows? I’ll just go over the current
projects I’m working on and then I’ll try this out for you. Because there’s no need in you
doing it if it doesn’t work. But, it’s Gary Vaynerchuck,
so it probably will. Okay, Gary Vaynerchuck says… Actually, I’m just gonna give you a very quick overview and
I’ll link to the video so he can explain it to you. He says you should be
in the Instagram DMs. Find a load of companies in your town, your city, your state. Wherever you live. And contact them, tell them what you do. Speak to them in DMs. Make yourself a little show reel. Send it to them, let
them know what you do. It’s the same as what I
was talking about earlier with the taking photos and making calls, but it’s on Instagram DM, so you don’t have to leave your house, which is fantastic for most of you (laughing). Other than that, I’ll
just link to the video. That was bonus number seven. Not mine. But, there it is. If you wanna get clients, use
one of these seven strategies, use all seven of these strategies. Namely use number five and number six because I know that they work now. Okay, so that’s it. Seven… Strategies for getting clients that probably take less than a week. So, if you need to pay rent next month, you have no clients, you’re just looking for a quick way to get started, all seven of these methods,
mainly the first six, are very, very effective. If you wanna see some of these things being done over the shoulder, so you could be here, that could be you, check out DCWD. I regularly do trainings on this stuff. If you don’t understand
something in the training you can ask me in one
of the weekly Q and A’s. Occasionally, I will call you up and walk you through it. Help you with it if you want. You get 50 minutes of
my time individually. Just one-to-one, so you can talk to me about whatever the fuck you want. I don’t usually make sales videos, but I figured this was a good one. I want more members,
you want more clients. (whispering) Synergy. Anyway, I will catch you tomorrow with more fantastic videos.

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