How to Get Paid on Pinterest – $4675 of Ad Income with Pinterest Traffic on My Blogs Last Month

By | November 15, 2019

I have a Pinterest account and I’m
getting 255 monthly viewers on Pinterest so Anastasia how do I get paid
on Pinterest that’s what people often ask me in the comments here on YouTube
and in the chat box on my Pinterest masterclass my answer could be a bit
disappointing for you Pinterest will not pay you anything for
having a lot of engagement on your account so how can you actually make
money on Pinterest. Hi! I’m Anastasia of and I share
Pinterest tips on this channel every Thursday and if you haven’t yet
downloaded my Pinterest SEO checklist stay tuned until the end of this video
and I will let you know how you can get your free copy and today I want to show
you all the ways you can make money using your Pinterest account and as a
cherry on the cake I will show you how I made four thousand six hundred and
seventy five dollars with Pinterest traffic last month on my blogs the first
way to get paid on Pinterest which I rarely mentioned on this channel but
it’s actually a great way to get some extra income or even make your full time
job you can simply manage Pinterest accounts
for other people and the biggest benefit of this method is that you’re getting
paid right away you don’t need to wait months for your account to start seeing
results what you can do is manage Pinterest accounts for others for busy
online entrepreneurs for bloggers coaches course creators for e-commerce
stores etc and believe it or not in my private Facebook group for students of
my Pinterest course every once in a while we’re having a new thread it’s
either someone wants to find a Pinterest virtual assistant for himself
or someone who went through my course wants to offer their services as
Pinterest manager that is because there is a lot of demand so for many
businesses Pinterest already is a good traffic source but they just cannot
spend their time creating pins or maybe they even tried it but not everyone has
the same level of creativity and the same sense of what is visually appealing
and what is not so it’s quite often that we’ll want to outsource Pinterest
entirely or at least the pin design part and if you know how to create pins that
are not only beautiful but also click worthy you will always find people who
need your help and now how much you can get paid for this work depends of course
on your experience and your knowledge of Pinterest SEO search engine optimization
basics on your skills you obviously need to at least learn how to use a free
graphic design tool for example canva and if you lack the skills but you’re
willing to try I have a canva tutorial on my channel and you will find a link
to it if you click on that I can in the right up corner and also in the
description below this video the amount of money you can make as a Pinterest
account manager also depends on how you’re able to sell or present your
services I know a lot of beginner bloggers who take clients as Pinterest
virtual assistants as an additional income source while their own blogs are
not yet making enough money you can find people who are looking for a Pinterest
fee enlarge Facebook groups for bloggers I did a quick search just in one of the
blogging Facebook groups and look how many threads I found that were started
by people who are looking for someone to manage their Pinterest account so they
can focus on content creation or other sides of their online business or their
blog as a Pinterest virtual assistant you can charge from about 300 dollars
per month to even up to $2,000 per Pinterest account and it will all depend
on how much work you will include in the package and of course it depends on how
stablished you are as a Pinterest expert in Pinterest marketer like in everything
else to price your services you will need to do some market research and see
the demand but I already gave you a few ideas of where you could start your
market research and I can promise that for Pinterest management there is and
there always be a lot of demand especially because not everyone is able
or even likes to work with images as a type of content so this was the first
way of making money on Pinterest and you will get your first payment with this
method as soon as you get your first client now what
other ways you could earn money on Pinterest so the other way that’s often
recommended on other channels here on YouTube is using the direct affiliate
links on Pinterest and you probably know why Pinterest is such a powerhouse of
traffic it’s because you can link your website from each pin you’re saving on
on this platform and it’s hard to believe that on Pinterest you can also
make direct links to affiliate offers your promoting so that every click you
get from a pin will save your affiliate accounts cookies on the user’s browser
and you can make money with affiliate offers even without having your own
website I put this method as the second one in this video after managing
accounts for other people because it also is affordable and very easy to
start with you literally just need a Pinterest account and an affiliate
account on any platform and you can start making money right from there it’s
also interesting that for regular Pinterest users have been saved to your
website doesn’t look any different from a pin that is linked directly to an
affiliate offer the only difference will be in the pin description it’s just one
extra word that you have to add as an affiliate disclosure so it’s a hashtag
affiliate and your pin is good to go viral on Pinterest after this if your
pin is good enough it’s visually appealing then users will save your pins
link to your affiliate offer to tear boards and basically they will promote
your affiliate link for you across the Pinterest platform and I have to tell
you more than that you can even run pinterest ads to a pin with a direct
affiliate link as long as that pin is linked to a product that’s not forbidden
by pinterest advertising policies i made another video focused on affiliate
marketing on pinterest and you will find a link to it in the top right corner and
in the description below this video when i published that video one of the
subscribers asked me if it was also allowed to promote pins with direct
affiliate links with interest ads and I couldn’t find any restrictions regarding
this in the Pinterest guidelines for advertisers but I still asked Pinterest
support took permit and here’s the email I received
back from future support they first emphasized that we have to be careful
about what products or services waiver ties in general and then they confirm
that as long as the sites where linking to are compliant with Pinterest’s user
policy they allow affiliate links on both organic and promoted pins and
another important note here is that often affiliate links are made with
redirects so the guy also mentioned in this email that Pinterest only supports
some third party redirects at this time that means that in some cases your link
might not be accepted on Pinterest this is especially true for link shorteners
so it’s often the only solution to use a full affiliate link URL on Pinterest
because it will not allow you to create pins linked to most of the link
shorteners so that was the second way of making money on Pinterest and the third
way I’d like to talk about is more advanced and it requires you building
your own website it’s a publisher model which means monetization of Pinterest
traffic with ads on your website let me tell you first
why Pinterest traffic is so great for ad monetization the main reason is because
you will get mostly users from the United States and that means you will be
able to make more money for each page view on your site premium ad networks
like media vine for example will not even consider applications from websites
which do not have at least 70% of traffic from the United States you know
that they’re getting a cut of your ad income and they’re of course only
interested in working with sites which can provide quality traffic to the
American advertisers when you use Google Adsense you don’t realize how little
you’re getting paid for each thousand of visitors on your site compared to
premium networks you will be able to earn five or even ten times more with
media vine compared to Google Adsense but they are only able to ensure this
high RPM’s revenue per thousand of visitors because you have mostly
audience from the United States and I mentioned that in October this year I
made four thousand six hundred and seventy five dollars on medium
ads on my blocks and you probably know quite well by now and the station
Florida’s calm is my first side and the second one is focused on food content
and tips for new moms so my October earnings with ads on and Stacia bloggers
and calm only were three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars and on my
second blog I made one thousand four hundred and fifteen so it makes four
thousand seven hundred sixty-five dollars from two blocks in passive
income because I can see their ad income almost passive I have to be clear here
to get any passive income you first need to work for it and invest your time and
effort into it but advertising on your side is probably the closest of all
monetization strategies to the definition of passive income it’s funny
that when you look at my income and traffic stats you will see this spikes
four times a month I always get more traffic from Pinterest on the weekends
especially on Sundays so if you see someone go into a blogging Facebook
group and posting how they did this and that or drastically change their
Pinterest strategy this week they removed a board or anything else that
looks like a magic trick and this helped them instantly to get more traffic just
ask them to make another screenshot on a weekday for example on Monday I’m saying
this because I saw fancy people desperate to find some trick that makes
their competition successful and instead of just consistently doing the right
things on Pinterest like optimizing for keywords creating new boards creating
quality pins creating new pages on their websites to save fresh content on
Pinterest people keep wasting time looking for that one missing trick and
instead of doing the work they keep browsing this blogging groups reading
tons of Pinterest tips and getting distracted with clickbait titles like
how I went from zero to four hundred page views in one day the reality is
that they have grown to four hundred page views in one day with one viral pin
and they will go back to almost zero in three days or a week the problem with
all of this is that you’re constantly feeling discouraged because you’re
trying one thing during another mega strategy and all that answer
doing no significant improvement on your traffic and if you want to follow a
proven system and stop wasting your time reading dozens of bloggers with
contradictory advice you can join my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets program
and you will get things done on Pinterest using legit and efficient
strategy I will give you a link in the top right corner of the screen and in
the description below this video so media vine is showing sessions per site
and when I published my previous video about reaching over 10 million monthly
viewers on Pinterest several subscribers asked me how much traffic I’m getting
with 10 million months of years so I decided to follow up with his questions
in today’s video and I will show you my Google Analytics for October on
Anastasia site I had two hundred and thirty thousand page views
on my second blog I’ve got about ninety thousand page views in October and I
also made for you a comparison of my Pinterest traffic in October this year
and October 2018 you can see here that I selected only traffic from Pinterest
platform and we’re seeing here three hundred and forty four percent
improvement in traffic year-to-year I hope you do not get bored looking at all
these numbers in my analytics I personally love digging into my
analytics I think that making data-driven decisions helps me a lot in
getting my Pinterest strategy working so well so let me know in the comments
below this video whether or not you like when I include all these numbers and
analytics in my videos or maybe you find this numbers boring I honestly want to
know what you think guys because I’m doing my best to make this videos
interesting for you so let me know what you think in the comments below and give
me a thumb up if you enjoyed this video if you want to get more tips from me on
this channel then click subscribe and hit the bio button to get notified when
my new Pinterest tutorials go live I don’t want you to leave this video today
empty-handed and I promised you a link to my Pinterest SEO checklist so you can
download it for free you just need to check the links in in the info icon in
the top right corner and in the description below this video and that’s
it for today I see you next week

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