How to get more Views on Youtube with SEO

By | November 3, 2019

We have Danielle Ford here with us. Amazing video marketing strategist. You know Danielle, what is better? Is it better to do pre-recorded video like
on YouTube or is it better to do live video? That just depends on you and your target market. Some people expect polished videos and some
people are really good on the fly and some people are not. You know, so if you’re able to dodge questions
and put up with trolls and people like that live then live is an option but if you are
not, a lot of people don’t like being right on the spot, I would do pre-recorded. But regardless of what you do, I highly suggest
using YouTube or repurposing your live content for YouTube because YouTube is the number
2 search engine in the world and when you’re talking about a topic that your ideal clients
are searching for, they’re going to be going to either Google or YouTube and YouTube also
pulls up in Google so when you’re talking about that, even if it was on a live video,
there’s ways to download it, edit it a little bit to get all the umms and side conversations
out, put it on YouTube or create a professional video for YouTube and use keywords so that
you’re able to be found and you don’t have to go yelling at everybody to see your stuff. They’ll be searching for you. I should have an audience disclaimer, I’ve
taken a number of Danielle’s webinars and they’re always, she over-delivers with content. Yeah I have too. She’s very thorough. But one of the ones that stands out for me
was the one where you talked about the importance of video is almost two-fold. So you talked about copywriting, yes, is important
but say a little about, cause I would imagine a lot of people don’t know this, about how
video doubles and the value of it living forever and taking the transcripts from your videos
so that you can help with your SEO cause I think that is very valuable. It’s huge. I would choose low quality video and high
quality SEO over the flipped version of that. Exactly, right? It’s like when a bear, eh a tree falls in
the woods, I almost said a bear falls in the woods. That can happen, too. Right, if a bear falls, did anyone hear it? But what difference does it make if no one
can find it right? Yes, absolutely. That’s actually the biggest problem I see
entrepreneurs face because they do spend the money and time and everything creating this
amazing video with great content or a full channel and none of their videos get more
than 20 views and it’s their mom and their yoga instructor is 2 of them. And them liking it from a few different accounts. And it’s just, what’s the point? You know? I would rather give value, maybe the video’s
not perfect, but be giving that content out all the time, creating little snowballs of
tidbits of content and allowing them to rank. I’ll give some tips if you guys want. Yes, please. Alright, so people are like “What’s SEO?” It’s search engine optimization. So you’re optimizing your video for YouTube
or Google. And there’s levels of SEO that you can do. So it can get extremely overwhelming, which
I know you’ve seen on my webinars to where you’re like “I don’t even want to do this,
it’s so much work.” But you can do like, a little SEO or medium
SEO or just SEO the crap out of it, depending on what it is. But basically learning what people are searching
for so maybe you think, “I wanna do a video about how to write a book”. But maybe no one’s typing that in, maybe they’re
typing in “How do I write a book” or “First step to writing a book”. Right. It reminds me of.. it’s really important how
you word that. It reminds me of… Sorry I keep stepping on you. It’s ok. It reminds me of when you go to search for
something in the yellow pages, and I may have just dated myself by saying that but you almost
have to go “Ok if I were the person that was looking for it, then what would I say?” Absolutely. Or you completely miss each other. And that’s the problem. Ok for instance with my Young Moms Club, I
have a channel that’s gotten several million views with all my videos, some videos having
up to 700,000, you know, and one of my most recent videos, it gets a lot of comments telling
me that i spelled it wrong and that I’m an idiot because I don’t know grammar and spelling
but… She’s all “Jokes on You”. “Jokes on you, every time you comment, you’re
helping me rank”. But what happened was I searched for “how
to tell your parents you’re pregnant” and I’m a grammar nazi, right? Me too. But thousands more people, are you ready for
this? Teenage girls who were pregnant were typing
in “How to tell your parents your pregnant” without the apostrophe and the e. Ohhh. So I used that term and I even put it on the
main image because that’s important, YouTube can read the text on your image. I put it in my title, put it in my description,
said “How to tell your parents your pregnant several times throughout the video, uploaded
a transcription, and it’s getting a ton of views. Wow. But if I had put the e at the end, only the
200 people that typed it in right would be able to see that. Right, so you have to kinda figure out the
way they say it, you have to get inside their head. And actually one thing that I think you would
do, you start to make a mistake by creating content for your peers or to impress people. Big no no. And you’re using their lingo. It’s like when I was an Esthetician, I realized
that people type in things like “waxist” and if I had said “Who’s the best waxist in las
vegas”? Other Estheticians might be like “This girl’s
an idiot” but I don’t really care what they think because I’m trying to reach the people
that want to find me. Absolutely.

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