How to Get More Traffic in 2019 (9 New Strategies)

By | August 13, 2019

– In this video you’re going to learn how to get more traffic
to your website, fast. In fact, I’ve used these exact
strategies to grow my site’s traffic to over 180,000
visitors per month. Now, I should warn,
you this video contains advanced strategies and tactics. So I’m not going to repeat the same tips you’ve heard a million times already, like share your content on Facebook. Instead, you’re going to see
advanced traffic techniques that work great, keep watching. (techno music) I’ll be honest, my first
website was a complete disaster. Sure, I had a great product
in a growing industry, but I lacked the number one thing a website needs to succeed: traffic. That’s when I started googling things like “how to get more traffic” and
“increase website traffic.” Unfortunately, most of the
advice that I read didn’t work. You know the kind of
stuff I’m talking about. Create a Facebook page, start a blog, share your content on social media. And look, this kind of advice
isn’t horrible or anything, but it’s not going to send thousands of targeted visitors to your site. Why, because everyone in the world is using these exact same strategies. So after trying dozens
of different tactics I decided to try something new. Specifically, I set out to test a bunch of different traffic techniques myself. It wasn’t easy but over
time I discovered a handful of untapped traffic techniques
that actually worked. And once I started using these techniques my traffic shot through the roof. Hey Mom, I’m getting so much traffic. Your boy’s going to be famous. And now it’s time for me to
reveal these proven techniques and show you exactly how to use them to get more traffic to your site. So let’s jump right in with technique number one, the upside down guest post. Here’s the deal, when most people read your guest post they completely skip the author bio section
and I can’t blame them. Most author bio boxes
are buried at the bottom of the page like this,
which is a huge problem. If people don’t see your
link in your author bio they’re not going to visit your site. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem, the
upside down guest post. Here’s the step by step process. First, write an awesome guest post just like you normally would. Awesome guest post, done. Next, include helpful resource
sections throughout the post. These sections should link to
two to three useful resources on the topic you just
covered, here’s an example. Finally, include your content as one of the helpful resources. For example, here’s a guest post that I published a while back. As you can see, I strategically linked out to my content as one of
the resources to check out. And that link brought in 78% more traffic than my author bio link. Pretty cool. And that leads us to strategy number two, use “Click to Tweet” links. This is one of the best ways to get more traffic through social media. In fact, click to tweet links are one of the main reasons that
this post from my blog has over 6000 social media shares. With that, let me show you
how click to tweet links work. First, find something
tweetable in your content. This could be a technique,
strategy, quote or statistic. For example, this post from my blog listed a bunch of list
building strategies. So I considered each strategy
on the list “tweetable”. Next, create a click to tweet link. To do that just head
over to and write your tweet and the tool will generate a special link for you. Finally, add that link to your content. Whenever someone clicks on the link they get a prewritten
tweet for easy sharing. It’s that easy. Moving right along to our third technique, publish more list posts. There’s no way around it, when
it comes to driving traffic to your website, list posts work great. And there’s evidence to back this up. BuzzSumo recently analyzed
a million articles to see which types of content worked best. And they found that list posts
crush other content formats. As you can see in this chart, list posts get six times more
shares than how-to posts and 40 times more shares
than infographics. And when I look at my own
content, I notice the same thing. List posts generate a ton of traffic. For example, this
massive list of SEO tools is one of the most successful pieces of content I’ve ever published. To date this list post has generated over 18,000 shares, 900
comments and 331,000 visits. With that, it’s time for
technique number four, overhaul and upgrade old blog posts. This simple strategy landed me 50.95% more traffic in seven days. Here’s exactly how I did it. First, I found a piece of content on my site that was out of date. And I found this guide on my
blog that was really outdated. Next, I updated and improved the post. Specifically I added new
screenshots, sprinkled in new strategies and
techniques and eliminated old strategies that didn’t work anymore. Finally I updated the post
to make the changes live. And just like that traffic to that page shot up like a rocket ship
and this wasn’t a fluke. I recently followed a similar
process with this post. This time, instead of
just updating the content I updated it and relaunched
it like a brand new post. So I shared the post on social media and sent out an announcement
to my email subscribers. Which lead to a significant
boost in traffic, including almost 5000 visitors in one day. So let’s keep it moving
with technique number five, add “Share Triggers” to your content. In my experience content largely
succeeds or fails based on one factor: whether or not the
content has share triggers. So, what are share triggers? Share triggers are things that you include in your content that
push people to share it. A lot of these principles were first discovered by behavioral scientists like Dr. Jonah Berger
and Dr. Katherine Milkman and they have proven in the lab, what I discovered through trial and error. When you include share
triggers in your content, people are significantly more likely to share and link to it. For example, one of the most powerful share triggers is known
as social currency. Social currency is the idea that we share things that make us look good. Looking good. And this share trigger is
a large part of the reason that this infographic that I made for a client a few years back did so well. In fact, this infographic
generated thousands of targeted visits in the first two days. Now there are dozens of reasons this infographic did so
well, from the design to the content promotion campaign. But a good chunk of it’s success was due to one simple thing: it contained the social currency share trigger. I’ll explain. At the time I made this infographic, lots of people were up
in arms about inflation. And my content backed up
their rants with solid data. So every time someone
shared my infographic, it made them look good. In other words, it boosted
their social currency. So they shared it, again and again. In fact the infographic even
got featured in google news. And it’s all thanks to the
social currency share trigger. Let’s dive right into technique number six for getting more traffic, go on podcasts. Podcasts are blowing up right now. In fact, one survey found
that 24% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts. Does that mean you should grab the nearest microphone and start a podcast, no. Instead, I recommend going on other people’s podcasts as a guest. This strategy works so
well that I try to go on at least two podcasts every month. In fact, over the last few years I’ve appeared on over 75 podcast episodes. And these episodes have brought me tens of thousands of visitors. For example, I once got 984 laser targeted visitors from a single podcast episode. As a bonus you usually
get at least one backlink in the show notes which can
help you rank higher in Google. Let’s move right along to
technique number seven, create predictably viral content. Is there a formula for creating
content that goes viral, no. If there was, everyone would use it. That said, there are four
things you could do to increase the odds that your content goes viral. First, viral content tends
to contain lots of visuals. This can be a bunch of images, or an infographic, or a video. The type of image doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you
use visuals in your content. Why? Industry studies show that
image rich content gets 94% more social shares compared to
content that’s nothing but text. Second, viral content tends
to have a high utility. Utility simply means that your content is useful in some way. Maybe you show people
how to seed broccoli. Or maybe you teach people how
to nail their job interview. Either way, research shows that
extremely practical content has a very high chance of going viral. Third, long-form content tends to go viral more often than short
articles and blog posts. Like I mentioned earlier in this video, BuzzSumo recently analyzed
a million articles. Well in that same study,
they found that long-form content tends to get significantly more shares and backlinks
than short posts. In fact, as you can see,
content that’s at least 3000 words gets 208% more
shares than short articles. I’ve noticed the same thing, myself. For example, here’s a long-form article from my blog, a giant
list of SEO techniques. This post weighs in at a
staggering 6,525 words. And the simple fact that
my post is insanely long is a big reason that it’s been shared thousands of times, and
those shares have sent boatloads of traffic to my website. Lastly, viral content needs
an initial push to get going. Why? Well according to 2 million blog posts come
out every single day. So for your content to stand
out, you need to promote it. For example, entrepreneur
and backlinko reader Chris Gimmer, published this post on a site a while back, and it went viral. In fact, that single piece of content generated 17,000 visitors
to his site in one day. And it wouldn’t have
happened if Chris didn’t promote his content on sites like reddit, which led to hundreds of
visitors, within hours. Let’s keep things rolling
with technique number eight, post on social media at strategic times. So, CoSchedule recently analyzed the best times to post
on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. So, what did they find? They discovered that these are the best times to post on each network. And now it’s time for our last tip, get more traffic with
content transformation. Content transformation is simple. Instead of starting from scratch, convert one of your articles
into another format, like an ebook, video,
infographic or podcast. For example, I published this case study on my blog a while back, as you can see, this post generated lots of
social shares and comments. But I knew that I could squeeze even more value out of this content. So I turned that post
into a YouTube video. That single video has over 90,000 views and has brought me hundreds
of website visitors. All from a piece of content
that I published years ago. You could republish your older content on sites like LinkedIn and Media. For example, I published this study of YouTube ranking factors
on my blog about a year ago. And I republished that same
piece of content as a LinkedIn article, which along with
my other LinkedIn posts, led to a decent chunk of targeted traffic. That’s the power of
content transformation. Now before we end this video I
want to show you a cool bonus technique, steal your
competitors traffic sources. Imagine that you can see exactly where your competitors get their traffic from. That would be a goal of mine, right? Well your competitors
probably aren’t about to send you their Google Analytics password. Fortunately, you don’t need it. That’s because you can see all of their top traffic sources
for free with SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb not only shows you
a nice overview of the sites traffic, but exactly where
they get that traffic from. So, what can you do with this information? For example, let’s say
that you noticed that one of your competitors gets a
big chunk of their traffic from guest posting on a particular site. Well you can guest post there too. Or let’s say they’re driving
lots of visitors from YouTube, it might be time to set
up a YouTube channel. You get the idea. Either way, with this approach
you don’t need to wonder what the best traffic
sources in your niche are. Instead, you get a list of sites that you can get targeted traffic from. Let’s end this video with one more quick bonus tip, drive traffic from forums. Forums are a very underrated
source of traffic. When you become an active member of a forum, you built a funnel. A funnel that brings people
back to your website. Let me walk you through
a real life example. When I first got started
with the Backlinko blog, I was starting from scratch. I had zero followers, zero visitors and zero email subscribers. And I knew that SEO and
social media can be great ways to get traffic but
they take time to kick in. So, to give my traffic a head start I became an active member of
a popular marketing forum. I answered questions that
people asked on the forum, and I even posted some original content. And this led to a solid influx of visitors to my brand new blog. So, there you have it. Nine techniques to help you
get more website traffic. If you learned something
new from today’s video then make sure to subscribe to the Backlinko YouTube Channel, right now. Just click on the subscribe
button below this video. Also, if you want exclusive
SEO traffic techniques that I only share with subscribers, head over to
and hop on the news letter. It’s free. And now I’d like to turn it over to you. Which technique from today’s video are you going to try first? Are you going to start
writing more list posts? Or maybe want to drive
traffic from forums? Either way let me know by leaving
a comment below right now. I feel like I could do like
ten more videos right now. [inhaling] zool. Oh it’s a slide anyway, what am I doing? All right so this one I’m calling my mom. So nervous, man. But a good chunk- agh. How many ways can you squeeze a lemon?

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