How to Get More SEO Clients with Chris M. Walker

By | September 9, 2019

Mandy: Let’s talk about obtaining SEO clients okay so I talked a lot about you know foot-in-the-door offers and this type
of thing and really the best way to go about you know landing clients like the
easiest you know kind of low barrier entry point to getting clients. So what
are your thoughts Chris on foot-in-the-door offers you know, kind of
explain your concept on foot the door offers and then how you go about
presenting those to get SEO clients. Chris: Okay so the first thing is it needs to be
extremely valuable like a lot of people have been offering the same standard
report from woo rank or something for years and I think that’s people don’t
care about that. It also needs to not be too technical a lot of other SEO people
are recommending SSL Certificates and stuff I don’t think the average business
a business owner has any clue what that means or why it’s valuable to them. So I
don’t find that very useful. What’s worked well for me is no like a 72 hour
ranking so you can get like a video made or do a press release. Although that cost
a little more but if it’s a good lead you can do that. Then you can get like a
first page ranking and use the angle of I did this in 72 hours imagine what I can
do with time and budget. But really the thing to remember is that they’re
extremely busy people and they get harassed by spammy SEO types all the
time so you have to get their attention fast and offer them something that they can
directly see that would be a benefit to them. So try not to just look at the same
offers that everybody else is doing you try to put yourself in their position and think like a business owner, you are, and what would be valuable to
you. M: I love that. Yeah, that’s awesome. Because I, like everyone else was just doing like a mini audit or a strategy and that’s literally what everyone else does. So you make a good point there. C: I mean it can work It’s been done to death at this point, and I just I don’t think, it’s an overused term, but I don’t think it provides any value at this point. So
especially those automated automated ones where you stick in the URL and it
does the whole report for you. M: Yes. C: If you’re gonna do that at least like take the time and do a real audit. M: Right, no I agree completely. So give us some price ranges then on like what the minimum foot-in-the-door offer should be and like the maximum
like for what you just said like let’s say ranking a longtail keyword or a
video or whatever. C: You have to kind of find your own voice on that but you can start as low as free and work up to you know know I would try to keep it under 100
dollars, because anything more than that it’s gonna come off like a sales pitch. M: Under one hundred dollars? C: Yeah so free to one hundred dollars. You probably have a different opinion on that but. M: Well it just depends yeah. It depends on what types of clients your going after too, you know. So like for what your talking, the local clients that’s perfect you know, and it wouldn’t take that long. Well it just depends yeah. It depends on what types of clients your going after too, you know. um so would you say that a video is
easier to do than let’s say like a you know I mean what would you do like I’ll
rank a video over like I’ll rank a page on your website? C: I mean I wouldn’t do a page on your website because that SEO just takes too long to do that now late and if you
signed a queue late you that used to work in like 2015 but now even if you
send a few links links it’s gonna take a week or two to make that work. M: So you’re saying the video route? C: A video or another one I had a lot
of success was if you do a press release that works really well. Now those costs
fifty to a hundred dollars, M: Yeah. C: But if you do that if you optimize that right you’ll
get like a news link that’s ranking on the first page. So not only can you say
you know I got you a first page ranking I also got you mentioned on all these big
news sites. Now they don’t know that those aren’t necessarily media. M: Right. C: But that worked really really well and that that gives you the opportunity to say
offer them a ranking and then show them more that you did on top of what you
promised them, so. M: I love that. Yeah I was we still use press releases to this day but
back when I started SEO, I loved press releases. That was like one of my one of
my things. So what press release services do you
recommend ? What sites? C: I actually there’s a guy on, I don’t want
this coming off like a promotion, but there’s a guy on my site that um legit that
I use for that, so. M: Awesome, perfect. So we use a just to
submit them. It’s like the one we did was like 50 bucks. We write them, but yeah so
if you guys are looking for an affordable press release service you can
check out legit. That was me plugging it not not Chris so
it’s okay. C: I also used to use that I think it’s
called press cable but their prices went up and their service went down, so I
wasn’t I don’t use them anymore. M: Yeah. And just a word of advice too, like back
in the day when I started SEO like the free press release sites would work you
know, like those would actually work well. Now do not do like and stuff they’re kind of pointless. So just FYI for everyone on this if
you’re thinking about the press release like you can easily go and get way more
value paying a little bit of money for that. So just a heads up.

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