How To Get More Free Traffic To Your WordPress Website With SEO

By | August 23, 2019

I want to talk about search engine optimization
for a moment or better known as SEO and Morgan to talk about that in this video hi my name
is Adam from the were make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re
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description box down below I froze my scrolling text on the word grow because search engine
optimization is about growing it’s about growing the traffic that makes it onto your website
now there’s really two ways that generate traffic to your website first weighs the bike
traffic you can: pay for some ads the second way is as SEO and search engine optimization
to get content on your website that Google will show when people type certain keywords
in now the whole SEO industry is kind of a convoluted thing it’s overly complicated and
it doesn’t need to be as complicated as people make it out to be and the reason they make
it complicated is so that people are discouraged to even start doing it it’s almost like a
big lie there’s really two big parts of search engine optimization these are two that you
control there some factors that you don’t necessarily control but the two things you
can control our number one you can choose the keyword phrases that people will search
on Google Emily to reference Google people will search on Google in order to find your
website that’s called choosing keywords and finding the right keywords and typically one
keyword said a lot of people are searching and there isn’t a ton of competition on and
so that’s the first thing in the second part is really simple it’s creating a content on
your website that is specifically written in a way to rank for that particular keyword
phrase that you have selected and this is important for everybody that has a website
so perfect example say you are a website developer and say your website developer in the state
of Texas in the United States while you might want a page on your website that is specifically
created and worded to rank when someone types website developer Texas and then you might
want another page on your website that’s specifically geared to rank when someone types web designer
Texas and if you’ve identified this keyword phrase it’s just now a matter of creating
the content so that when Google comes to your website and hits that page there will be no
doubt what this page is about this is a page for people that are looking for a web designer
in Texas so let’s show this page when people do that particular search that’s all that
SEO really is and this is called on page SEO it’s what you can control on your website
now there’s off-site SEO and that’s where your sharing this page on various social networks
and you may or may not be trying to get back links so other websites that may have some
authority will put a link to your website where appropriate on their website so someone
has a article about Texas and business may be trying to get your link in that article
that’s something you’ll hear talked a lot about by one of the kind of the recognized
SEO experts Neil Patel he talks a lot about this how it’s really easy to get these links
but most people are too lazy to actually put in the work to do the outreach in order to
get their links put on other people’s websites so in the remainder of this video I want to
talk about some of the ways of finding keywords and then some of the ways of creating content
specifically geared towards ranking for these keyword phrases so first of all there is Google
you can come to Google and you can start doing a search and if you ever notice when you start
entering a search you get this drop down there as you’re entering and this is Google predicting
what you may be searching for and giving you some suggestions now obviously this is only
one side of the keyword story this is essentially just telling you what people are searching
for but it doesn’t give you any indication of the volume of people searching for this
phrase and it doesn’t give you an idea of the competition of other websites trying to
create content that will rank for this same keyword phrase so right here I’ve entered
in Canon ABD it’s a camera just so happens to be chemotherapy silly but I showed it in
a video that I recently made Canon ADD so if I wanted to say start entering the word
review actually I don’t even have to do that it started showing it as soon as I hit the
it’s given me all of these interesting keyword suggestions of what people are actually typing
in so this is 1 Free Way of identifying some keyword variations because what I find is
were all good at coming up with a keyword phrase but we all come up with the keyword
phrase that’s impossible to rank on because it’s so narrow there so much competition we
need help coming up with the longer keyword phrase where there’s less competition and
there still a lot of people searching for that particular phrase if you do a Google
search for free keyword tools here’s several of them one of them is called word stream
right here and you can see I entered Canon ADD review and it’s doing the same thing worth
giving me some keyword suggestions however this it and actually is given me an idea of
the actual volume of people that are searching for but is not given me the additional information
that I would want which is competition and the cost per click for per click that’s more
for people that are using paid advertising but it gives you an idea of the desirability
of a keyword phrase how much someone is willing to pay to have their website shown when someone
enters that in but were really trying to get some competition information right here and
obviously we don’t get it with this free tool the same goes for this other one right here
keyword tool.IAO I entered the same phrase although it looks like you’re getting better
suggestions so here’s an interesting one where you tag on the year to whatever you’re entering
in or some additional information this is what’s known as a longtail keyword phrase
which is usually a better goal to go after there is a tool that this video is not specifically
about it that just hit AppSumo if you’re interested in this visit WP crafters/web text tool
text to a one-word hoops and here is a tool that I’ll just give you a brief look at right
now I did make a full video on this it’s on my other YouTube channel I didn’t want to
put it here it’s on my other YouTube channel I’ll put a link in the video description box
is essentially just another URL link to a video here on YouTube and it’s a lifetime
builds 49 bucks and it gives you a better way of doing some of these this keyword searching
so whenever you decide to start getting serious about putting effort in with SEO you’re gonna
need access to some of these tools and they’re not I use all the limitations with the free
tools so this is going to help in a lot of various ways but here’s the tool I just wanted
to get into the tool right here it does a lot of things so you want to check out that
video that I made you can even write your content in here you can spy on your competition
and kinda see the keyword phrases they’re going after but they have this keyword analysis
tool right here or you can choose based upon your country and you could do the same thing
you can enter in your seat your search phrase and what I like about this is it’s very easy
to understand so this the first thing here says the volumes hi this is good but then
it is the competition is a very hard this is not good and as matter fact it vendor tells
you that it’s a very poor idea to go after Canon ADD review but what is nice is it’s
going to then give you all these suggestions right here and it’s going to give you the
same volume competition and overall idea if it’s a good idea or not and so it’s actually
good because look at this first suggestion Canon’s it suggesting making content comparing
Canon ABD to the Canon 70 D these are two different cameras high-volume super easy to
rank for in there’s keyword idea after idea after idea I think what I’ve noticed most
in my own journey with search engine optimization is it’s more about figuring out with these
keyword phrases are and you really do need a tool that’s going to make those kind of
suggestions to make it a little easier for you to identify perfect targets so this is
a great tool of looking in here now some of these phrases here it says there’s a low volume
and it’s very easy and this is one of those things where there’s a certain figure speech
that I use a lot worse as the juice is it worth the squeeze so that means is it worth
all the effort to create content on this keyword phrase when there’s not much there that is
that a lot of people searching for this so this is a way that these tools help you in
saving the effort that you put out so it makes no sense for me to create a piece of content
about Canon ADD time-lapse I can can use that in an article about the Canon ADD and when
I’m comparing it and will probably rank very easily but to have something specifically
for this keyword phrase not a good idea same thing goes for Canon 80 the tips and tricks
I was don’t like when people say tips and tricks because everybody says that so anyways
this is the keyword tool that’s built into this this app does a whole heck of a lot more
and you can check out the review if you want to put a link down below now once you’ve identified
your keyword or phrase you can use an SEO tool on your WordPress based website there
are several of them and I’m in a be going through comparison of them all but the one
that I have always liked using the most is the free version of Yoast SEO actually on
my WP craft a website I’ve upgraded to the paid version of Yoast because there’s some
things that it does that are pertinent to me that makes it worth it for me it’s not
maybe worth it for everybody but it’s definitely worth it for me and my situation now I’ve
also installed and activated the web text tool plug-in in here as I want to show you
some of things that it does so let me show you a post I created and I think I gave it
the same title Canon ADD review it’s right here so let me show you Yoast first okay so
this actually also the web text enough because it’s like so predominant right here so all
that stuff that you saw the keyword tool while the keyword tool actually when you have an
account is actually built into WordPress here so right when you want to go and create the
content you have the keyword tool right there works the same way and what this is going
to do the second part of this is it’s going to analyze the content and help you write
the content in a way that it will be clear to any search engine that’s on your website
that this is about this particular keyword phrase and so it’s looking at your title it’s
looking at your description is looking at your actual content in the headlines you put
in there in the way you lay this out and as you click into each one it’s going to give
you suggestions so when I click into the title it says right here it’s checking the number
of characters it’s asking it’s just checking to make sure you put your keyword phrase in
there is checking all of this stuff when I click on the actual content area right here
it gives me all of these suggestions right here so just kinda tries to guide you and
keep you on track now the good news is Yoast does some of this already for you as well
in the free version now when I scroll all the way down here is the Yoast option box
right here where you can put your keyword and what it says here focus keywords you can
put that in there and then it’s gonna start analyzing it I think I like the way the web
text tool is because it’s kind of up there and off to the right right where it is right
where your your writing your stuff here and you’re seeing the analysis here were in Yoshi,
have to scroll down a little bit but you’re getting suggestions as well about the keyword
density how often you’re using your keyword in all of that some of the additional things
that I like what we have this readability tab right here and it’s can give you some
info there but it’s all gonna be a little basic it’s a little bit more in depth with
the web text tool right here one of things I thought was really nice it’s counting words
it’s counting how long it’s can it take for someone to read and this also has a tool that
you can use to it or recommend the way your writing the content if it’s written in such
a way that is going to help people to actually consume it I have that all covered in that
other video not pushing this web text to I’m just saying it’s a tool that does some of
these things and it’s not really that expensive it’s a one time cost even if you’re just using
it for the keywords you definitely do need to at some point get access to one of these
paid tools that are going to give you access to keyword phrases and make those suggestions
so that you are writing the right content about the right things and so you can use
a Yoast you can use this there’s also another one called all-in-one SEO’s can be pretty
similar to Yoast and I think there is another one that also is has a service attached to
it I think is called squirrel Lee SEO or something like that I’ll try to find that and put a
link down below to that as well name I’m just here to let you know that’s pretty much search
engine optimization right there it’s about having a strategy picking the right keyword
phrase that you actually have a chance of having content actually show as a top result
in Google and then creating that content in a certain way and there’s other things as
well to for me I like to add certain bits of information to the images I add to an article
so that it further talks about this keyword phrase sometimes I like to change my slug
right here in the as the URL which is auto generates based upon what you put here for
the title but you can click on edit and you could just say in this case just make it Canon
ADD review we could just clear this out like that click on okay it’s just a cleaner URL
if you ask me over time if I’m writing a lot about say this Canon ADD camera I can start
linking articles together that’s called interlinking and that really helps boost the authority
of your site for this particular keyword phrase so there’s pretty much all these things that
you can be doing and it’s not really that hard it’s just really putting in the work
to either writing the content yourself but with the strategy or hiring someone to write
the content for you with a strategy and this is something that anyone can do so no matter
what type of website you have or if it’s a service that you have you should really be
finding the keyword phrases that you think people would be entering to find you your
product or your service and start creating specific pieces of content that stand on their
own so individual posts are pages that are designed in written specifically to rank for
that particular keyword phrase another example and then I want to wrap this up say you’re
an electrician this actually a site that I made for an electrician sayer an electrician
and there is a seven different cities in the radius of where you physically are that you
will go to well you should have electrician services city name one electric electrician
service in the name two and those are two separate pages and then have 1/3 page electrical
service city name three and there’s other variations on the front part of that electrical
contractor city name you know there’s all these different ways of going about it but
have this content that stands on its own and you can interlink the pieces of content together
that’s a winning strategy guys so if you have a product a service if you go to particular
areas start figuring out what your keyword phrases are start creating content that will
stand on its own individual pages or posts and I know that you will have success so that’s
my SEO tip for today I did talk about that web text tool there’s a bunch of keyword tools
out there the only reason I brought that one up is because I just made a review video on
it so I’ll link to that review video below its a/web text to one word will
take you right on over there if you want to check it out or just use some of these free
tools so in the comment section if you have some free tools or maybe even some of the
best paid tools please share that information down below and maybe if you have some other
working SEO strategies go ahead and put that information down below as well thank you for
watching this video on SEO and have a lot more content on SEO because I want to focus
on you growing your website and marketing your website and services that can be focused
this year on this channel hey thanks for watching if you like to give it a thumbs up I’ll see
you in the next video

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