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By | November 7, 2019

– I think you ask yourself
many times the same question. Where can I get first clients? It’s a classical question
that many people, entrepreneurs, start
uppers, ask many many times. Today, I will give you
answer to this question. How you can get first
clients and what is traction. There is one great book, it called “Work Hard And
Grow: A Summer of Traction. “A Start-Up Guide to
Getting Customers.” You may ask why this
book is on my shelf. Because it gives answer
to the main challenge which all fail start-ups face, lack of customers. The book is a blueprint
to define this challenge and to find the best solution. For me, it’s a key value
in its focus on execution. (instrumental music) Hi everybody, my name
is Dmitriy Bondar, I’m CEO of Educational Holding that consist of four companies, and I bring in
innovative services
into business education. On my channel I share
practices I have succeeded, an idea that worked
in my business, and a traction book, it’s a
kind of book that helped me test, iterate, and finally
systemize my marketing strategy. It must be on a bookshelf
of every start-upper, and it breaks down each
challenge of start up and offer solution to you. So I highly recommend
to buy this book. At least listen to my summary. This book’s grips 40+
successful case studies of start-up launches and
develops a systematic approach to traction. The authors of this book, Justin Morris and
Gabriel Weinberg, define 19 channels to
marketing your product. All channels are totally
practical and require hard work to get result. Working hard is a new focus, dropping a few emails
to some friends and throwing out some words
in a blogs will not work, so be ready for really hard and exhausting
work if you want to get first customers when you
just launch your product or your company. Execution of channels
must be a systematic time, and for a consuming activity
to succeed in traction of your start-up
with its customers. I’m really sure that an
execution is what really works, so my main advice upon
this reading book, test, iterate, test, iterate, and find your own
approach that works. This approach can focus
on just one channel, or combine two, three different
channels from the book. But anyway you will find a lot of
useful advices in this book. Anyway, you should work
systematically and hard to know what works
for your start-up, for your company, for
your business department, and if your idea solves
somebody’s problems, just do it. Just use several different
channels to test your idea. The book presents 19
channels and I give a few words about each of them. So the first one, using bloggers and influencers. What does it mean? Find bloggers related to
your product or service. I don’t know what you’re doing, but every time when you
need to test your idea, just find bloggers
or influencers. Choose those who are the
most read and demanded and build a
relationship with them. The most influence
bloggers can bring hundreds or even thousands of
customer to your product. I recorded some video on my
channel about Switchboard, so I highly recommend
to watch this video and you will find
confirmation of my words. The second step, speaking engagements. This channel will require
building a good reputation as an expert first. Then you may use the reputation
to speak at somebody’s event and get paid with
buying your product, but at the beginning
it works in this way. This channel was successful,
used by the book’s authors who required buying so the
number of their book was bigger. The third way to test the idea, community building. It’s a big idea to get
your product tested, and given a feedback
from its users. It’s great if you can add
value to your community by limiting access to it. For example, for charging
new members a fee upfront. In this case your testers
will be your real customers and their feedback
will be most impact for launch of your product. The next step, the fourth one, offline events. I organize educational
fairs and forums at least twice a year, and they are still very popular, engaging hundreds of new
and existing customers. Face to face meetings are
still the most empathic way of communication to customers. Yes, internet everywhere, but anyway we prefer to
have a direct communication with our clients. So try to use this
channel to test your idea. The fifth channel, trade shows. Time consuming, old fashioned, but still a viable channel
to meet your first customer. One of the way to test it if anybody wants to pay
cash for your product. Just visit trade shows,
just build your booths, just tell about your product, and you may find a
lot of new clients, a lot of first clients
for your business. The sixth channel, existing platforms. The channel used
by all start-ups, especially online platforms. The great advantage, they give instant
feedback on your product while advertising it
to billions of users. For example, at
Facebook, Amazon, maybe some platforms like
Pinterest, and some others. So try to use this way if your
product relates to customers who are on these platforms. The next channel, affiliate programs. What does it mean? Pay for each referral
to your product either in cash or
discount or a gift. The channel is a good to
work not just at the start, must be active all stages of
your business development. I use it many times in my
business, it’s really great. The main idea just
to find that works specifically for your business. The eighth step, having a sales team. Which company doesn’t have it? But you can choose your
sales team as a key channel to success and
focus on your sales, experts to traction the
product and customers. How does it work? You may ask your sales
managers to test your clients with some ideas. For example, ask them, “What do you think about this? “Do you like this
feature or not?” So every time when you
want to test a new idea, if you want to
get new customers, try to use a sales
department as a way to get new customers or
to test new features. Then ninth channel, business development. That means partnering with
other or bigger companies which can drive your
product iteration by using their traffic or brand. It could be, for example,
partnership with a, I dunno, big fairs or big producers. It depends what you’re doing. Or big language school if
you’re a small language school. So try to find the partner
who can drive your business, who can help you to bring
first clients to your start-up. The tenth, engineering as a marketing. Add value to your product by
offering one of its features for free or low price. Many big companies
use this channel by offering free features
or service, to get in return something that is much
more valuable than money. Customers base and feedback. It’s a really great
idea and you can use it in your business as well. (instrumental music) Eleventh steps, email marketing. Well, who doesn’t use it? I use it also, many many times. What is valuable
in a books is that it breaks down the
channel into small steps and gives a very clear,
practical and proven guides to build the process. Twelfth step, content marketing. How does it differ from email
marketing and blog post? The book focuses on
creating valuable content, something your customer will
come back again and again to read and to get and to check. So you can make a kind
of e-books, guides, white papers or research,
or something like this, and it works to
test your product and to get first opinion
from your clients. Thirteenth and fourteenth
channels to test, SEO marketing, search
engine optimization. You know Google, you know Bing, you know some other, so you can try to make
optimization of your webpages and it will give
you a new clients, it will give you a new traction. The next one, one
more old fashioned but still workable channel, offline advertisement. Sometimes it works,
sometimes it’s not, but in some classical
business you can buy offline advertisement and to check how many
calls you will get in a specific period of time. Sometimes you can use a
technology that called a cold tracking, so you
use a specific number for a specific advertisement, and you are just counting how
many calls you are receiving every week, and based on this information
you are making decisions. Do they like your product, or do you like your
message or not? The fifteenth channel
to test your product and to find new clients, social ads, online
advertisement. As I told in my video about
top six online business ideas, you may find this
video on my channel, YouTube expects about
50% of its content with ads paid by global
companies in 2012. Facebook reported $16 billion
revenue in first quarter of 2019. About 65% of social
ads few of us think about buying products
based on a Facebook post, so it’s really important
to use this super platform for your business, and don’t neglect that
it’s really worth it. It’s important
for your business. Sixteenth channel you can use, search engine marketing. Using Google AdWords and
other techniques to get the first page search
result in Google. Page ranking keywords, all
the stuff is inevitable to recognize online
and being online is a must have now. Seventeenth, public relations or PR. Publicity is a big deal, and you may send out
your pictures and
get media interested in your product niche. A good idea to reach targeted
high-quality customer base if you’re lucky
to get published. There is some really great
examples in this book when people just
send, let’s say, 100 press releases and
their product was so good that many many big business
magazines called them and ask for interview, and based on this promotion
they get a lot of traction. And one of the last way
to test your product is unconventional PR. You may draw attention of your
customer by smart blog post, publication, or just do
something really outstanding, or even silly things. Do you remember the case
when Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, he made a really outstanding
event in the London. When he had a kind of war
with a big British company, British Airways, so he did some really
stupid and silly things. And based on these things,
many business periodicals, many TV channels, told about his product as well, so think about this. And the last one,
the most interesting, but not very easy to achieve, is viral marketing channel. Bringing new customer
by existing ones through the word of mouth
or rewards they get. A good example is
a social networks which upgrade your
level or status, and add in new features
when you have your friends sign up as a new customer. You may find any other viral
ways to promote your business. (instrumental guitar music) Thank you for
watching this video. My key two advices
upon reading the book, first of all, choose the
blueprints from the book which will work for
you or your product. The second one, be very skeptical in
using the chosen channels. Test other options. As a start-ups are featched with extremely
changeable environment, so test, test and test. If you like my video,
subscribe to my channel to get updates on new topics. Thank you for watching
my channel and peace out.

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