How to get in contact (a call) from Google My Business Support

By | March 10, 2020

Everyone thank you for joining me again! on another episode of Adam Answers SEO. Finally got some light today here in Vancouver so I thought I bang out a couple videos. This first video is about to
Google My Business Support or… Google Places Support or… Google Local Support or
whatever you wanna call it. And… this is something that… that comes up pretty often as
we have to contact them because… what we’re trying to accomplish isn’t… just isn’t able… to be accomplished within the confines or… you know, is restricted by the… you know, confines of the Google My Places dashboard. So trying to… make it a change to the address
or something like that and… it’s not sticking or something is showing… on the front end we can’t manipulate… in the back end and for whatever reason it has to be changed. A good example, often… One example I often see, business that’s… located… on the corner and Google… says there are on First Street but actually they are on Ontario Street and their business address is on Ontario Street but because they’re right at the corner there I guess Google doesn’t know
what to make of it, so they… you know, whenever they put Ontario Street it switches it to First Street. We see it with… you know, different types of
standardizations whether it be, you know, suite versus number/sign versus something else which is actually fine that’s
not a big deal, but things like… things like… you know, street name… is a big freaking deal and other things that
maybe Google has scrapped and placed on the… the front of the listing,
the forward facing front end of the listing
while all the customers you know, see… things that maybe totally
unrelated to the business you gotta change those, so best way when you can’t figure it out, when you can’t change it on the dashboard call into Google. I don’t know the web address
but if you just jump into Google, search something like… Google My Business Support it’s gonna be the first link, click the first link, top right corner, it’s going to say contact us I think or contact, something
like that top right corner, click on that and then there is a couple of options. The one that you wanna select is… is I believe… Call me or something like
that because you are not… you are not calling them they
are not gonna give you a phone number, they are gonna call you. So… don’t bother with the email,
don’t bother with that crap unless they’ve reached out to
you already and even then you’re applying to, I think it’s like local places at
something support blah, blah, blah… it’s a pain in the ass, they take forever to get back to you, don’t screw around with that unless you… you’ve already got a dialog
and even then like I said, just call in, right? save your number, whatever, whatever. So… They’ll call you, I think it’s between… I wanna say normal business hours,
specific standard time nine to five, something like that, eight to five, so make sure you time it right. One… One… mistake I see a lot of people make
is they go into that call not prepared and by that I mean… you know, they don’t… clearly understand what it is… they want done, they don’t… understand what it is after this call
that they want achieved. So prepare, prepare because… a lot of these… the folks that you’re gonna talk to, they are not… always super educated I’m not saying they’re dumb,
they just don’t always understand… Google My Business, like
they haven’t been trained properly. And perhaps you don’t understand it fully.
So spend some time, really understand the problem that is in front of
you and what you would like… to see by the end of that call. Approach that call super… super confident, explain the problem, explain… the solution, what you wanna see done and ask them to make that change. So in the case of that… that business on the… the corner of whatever and whatever, explain to them Hey, my legal business… address which per your guidelines you want my… you want my… legal business… address, that’s what you asked for,
that’s in your guidelines, it’s… Ontario Street, it’s not first street,
it’s not second street, it’s not… whatever is on the other side. Right? And… you know, they might say… well, you know we can’t do that,
we can’t do that or wherever, yes, they can do do that. Assume they can do that,
Google can do anything, and if… if they seem like they just don’t know
what they are doing, hang up. Hang up right away and call back, and if you get somebody again who doesn’t know what they are talking about, hang up again and… may be just wait a couple of hours cause they’ve got shifts
and sometimes what I find is… I’ll call, you know, maybe in the morning and
I will get North American support or what sounds like North American
support which tends to be… better quality support for whatever reason. If I call in the afternoon, I get a different usually
outsourced type of support, so maybe it’s just the time you’re calling. The other thing you can do, and I’ve had… some success with it, is ask
to speak to a manager. Have them connect you to a manager,
ask to speak to a manager and… I don’t know, I’ve probably done it five times,
three times it worked. They actually transferred me to a manger versus I think… one of the times they said that
“oh no our manager… are busy, sorry you have to… you know, deal with me kind of thing So… you can try that as well, but most of the times quite honestly and credit to Google I would say 90… at least in the last year or two… 90% to 95% of the time I get it done and I don’t have to hang up and
I don’t have to ask for a manager. I know what I want done mind you I kinda… now have some understanding of
what Google can and can’t do again assume they can do it. Don’t go in there… super unconfident, you know, oh you can’t do that or you can’t, you know, you can’t do that,
okay fine, fine, fine sorry sorry I even called. Assume they can do it cause chances are… they can do it, or if they can’t do it,
a manager can do it, right? So… just default to calling them don’t try any other way just get on the phone you know, for some people a phone
is kind of uncomfortable but screw it, that’s the best way to get anything done… when you can’t do it in
the Google My Business dashboard and it doesn’t matter what it is it can be something… very simple, very trivial, something that… you know, maybe… maybe you know how to do it, but… you just don’t want you know, you’re just not confident in your ability to it ask
them to do it for you, that’s what they are there for so use them. So that’s how I deal with… you know, problems I can’t fix especially… stuff that’s just… closed off to the… the end user, is I just call in… I call into Google My Business Support again just go into or or whatever search Google My Business Support top right hand corner, contact us, you might have to go through a couple questions but basically you want them to call you and… and you get a call right away. So I’d really recommend you do that and if you have any trouble, please let me know as I’ve done it just a couple of times. Thank you for… for listening to my video! I hope you got something from it,
if you did, it would be a great deal
to me if you subscribed and if you have any questions, you know where to leave them. Thanks guys!
Have a great day!

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