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By | August 28, 2019

What’s up, everyone? It’s Jameson from NYC Tech Club. And today, I’m gonna show you how to optimize your WordPress website using a
plugin called the “Yoast SEO Plugin.” So if you wanna rank on any search
engine for your WordPress website using some keywords, keep watching this video
and I’ll show you how to add the Yoast SEO plugin and then give you a quick
overview of how to use that plugin so that you can rank on any search engine on the internet. And this is the website that we’re going to
be adding the Yoast SEO Plugin on. And if you like this website and you want to redesign your own WordPress website to look like this, go ahead and check out our video on “How to
Make a WordPress Website Using the Elementor Plugin” and we’ll walk you through how to make
this website step-by-step, alright? So the first thing that we’re gonna do to add our Yoast SEO Plugin is go into our dashboard. So go ahead and log in to your WordPress dashboard. And once you’re on the WordPress dashboard,
come down to Plugins on the left hand side and hover over that and click on “Add New.” And once you’re on the Add Plugins page, what
we’re gonna do is search for the Yoast SEO Plugin. So type in “Yoast SEO” and go ahead and push “Enter.” And Yoast SEO is probably the most popular plugin there is for SEO or search engine
optimization for WordPress websites. So that’s why I’m gonna recommend it to you.
You can see once these search results come up that there are over a million active installations.
So you know this is a super popular plugin and that’s why we’re gonna use it
because we only use the best. So once you see this, go ahead
and click on the “Install Now” button. And once the plugin is installed,
go ahead and click on the “Activate” button. And once the plugin is activated, we
should be brought back to the plugins page. And now, you should see it in the list right here.
And we don’t really need to go to the Settings, but we can really quickly just to go and check it out. And once you come to this page, you shouldn’t
see any problems with the installation. I do want to note that there is a Premium
version of this plugin right over here that you can upgrade to. And this lets you rank for
additional keywords or phrases because the free version only lets you search for one key phrase or keyword
that you can optimize your different pages for. And I’ll show you what I mean in just a minute.
And if you go to their website, which is, you can see here that
there are a bunch of different options for you. So if you wanna learn how to SEO, you can sign up for some of their courses or you can check out their additional plugins and all that stuff. So I’ll
have a link to this page in the video description, and you can come here and just learn more about search engine optimization for your for your WordPress website on your own, okay? So let’s go back to the WordPress page that we’re adding the Yoast SEO plugin to, and what I wanna do is just show you how you can use the Yoast SEO
plugin for your different pages and posts. So we’ll just create a blog post together. So I’m
gonna hover over Post and click on “Add New.” And once you’re on the Add New Post page,
all you have to do is come down to the bottom to the Yoast SEO section and this is gonna show up on all of your different pages and post once you install the Yoast SEO plugin. And this is where you can go
to analyze your web pages or your blog post to see if they’re optimized for whatever keyword
or phrase that you wanna optimize for. So you can see up here that we have three different tabs and if you have a bunch of different content, then you can just click on the “Readability” tab.
And you’ll see the analysis and the results that Yoast provides to you about your page, but right
now we don’t have a lot of content and we don’t know what we’re searching for
or what we’re focusing our keyword on. So what you would wanna do is make sure that you’re on the second tab right here and then you wanna type in the keyword or phrase that you
wanna optimize for. And when I say “optimize,” I mean what you wanna show up for whenever someone types in a phrase or a keyword in the Google results. And once you do that and once you add some content, then you can come down to the analysis part and see what type of results
you have for optimizing your page. And I can show you really quickly on the NYC Tech Club website, I made a sample blog post right here titled, “Hello World!” and then I put in some content right here.
And I have the Yoast SEO plugin installed so if I come down here, you can see that I
put in the phrase, “Hello World!” here and that’s what I wanna optimize this page for. And then I can see down here my
analysis or results from Yoast SEO. So you can see there’s some stuff I need to
improve and some issues that I have right now. So I don’t have an image, I need more text,
and I don’t have any links and I can add a better meta description and then have some outbound links. And then you can see down here what I’m doing good. So what you want to do with the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your pages and your posts for your website is you wanna make all of these green.
So you don’t want any red buttons and you don’t really want any orange ones.
You want a lot of good results. And when you do, you’re gonna have a better
chance of having high results on Google or we’re showing up on one of the first two or
so pages on the Google searches for whatever keywords or phrases that you wanna be optimized for. And up here, you can see that we have this
Edit Snippet section or this entire section actually. This is what shows up on the Google page whenever your page shows up in the search results. And you can see that we have a little description right here and then our Site Title and the Blog post and all that stuff. If you wanna edit any of this stuff, what you wanna do is click on this button and you’ll get this popup section right here. And this is where you can put in your meta description, you can change your site title and all that stuff, okay? So back on the page that we just installed the Yoast SEO plugin on, what you wanna do is again add the keyword that you wanna optimize for and then make
sure that you type in your content over here. And then you can come down to the
bottom and see the results of the analysis that Yoast does to see if you optimized your page correctly. And if you wanna focus on more than one keyword,
what you wanna do is just come up here and click on “Add keyword.” And you’ll get
this popup to go to the Yoast SEO page. And you can upgrade your plugin to the
Premium version, so you can actually focus on five different keywords or phrases instead of one. With the free plugin that we’re using, we can only focus on one
keyword or phrase at a time, okay? And if you’re wondering how Google knows to search a website, the good thing about the Yoast SEO plugin is it creates a sitemap for Google to know
that you have a bunch of different pages and posts. So I can go to this sitemap really quickly just
to show you. If I type my URL, “/sitemap.xml, you can see that Yoast SEO has generated this XML Sitemap and it has all my different pages and posts and everything that I’ve created for my WordPress website. And Google will see this sitemap and it will start crawling my website.
And then it will see all of my content. And if I optimize my pages and posts correctly,
then I’ll show up on different search results for certain keywords, okay? So that’s how you use the Yoast SEO plugin, and that’s how you can optimize your WordPress website. So if you have any questions about the Yoast SEO plugin or some additional questions about SEO, I can try to help you. I’m not the greatest at SEO. I think you’re better off going to some of these courses on the Yoast SEO website or other additional resources to actually learn how to optimize your website. But the Yoast SEO plugin is what you
need to really know and understand what it’s gonna take to optimize
all of your different pages and posts. So if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up.
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Otherwise, thanks for watching and I’ll see you later. [Music]

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    hello, thank you for this video. It is helpful and important. Could you please give some hints about sitemap. how to manage it in order to be OK with google?

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    Thank you NYC TECH CLUB for your great work! Can you please make help with a tutorial covering mobile responsiveness and also placing emphasis on the background images. I followed your tutorials using the elementor page builder but when the screen resizes to mobile view about half of the background images are already cropped and even some important parts of the image see cropped and the once pretty page looks bad. I hope you help with a background image responsive in mobile view that covers the entire image in both mobile and tablet. Thanks NYCTECHCLUB

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    Is there a free way to optimise for multiple key words effectively? Or would you suggest just upgrading to the premium version of Yoast SEO

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    will you make a video about google search and display ads?


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