How to Get Clients on Instagram in 2019 (ATTRACT MORE LEADS!)

By | September 2, 2019

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I want to share with you
step by step how you can attract more clients into your business using Instagram alone. So regardless if you’re at stage zero with
no clients at all, or if you’re at stage 10 with a lot of clients, I’m confident that
this video will help. So if you’re interested in learning how to
get more clients on Instagram, then keep on watching. Now in order to keep this video organized
and easy to follow, I’ve developed a very simple three step process that will help you
generate more leads into your business through Instagram awareness, attraction, and nurturing. So throughout this video, we’re going to tackle
each three of these steps within my process. Let’s get started. Now. The first part in this process is awareness. What this means is you want to be sure that
you are searchable, that people can actually find you. Not only this, you also want to make sure
that you’re getting targeted traffic coming into your Instagram account. So you ask me, how do I do this? Well, let me give you the first step. Now, the first step is something that I’ve
already mentioned in this video right here and it’s very simple. Change the name within that your Instagram
bio into a keyword that you believe your ideal client is searching for. So in my case, mine says business coach, and
the reason why I have this is because I know that my ideal client is probably looking for
a business coach and therefore when they’re searching on Instagram, they don’t know who
Vanessa Lao is, but if they’re searching for a business coach, the chances of me showing
up is much higher. So you want to make sure that this part in
your bio is optimized. The second thing that you might want to do
in order to boost the awareness within our three step process is to make sure you’re
using targeted hashtags. At the end of the day. What you need to realize is that hashtags
are basically like keywords on Instagram and if you’re using the right keywords that it’s
going to increase the chances of your ideal clients finding you, especially if you’re
using the keywords that you believe your ideal clients are either searching for or following. Let me give you an example. If you are someone who was using Hashtag follow
for follow like for like Instagram, Insta daily outfit of the day, do you really think
that your ideal client is looking for that? Probably not. That’s why you definitely want to focus your
efforts finding more niche hashtags to use. Now we can go into so much detail within hashtags,
but we’re not going to do that in this video. Instead, if you want to learn more, definitely
check out this video right here. If you haven’t already or download my free
Instagram guide, the link will be in the description box below. Now, within awareness of our three step process,
you also have to realize that awareness just doesn’t mean awareness to your Instagram account. It also means awareness to the services that
you actually offer at the end of the day. That’s why another thing that you can do to
optimize your efforts and your profile when people actually find you is make sure you
have a very clear statement within your bio that explains what you help with or what you
offer. Here’s an example of mine right here. Not only this, you also need to realize that
people don’t know what you offer if you don’t tell them what you offer, so also make sure
that the link in your bio is truly optimized and it links back to the products or services
that you actually sell. Again, here’s an example of mine. I’m not just being a salesman and plugging
away at what I offer. However, I am including a call to action so
that people can check it out if they want to because again, if you don’t do anything
to bring awareness to your offers, to your services, no one will ever know and therefore
it doesn’t matter if you’re getting all this targeted traffic, if you don’t direct them
somewhere or you don’t give them more context of what you actually offer, it’s going to
be a lot harder for you to actually find clients. Now moving onto the second piece of our three
step process and that is attraction. Now you might be wondering what exactly is
the difference between awareness and attraction? Well, to me, bringing awareness to your account
in your services is one thing, but actually attracting someone to want to buy from you
or to want to invest in your hop on a call with you is another. That’s why I want to teach you a little bit
about making content that actually converts. Now, content marketing is something that I
teach way more in depth in my program. That boss Graham Academy, which is now on
wait lists the link in the description box below or in the comment section below if you’re
interested in signing up. What the gist of it is is that I see a lot
of content creators always struggle with creating good content. And the reason why this happens is because
that’s content creators. We put way too much emphasis on the end result. What topic should I do? What content should I create? But what I get challenged you to do is do
this very simple mindset shift and that is instead of thinking about the end result,
ask yourself what are the different objections that my client has before they need to actually
invest in me? Or what are the fears that they have? What questions do they have, what desires
do they have? And then once you list all these different
things down, you then ask yourself, okay, what content can I do in order to answer this
question? For example, my ideal clients or students
are always struggling with vanity metrics. They’re asking themselves, is this important? Should I have a high follower account? All of these things and that’s why within
my Instagram captions, I’m always trying to educate my audience about how Betty metrics
don’t matter if they’re not translating into actual sales into your business. This is something that I do within my content
to reassure my ideal client or my ideal students that vanity metrics aren’t the end all be
all and by helping them overcome this fear, overcome this objection, it’s going to help
them with their decision making on whether or not they want to invest in me as your coach
or as their course instructor. As you can see, when you focus your efforts
on developing intentional content and you create content that answers your ideal clients,
his potential questions, you’re going to be able to attract that client even more to you
and also make that decision easier for them on whether or not they want to work with you
at the end of the day. Now to help you out a little bit more on doing
this process of figuring out all the questions that your ideal client might be asking. Definitely check out this video right here
because I share with you a lot of research tools that are super handy and understanding
what type of questions your audience might be asking. Now the third step within our three step process
is nurturing. Now at this stage, if you’ve been following
my three step process, you would have brought more awareness to not just your account but
also your services and you would have attracted your ideal audience a lot more by creating
more intentional content. Now it’s time to nurture these people. So there are obviously a lot of ways that
you can nurture your followers, but my two favorite ways is number one, when someone
is damning you or when you DM other people, instead of using text, try to opt for doing
a voice note or even send a video message by going this extra mile, which honestly doesn’t
take that much time on your end. And if anything takes less time than sending
a text, you’re going to be a lot more memorable as a person. Even for me, in the beginning of my journey
when I was growing my business on Instagram, I was constantly sending voice notes and video
messages and this made people feel super special. Now, only this, by sending these messages,
it generated more rapport and a lot of times these messages would end up being full blown
facetime conversations and I was even able to close a couple of clients this way as well. Now you may be asking yourself, wait, but
nobody messages me. I don’t really have a lot of opportunities
to send dms like that. Well, the next thing that you could do that
will make you stand out is to really pay attention to the comments that people are leaving on
your posts. So let’s say you’ve posted a piece of content
that is super thought provoking and there’s a couple of people that have left comments. Now check out the profiles of the people who
left those comments and ask yourself if they are potentially an ideal client or someone
that might be interested in what you have to offer or say next, reply back to that comment,
but through DM so you’re taking that conversation to a one on one situation and this is something
that you don’t need to overcomplicate. It’s as simple as sending a quick voice note
to that person saying, hey, thanks so much for leaving a comment. I just checked out your profile and I really
liked your page. I was wondering how did you find my page or
what you liked about my post? Or you can say something nice about what they
posted. That way you’re taking that conversation away
from just a public setting in a comment section in your posts to a private one on one conversation
that can open the doors to potentially more deep dialogue and through those special dialogues
within the DM, you can easily take that conversation to an Instagram, facetime and host your discovery
call that way or host a consultation that way. I’ve done it multiple times in my business
or you can set up a formal link within Calendly or acuity and then have that person book a
call with you so that you can transition from a DM to an actual sales call if that person
is interested. So throughout this video we really went through
the three step process that I’ve developed, which is number one, bringing awareness to
what you offer. The second is attracting your ideal clients. And the third is actually nurturing these
people within Instagram. Now near the end, we talked a lot about dms. That’s why I want you to hit the notification
bell because in the next video I’m going to give you some tools that I use that are free
that allows me to answer my DMZ as fast as possible. So if you’re interested in learning how, then
make sure it you’d hit that notification bell so you don’t miss that video. Now in the meantime, while you’re waiting
for that video, I post videos about social media business and just life in general. So make sure you check out these two videos
that I have right here as well. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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