How to Get a 5 Figure Marketing Job – Marketing Careers in 2020

By | August 22, 2019

In this clip, we’re going to talk about
how you can make five figures a year, five figures a year doing marketing.
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think you’re beautiful. All right, so let’s talk about this. So how do
you get started first with marketing? How do you get your first five feet or so, I’m going to share a
story here where, where, where I first got started with marketing.
I remember when I first started, when I first came out of college, this was when the financial crisis hit
already and I’d graduated from a decent school. Uh, I went to UC San Diego
and, and you know, I thought, oh, for sure I’m going to make at least, you
know, $40,000 or $50,000. Guess what? I got rejected everywhere.
Okay. Rejected everywhere. And the best job I can
get was doing data entry. And I was making $32,000
$32,000 500. Okay. So there’s a little $500 right there. So $32,000 $32,500.
That’s how you [inaudible] [inaudible] and my mom could’ve laughed at me
and she, she was like, oh, okay, at least you’re making some money
now. And you know, that was the, all the money that she invested into me,
you know, going to school and all that. That was the return. Uh, or at least a return that I saw
from all that edgy education. So the very first thing is this.
Everything I learned around marketing, I did not learn in college.
Everything I learned that will, that I think was actually probably the
most valuable to me, came after college. The one thing that you have to do
is you have to be very hungry. Okay? And you have to constantly
be educating yourself. That’s how you gonna get
good at marketing. Honestly, it didn’t take me too long to get good
at marketing because what happened was I got it, I got an internship, was
an unpaid internship. And um, while I was working my full time job, so basically I would go to my full
time job, be there, wake up 5:00 AM, get to the office, which is actually a couple of blocks
away from here in downtown La. Get there at 6:00 AM and then I worked
til 2:00 PM and then I be home in Arcadia, which is where I grew up.
Still living at home at the time. And I would work, uh, I’ll
get back at like maybe two 45, 3:00 PM and then I would basically study,
you know, sure I’d eat and all that, but I would basically study marketing
stuff on do my internship. Um, and I got so into it that I basically
would go to like 11:00 PM or 12:00 AM and that’s because I really enjoyed
what I was learning. So, you know, if you want to get good at marketing,
want to get sales or whatever, get good at sales. If you’re
actually, if you actually enjoy it, just keep learning and eventually
you’ll get good in less than two, three months or so. I went from my dead end job and then I
actually ended up moving over to, um, a better paying job.
So I went from 32,000, 32.5 to 50 k and then from
there, um, I found that, you know, I learned a lot maybe in a month
or two, but then I realized that, um, there was more for me to learn. And so what I kept doing
was I kept chasing the next, I kept chasing the next
opportunity. So when I saw it, when I saw something else
was good, I’ll look at it, saw somebody else that was good.
I’ll look at it eventually, I think in the first year, so this
was when I was, uh, maybe God, I think I was 25 years old or so. So in the first year I went from
knowing nothing intern level. And then I became an SEO strategist
at a company called break break media, which is now known as the FI media. Basically my salary jumped up all
the way to about 75 grand or so. And from there I actually
got fired because they found
out that I was trying to start a business on the side.
You know, they pulled me aside, they showed me a printout there
and they said, look, you know, we think you’re a nice guy, but we’re
gonna have to let you go. Okay. And then, yeah, I didn’t even try to fight
it. Probably could’ve fought it, not worth it to fight it.
So here’s the other thing, you can end up getting fired.
There’s probably a reason for it. Um, but you know, look within, if it’s
you, it’s you. If it’s not, well, I don’t know, maybe fight it, but for
the most part, people have deep pockets. It’s hard to kind of suit people. So
anyway, I’m going, besides the point here, my point here is I started
learning marketing first. Okay. Took an unpaid internship.
So this is dead end job. Completely stuck and didn’t know what I
was doing and got an unpaid internship. And then I leveled up, started working somewhere and then
quickly I learned as much as I could. And then I moved on to the
next opportunity where I
felt I could learn more. Um, and then I continued to grow from there. So that’s why with my company right now, I’m so kind of vigilant
about people learning. Once you feel like you stop
learning, then you know there is no, like people start to get
unmotivated. Right? So that’s, that’s Kinda one of the
most important things. So if you feel like you’re learning, if you feel like you’re
continuing to get better, you should have no problem
going from, let’s say, working in hourly job or getting, being
unpaid, you know, up to making 75, 80, $90,000 or so. At one
point I was working on, um, airlines, which is
now known as upwork. And on upwork I was doing
freelancing work for people. There’s a company in Philadelphia, um, a tee shirt company and I was doing
consulting work for them and they actually offered me a six figure salary
and they offered me some, uh, profit sharing in the
company as well. And for me, I just didn’t want to move
to Philadelphia. I really
enjoyed my life and stuff. So sometimes it’s not all about the
money, but if you continue to learn, you should have no problem going from uh, zero to eventually hero. You can make
a good five figure salary. All right, so I want to go a little deeper on
this topic. So check this out now, let’s say hypothetically you’re looking
for a job right now that you know your, you might have your side Gig right now, but you’re still looking for a good paying
job, which is completely fair, right? So the tactic I will give you is something
that I learned in the past where if somebody asks you about your salary,
you don’t ask your salary history, you don’t give it right away. You say,
Hey, I’m happy to talk about that. I’m happy to talk about
what I’m looking for. But I need to understand the roles and
responsibilities a little more before I can give you that answer.
That’s counterintuitive to
me and I know that tactic. I understand what that tactic is. You know when somebody’s
using that tactic on me, but it does help you with negotiations. I’ve used that in the past when I’ve
applied for other jobs and it’s worked really, really well. So just bear in mind, you know you’re playing
a positioning game, it’s a negotiation game on and if you’re
looking for a job and then you also, if you’re on the employer side as well. So let me give you a couple of things
that you can do to get started with marketing. Get better at
marketing in terms of the trends, what are what the best people are reading. If you’re kind of more beginner
to intermediate hubspot academy, their blog is really good in terms of
getting started with marketing in general. Melissa, like quicksprout actually
has a little university that you can sign up for free. There’s just a couple of things that
you can do for kind of beginners and if you’re looking for communities, there’s and there’s growth smart people posting articles all the time. They’re getting
up, voted down, voted. And then also if you’re looking
to kind of get better at SEO, you can check out Moz and then there’s
also and then if you really enjoy podcasts, there’s the daily marketing school
podcast I do with my cohost Neil Patel and we’ve done over 600 episodes now. So
every single day you get a new one. If you’re more interested in how
entrepreneurs grew their businesses, you can just listen to growth everywhere. So those are just a couple
of ways you can get started. And then if you’re looking
to do more kind of uh, advanced marketing or get better
at and have events, wave checkout, re forge has really good
kind of advanced in depth articles around marketing. And it talks about kind of,
you know, things such as retention, onboarding, churn, and then all
these different case studies. A has a really good blog as well. The final thing I’ll recommend is I like
going to conferences and the reason why I like going to conferences is not
so much to the actual material, but when I go to conferences now, it’s to build relationships
with really smart marketers. And sometimes they’ll share like a
really helpful nugget that you otherwise wouldn’t hear elsewhere because marketers
keep their secrets really close to their chest, but when you’re
talking with them, you build, you’re building friendships, it’s gonna slip out and people are always
trying to kind of one up each other all the time. They’re always trying
to level up over each other. Okay. So that’s a good way to kind of stay
sharp with marketing trends. Also, at the same time, we’re doing
our own marketing program too, so if you want to check it
out, you know, we have a, we have certifications coming,
we have a bunch of stuff, or we’re packaging things together to
make your life easier because we’ve gotten so much great comments around marketing
school and then all the other content that we put out. I hope you enjoyed
this video, but we’ve got more for you. We’ve got more for you. This
is just one on five fitters. If you want to learn how to make six
figures and you want to learn how to make seven figures when it comes to marketing,
you’ve come to the right channel. All right, so don’t forget to leave a comment
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8 thoughts on “How to Get a 5 Figure Marketing Job – Marketing Careers in 2020

  1. Coltrane Kubo Post author

    Great advice, Eric! Fellow UCSD alum here, c/o 2019. Absolutely love the growth-oriented mentality that you advocate congruently throughout your channel. I can see how you mastered marketing from the resources that you included in your video, but what really helped you to make that jump to starting your own company while working at Break? Was it a translation of the marketing skills that you had been building through your own research and internships, or were you also spending a chunk of your time learning how to run a business as well?

  2. jesseeckel2 Post author

    Eric you’re nailing it with your leveling up branding🙌🏻 Question! You guys talk about how you livestream while recording the Marketing School podcast but I can’t find the livestream. Does it get saved anywhere after the fact? Specifically I was looking on YouTube for it. Keep up the awesome work!🙌🏻

  3. Felix Dragoi Post author

    One of the best ways to do well in marketing:
    – have the right attitude when working with other people
    – think about your end consumer
    – learn what's new – because there's always something new
    – make it work

  4. elizeebz Post author

    What happened after you got sacked? Did you get a new job and still did your business in secret?

  5. Bradley James Post author

    Your videos are very insightful, they give me motivation. Thanks Eric!


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