How to fix the Yoast SEO plugin bug

By | October 6, 2019

Hello! Kim here with A Cup of Content. If
you have a WordPress website and you use the awesome Yoast SEO plug-in, you’re
going to want to pay attention to what I have to share with you. There was a bug
in Yoast about a couple of months ago that actually turned off the indexing of
attachment URLs, which is how search engines like Google index your website
for SEO or search engine optimization. If you’re like me and you consider SEO with
everything you do, right down to the naming of your image files, then you’re
going to want to take a second and watch this really quick video where I show you
how to fix the problem in Yoast on your website and how to re-index it
within Google to get everything running smoothly again. Once you log in to your
WordPress website, you’ll want to navigate to your dashboard and go to the
Yoast SEO plugin. Once you’re there Yoast actually will notify you about this
problem if it exists on your website and that’s located right here and you can go
ahead and read this post about the issue itself or you can just continue watching
this and I’m gonna pretty much break it down into a really quick couple of steps
you just need to take so in order to truly verify if your website has been
affected what you’ll want to do is click over on the search appearance section of
Yoast and then click up on the media tab now under the media tab there’s going to
be media and attachment URLs which is right there at the top and you see where
they actually recommend that you set the attachment to this to yes you’re gonna
see that mine is actually set to no so my website was affected by this bug so
by changing this to yest and clicking Save Changes I will quote
unquote fix the problem on my website now I do need to make sure that Google
will fix the indexing of my website so that it will include those attachment
URLs because they do play a huge role in what I do for my SEO of my website Yoast
does have a plug-in that will help you fix the situation so what you can do is
you can go to either your plugins page and add a new plug-in or you can simply
find the Yoast SEO search index purge plug-in and you can download that from
their website I’m actually going to just install it straight from my
– bored so I’m gonna click on the add new and then I’m going to go ahead and
search for it so I know that it’s called Yoast SEO search index purged and once I
wait for that to load you’ll see that it is right up here at the top and so what
I can do is I can click install now and then I can click activate to make the
plug-in active once you’ve activated the Yoast SEO search index purge plug-in all
you need to do is simply navigate to your SEO plug-in and go to the search
appearance as you did earlier the great thing about this plug-in is it starts to
take effect immediately and there’s really not much more you need to do
other than go and make sure that it actually is working and I’ve got the
notification now these settings are being overridden by the search index
purge plug-in and I don’t really need to do anything else with that I’m gonna
just go ahead and save it what I do recommend you doing is within 6 months
from the day that you perform this action that you make yourself a calendar
reminder to come back in and uninstall the search index purge plug-in because
that’s really all of the time that you’re gonna need for it to really fully
re-index your site is it gonna take a full 6 months
no but you really should just keep it on there for about 6 months just in case it
always depends on how big your site is hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let
me know in the comments if you have any questions

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