How To Find Your YouTube RSS Feed To Get More Traffic, Views & Subscribers

By | February 18, 2020

Hi This video is about how to find your YouTube
RSS Feed to get more traffic, views and subscribers The big problem is that YouTube doesn’t make
it easy to find the RSS Feed for your channel or for a video
Herman Drost If you submit your YouTube RSS Feed to RSS
directories you’ll get more backlinks, traffic, views and subscribers.
Here’s how to create the RSS Feed for your YouTube Channel
Open notepad or any text editor then copy and paste this url into your editor
I’ll include it in the description below this video
Where it says “youtube-channel-name-here” replace it with your channel user name
In this case “isitebuild” Go to feedly which is an RSS reader then enter
that url in the search box This makes sure that the url that you’ve used
checks out Number 2 here’s how to create the RSS feed
for a single video Open notepad again copy and paste this URL
into it Replace “youtube-channel-name-here” with your
youtube channel user name and replace “your-youtube-title-here” with the title of one of your videos
replace the title here with it and the “youtube-channel-name-here” replace it with my channel name
Here’s a screen shot showing the results of the RSS Feed
Here’s one of the easiest ways to find your YouTube RSS feed
Go to put in your YouTube Channel user name
Click go The top feed contains images and the bottom
one does not Let’s test out the RSS feed
I highlight it, control+c on the mac copy it control+ v to paste it in there press return
Here you can see we’ve got all the uploads of my channel on the RSS Feed
Posting your Feed to RSS directories helps your content get discovered by Google and
other search engines. This results in getting more traffic, views
and subscribers. And now I’d like to invite you to subscribe
to my Free e-course “21 Ways To Get YouTube Traffic”
Click the box above or click the link in the description below this video.
Thanks for watching.

19 thoughts on “How To Find Your YouTube RSS Feed To Get More Traffic, Views & Subscribers

  1. Drost Video Post author

    YouTube doesn't make it easy to find the RSS Feed for your channel or for a video. Watch the video to find out how.

  2. Fred Mahnke Post author

    Nice Video, with useful information as how to obtain a you tube RSS feed,  Thank you

  3. Steve Boxall Post author

    Many Thanks for this useful info – much appreciated

  4. Charles Boulais Post author

    Thanks for sharing this important information . . . they don't make it easy to find, do they?

  5. Randy Parsley Post author

    Wow you outdid yourself this time. Rss feeds are a mystery to me. Showing me the youtuberssfeed site was golden. Thanks so much!

  6. Ray The Video Guy - Video Marketing For All Post author

    Great info as always

  7. Martha Fry Post author

    Thank-you for the easy-to-follow instructions! Excellent info as always.

  8. Tatiana Walker Post author

    man, you rock. rss feed for youtube? nice job!

  9. John White Post author

    Really good tutorial on how to find the youtube rss feed. This will come very useful, THANKS!

  10. Timmy Timy Post author

    Oh hello! There are sure a lot of ways to go with this. But, have you investigated – the Vidnetic Video Traffic Magnet program (GOOGLE it)? I have heard some fascinating things about it. My cousin got striking progress in knowing how to create continuous traffic with it. I am going to do it as well.

  11. Zoi Pana Post author

    I found it but I can't understand what to do. My English is poor 🙁

  12. Michel brown Post author

    hi there, i can't seem to get the right location of the rss feed? your video shows a list of video's on feedly but it only shows 1 (uploaded) file for me.
    i tried
    through messing around with feedly i tried

    no matter what i try i can't get itunes to give me a list of video's, or even the one put onto youtube 20 hours ago????
    i am using the podcasts app that came with itunes and made by itunes
    any help would be appreciated 🙂
    ps. i tried other channels as well with the same result 🙂

  13. Russ Curran Post author

    Thanks for the video! I can't find the tool you use to syndicate to multiple RSS feeds to boost rankings? Can you repost?

  14. Vinda Badesh Post author

    This is an excellent video..founds lots of useful info that I hadn't come across before..keep you subscribed..thank you


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