How to Find Your Competitors’ Top Content…in Minutes? [CC]

By | August 12, 2019

– Have you ever wondered how you can find your competitors’, or
even the most popular sites’ top-performing content
based on organic search. I’m gonna show you how you
can do that in this video, and it’ll take you literally minutes, actually, seconds to find
that coming right up. What’s up everyone, I am Ahmed Khalifa, and let’s get into it. Let’s find out how you
can find your competitors’ top-performing content
using a tool called SEMrush. And absolutely one of my tools, and it’s really, really useful. I’m going to use an example of
a site called Let’s pretend I’m a food blogger. I want to find out what are they doing, and how are they performing there? When you go to domain analytics overview, you type in your domain, and you search. You’re gonna get an
overview of the performance. The number of traffic, and
the page search information. You get keywords, and you know, the trend, the backlink, everything like that. But like I said you want to find out the top-performing pages or content. So you click on organic research, and you go down again, click on pages. From there this is where you’re gonna find an absolute goldmine of information. From there you can see immediately
what is the top content. And according to SEMrush, and
based on Google US as well, it might be different in other countries, it is about how many
teaspoons are in a tablespoon. And it brings in this amount of traffic. 2000 keywords bring them that
traffic for that content. You can then analyse deeper, and find out how you can even compete. If you can, should you
do anything different? How you can kind of stand out. This is where you can get
really, really specific. But let’s get something,
you know, a bit different. Let’s find another type of content. I’m just scrolling down, and find out maybe something a little bit different to the tablespoon, teaspoon kind of thing. So, how about we find out how
to bake a potato in the oven? You can see it brings
in this much traffic, and the keywords, it is a lot. 727 keywords bring in
the traffic to this page. Let’s click on that, and
when you do you’ll be able to find out exactly
what those keywords are. Now, SEMrush will give you
data, approximate data. It’s not 100% accurate,
but it’s a very, very, very good impression of what it would be. So, there you go, I just scroll down. These are the keywords
that they’re ranking for, which brings in that traffic. And as you can see it’s a lot of page one and ranking position one as well. So, you want to look at,
maybe, the keyword difficulty. Is it worth even competing with them? Or maybe you can find
out something different. Maybe you can find another way
to rank for similar keywords. So what if you, for example, scroll down further and
find something different? You know, maybe find something they actually ranking on page two. For example, if we maybe filter, let’s just say we include only position, let’s just say greater than 10. Basically, anything on page two of Google. If we apply to that let’s see what information we can get out of that. There we go, and scroll down. And this is opportunity for you. You can look at these keywords
and see whether you can stand out and be on page one, maybe in position one on Google. You just never know for your own industry. Because a website that
is extremely popular like, they are ranking
page two for these keywords. This is the chance for you to jump in there and see if you can outdo them because there’s a chance
that you can do that. Again, you can filter that even more, and focus on maybe a small, you know, lower keyword difficulty score because they’re quite difficult. But maybe you can find something a bit less than, you know, these ones. Let’s focus on let’s just say maybe 75 out of 100 in
terms of difficulty. Maybe this is a better opportunity for you because they rank in even further down in page three, actually, page four even. So, you know, this is an
opportunity for you to maybe rank for how long does it
take to grill potatoes? Check it out, give that a shot, and try it for your own industry. And you just never know
what you can get out of it. So, check out the tool, SEMrush. I put the link to it down below in the description so you can try it out. And if you have done it let me know what you think if you’ve done it before. Because it is actually a
really, really cool way to find your competitors’
top-performing content. Thank you for watching,
I hope you enjoyed, I hope you found it useful. I’d really appreciate
it if you can subscribe down below as well if
you found that useful. In the meantime, do your
thing because it matters. Your thing matters a lot to
a lot of people out there. I just want to say that
to you all the time. And I’ll see you next time, take care. (rhythmic hip-hop instrumental music)

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