How To Find the Perfect Affiliate Product to Sell That Your Audience Will Love

By | November 21, 2019

– One of the most asked
questions I get is, “Neil, how do I choose products
to sell as an affiliate? “I don’t want to ruin my
reputation selling things “that my audience won’t like.” Well, there’s a framework
to find the perfect affiliate product, and if
you follow it step by step, you’ll end up selling much more than if you just copy and
paste an Amazon affiliate code on your website hoping that
you’re going to generate sales. So you’re probably
wondering what it is, right? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to break down how
to find the perfect affiliate product to sell to your
audience that they’ll love. (gentle music) Before we get started,
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you’ll get notified. First, if you don’t know
what your audience’s main problems are, what their needs, what their wants are, you need to start by surveying them and talking to them. Ask them questions like,
“What is the biggest “challenge that you’re facing? “What are your most burning questions “that you want answered? “What’s not out there, what
product, service, or tool, would you like someone to create? “What level of expertise do you have? “Are you a beginner, intermediate, expert? “What’s your preferred method of learning? “Is it reading, listening,
watching, practicing? “Do you pay for any subscriptions “that can help you in your life,
in your basketball journey, “in your musician lessons?” I don’t know, whatever category you’re
in, but you get the point. “Have you ever bought
any products or services “to improve your,” and let
them fill in the blank. You can modify all of these
questions to your audience. You can always install live chat tools, or use tools like Qualaroo or SurveyMonkey to figure this out, or you could just ask open-ended questions. By figuring out what your audience needs, what their problems are, if they’ve paid for other products or services, it’ll tell you what you can sell to them, and what you shouldn’t
waste your time with. For example, if you’re selling
musician-related products, or your blog or your
website’s about music, and you find out that everyone’s a expert, and you decide to sell
beginner-related products, you’re not going to get many conversions. But if you find out that
everyone’s a beginner, and you sell beginner-related products, and then intermediate as people go up, and then expert products
as they go up even more, you’ll do much better. That’s why it’s really
important to figure out what your audience is
all about, the issues and pain points they have. That way you know what to sell them from an affiliate standpoint,
to generate the most income. Second, you want to brainstorm
all kinds of solutions, the products, the services,
that can help your audience out. Create a blank document. Jot down any ideas that cross your mind, whether it is something
that you’ve already seen, or no one’s invented yet. There’s no filter. You can do whatever you want. You can even browse other
affiliate sites to see what’s out there, and this will
give you ideas as well. Third, look for products that fall into any of these categories, and are top sellers in their categories. For example, if you go on Amazon, they clearly show you what
are top sellers in a category. You can install Affilitizer’s
Chrome extension. It’ll tell you if there
are any affiliate programs for products or services that
you come across on the Web. It’ll even give you a direct link to affiliate programs so you can sign up. Even when you’re browsing content, it’ll let you know if you’re looking at a piece of information related to an affiliate program out there. Now if you want to sell
retail, search for products in any of the following programs. Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, Affiliates, Target Affiliates, Walmart Affiliate program. If you’re open to selling
other kinds of products, like educational-based, or even software, check out ClickBank,
JVZoo, OfferVault, Rakuten, Warrior Plus, FlexOffers,
ShareASale, Commission Junction, Avangate, MaxBounty, and PeerFly. And if you want to focus
on educational products, check out Udemy, Treehouse, Coursera, QuickStart, and 360training. Those sites should give you
an idea of what could work, and what won’t work for
you and your audience. The fourth thing you need to consider is whatever products or service you consider selling as affiliates,
here are the criteria that they need to meet. Because if they don’t
meet these criterias, one, you won’t do well, but two, you’re going to look bad to your audience. So let’s go over the criteria. It needs to be directly connected to the content that you write about. So if you’re writing about music stuff, your offers, your products, services, need to be about music. If you start offering something else, not only will you not make any money, but people are going to
be pissed off at you. It also needs to help people out. This is a huge criteria for me. If something doesn’t
help out your audience, then why would you sell it to them. Sure, in the short run,
you may make some money, but in the long run, you’re
going to burn your reader base, you’re going to lose your trust, and you won’t do well in the long run. Warren Buffet always has this philosophy: If you have a choice
between something that can make you money in the short run, or something that’s
going to burn your brand, take the option of not making the money, and protecting your brand. Why? Because it creates longevity. So this is how I really figure
out if this helps people out. I look at my audience, and be like, “All right, is this going to help them out “in an educational way? “Is this going to solve a nagging problem “that they’re facing in life? “Is this something that removes friction “from something that they
experience on a daily basis? “Is this something that
speeds up a process “in your audience’s life? “Is this something that
makes things easier, “cheaper, more effective,
or even more elegant, right? “Is it something that raises your status “among your peers, your
family, your friends?” If it meets a lot of those criterias, if it’s something that
you would use yourself, if it’s something that
you would easily recommend to your friend, then you have something that’s worth promoting. The fifth thing that you need to do is don’t just put links and
ads all over your website to these products and services. They need to play an active
role in your content. You’ve got to blend them in contextually. That way, as people are reading, they’re getting education,
they can also buy. You need to teach people
how they can accomplish their goals using these
products and services. You need to put out tutorials, in-depth reviews, product comparisons. By doing those things, you’re
much more likely to get sales. And when you’re doing
a product comparison, you can also sing up as an affiliate to the other product
that you’re promoting. Sure, it may not perform
as well as the main product that you’re focusing
on, but hey, if someone decides to sign up for that other product that you don’t think is that great, eh, at least you’re going to get an
affiliate commission from it. And subtly mention these
products and services within your content when
there’s other related topics. And of course, make sure you
include a call to action. If you don’t have a call to action when you’re promoting affiliate offers, you’re not going to do well. Now if you’re a company that needs help getting more sales, whether
it’s through an affiliate or just any form of digital marketing, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. Of course, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you like,
subscribe, comment, share. I look forward to helping you out.

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