How to Find Guest Blogging Sites and Easy Keyword Targets with Content Explorer

By | August 23, 2019

In this video, I’m gonna show you two
super cool tactics to find thousands of guest blogging opportunities and an
extremely effective technique to find low competition keywords using Content Explorer. Plus, I’ll show you one bonus tip on finding highly relevant influencers in your niche. Stay tuned! [Music] Hey everyone, it’s Sam Oh here with Ahrefs. First things first, we need to talk about Content Explorer. What is Content Explorer anyway? Content Explorer is one tool within Ahrefs’ SEO toolset. It’s basically a mini search engine that’s extremely helpful for SEOs and marketers. Right now, our content index is at about 870 million pages and we’re constantly
updating these metrics with fresh data. Plus we find about 5 million new pages
each day, so it’s just constantly growing. At this point, I’m gonna stop flexing our
big data muscles and let’s just jump right into these cool SEO tactics. The first hack is a way to find thousands of guest blogging sites with Content Explorer. So first, you go to the Content Explorer tool and then you’ll type in a keyword phrase
that’s closely related to your industry. So for example, I might type in something
like ‘video marketing’ as a phrase match. And here, you can see that there are
about 77,000 highly relevant results. You can see that there are
multiple articles from the same sites, but all we need right now is a
list of unique websites to guest post for. So you can use this filter right
here, one article per domain, which is going to give us only the unique
domains that match our search query. Now we’re down to about 19,000 results. Next, you’re gonna want to set one more filter and that’s the ‘highlight unlinked domains’ filter. If you click here, then you can enter in your domain. So I’ll just type in my own personal
domain,, and click ‘highlight’. Content Explorer will then highlight only the
domains that have never linked to you. In general, earning backlinks from websites that have never linked yours, it’s
gonna bring you more value than a second, third, or even fourth link from
previously linking domains. So basically, the highlight unlinked domains
filter, it’s gonna save you a ton of time from pitching websites that you already have links from and that you might not actually know about. So in this case, I probably wouldn’t pitch Buffer, Entrepreneur, Contently, Top Rank Blog, and a few others. Finally, you can hit the export button to
get all of these results in a spreadsheet. Just make sure that this checkbox
here is selected to only export the unlinked websites and click the start export button. From here, you can start pitching the different websites that are blogging about your topic. Now, if you’ve never posted a single guest
post before, you may want to try pitching websites that aren’t as “high profile” so that you can get some experience, refine your pitch, and find what works for you. You can do that by setting the domain rating filter to something with a maximum DR of around 30. And a lot of these sites are more likely to
accept your pitch since they probably don’t have hundreds of requests coming in each day, like a lot of the bigger sites that
you might want to write for. Alright, so another cool way to find guest posting opportunities is to ‘stalk’ the people you’re constantly seeing popping up on other blogs. And I’m using air quotes here on ‘stalk’ because I don’t literally mean to stalk them in that sense. So the way that you do that in Content Explorer is by using the search operator, “author:”
and then the name of the blogger. So I’ll use Kristi Hines as an example, since I know that she’s written about topics like social
media marketing and video marketing. And there are about 250 results here. From here, you can use the same filters as I did in the previous example, so I’ll set
it to one article per domain, and then use the highlight unlinked
domains feature with my domain. And finally, I’ll click highlight. You can then export it, making sure that this checkbox is checked and we are done. This works particularly well if you are a solopreneur or if you have a small
team of content creators. Using the ‘author’ search operator,
it’s a really good trick to use because it’s basically proof of results, right? The people you’re searching for here are likely guest authors. It’s not like they own
every blog that they write on. So, even if they don’t have a ‘write for us’ page,
they’re clearly accepting guest blogging articles. Pretty cool, right? Alright, so let’s move on to a really unconventional way to come up with new content ideas. And this keyword research tip that I’m about to show you, is a super cool way to find extremely low competition
topics with high traffic potential. And you’re gonna love this because it’s a data-driven approach with a little proof of concept. Okay? So here’s how it’s done. So again search for a pretty generic keyword related to your industry. So I’ll use gardening as an example. And since we know that quality
backlinks help you rank in Google, and that the overall strength of a website’s
backlink profile can help your pages rank too, we can set two filters to find low competition keywords. The first filter that we’re going
to set is the “referring domains.” And we’ll set it to only find results with a maximum of zero referring domains,
so no linking websites at all. Then we’ll set gonna set is the organic traffic filter to have a minimum of a thousand
search visitors per month. Now, when you try this, you
might have to play around with the numbers a little bit, but since gardening is a pretty big topic and there’s nearly 600,000 results here in the Content Explorer results, you know, I’d say that it’s a pretty good number here. After we set the final filter, you’ll see that there are over a hundred pages that have zero referring domains and they get over
a thousand search visitors per month like this one. This one here: “171 inspirational
gardening quotes and sayings.” Content Explorer shows that
they get 1,400 organic search visitors each month from this post alone. And if I click on the details button and then the organic keywords, you can see
the keywords and SERP positions that this page is ranking for. So you’ll see that they rank for ‘garden quotes’ which has a search volume of 4500 and they’re
currently in position 5 and there’s ‘gardening quotes’ which has 2,700
searches per month and currently in position 6, and so on and so forth. You get the point, right? Now, if you run a gardening blog then this might
be a good topic to cover and it probably wouldn’t take too many links or any at all
to outrank these pages. And to put the cherry on the top, you’ll see that this one has a pretty
low to medium domain rating of 44. And, if you keep going through this
list, there are a ton of really low competition keywords you can start
creating content around. Like this one here. This one ranks for ‘succulent care’,
(I’m not sure if I said that right), but it has 9,300 searches per month and ranks
in position 5 right now. When Tim showed me this hack, I knew
that I had to use it and I’ve gotten some pretty insane results like, I’ve ranked
on page one in Google in three days from publishing the article and I can’t
remember the exact numbers now but I think that page that I’m thinking of
gets around 500-600 visitors per month from like only a couple weeks
in publishing with zero links. Now, one more bonus hack if you’re interested in doing some influencer marketing and prospecting. So within Content Explorer, you
can actually find influencers who might be interested in the content that you’re creating. So if we search for ‘link building’, then you’ll see that
Content Explorer finds over 75,000 articles related to the topic. And this article looks interesting here. How long does link building
take to influence rankings? And since we have a ton of data here at Ahrefs and some of our own unique case studies like this one on how long it takes to rank
in Google, basically the same topic, we could probably find some influencers
who would be interested in our research. You’ll see that this post has just over 500
Twitter shares. And if we click on the who tweeted button, we can see all of the unique
people who have shared this article on Twitter. From here, you can click any of the columns to sort by the tweet date, the total number of tweets on
the account, the number of people they’re following, the total number of followers
they have, which might be interesting or the total number of lists. I’m sure we could find some pretty influential people who would be interested in some unique
data and share the article with them. Now, if we go back to the search results page,
you can actually select a few of the articles from here too. So I’ll just choose these
ones here for demonstration purposes. And then if we scroll back to
the top, we can click the ‘who tweeted selected articles’ button to get an even
bigger list of prospects that we could then reach out to. So I hope you found
this SEO tutorial helpful and that you’ll start using Content Explorer to
find some solid guest blogging opportunities and find those low
competition keywords that no keyword research tool could ever find. Now give me a thumbs up if you like this video and let me know in the comments
which Content Explorer hack you’re going to try. That’s it for this SEO tutorial,
make sure to subscribe for more actionable videos like this one and I’ll see you soon. Bye. [Music]

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