How to Find Endless Content Ideas With One FREE Tool

By | August 21, 2019

– There are over four million
blog posts being published every single day. How do you ensure that your
content is going to stand out and people want to read it? Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you how
to find endless content and ideas with one free tool. (upbeat music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube, click the Alert notification. That way, any time I go
live, you’ll get notified. You know I’ve released a
tool called Ubersuggest. Many people use it. You may even be using it. But, have you ever checked
out the content ideas feature on Ubersuggest? It’s the best way to find content ideas. Put in any keyword that’s
broad into Ubersuggest. Dog food, cat food, whatever it may be. You can even put in three-word
phrases, four-word phrases. And what you’ll see is
Ubersuggest will give you a overview, how
popular that keyword is, other keyword ideas. And as you scroll down, you’ll
see a content ideas report. This content ideas report, it’ll show you all the blog posts that are in your space that are popular. And this is why I love it. One, I give you an
endless supply of content and ideas for free. Two, I show you all the keywords that that blog post ranks for, so you can see if they’re relevant to your space. Do you want to rank for them? Do you think they’re going to drive sales? Then I also show you
everyone who’s linking to that blog post. Now, when you’re doing this, you don’t want to just create
the same me too content that they’re creating. You want to want to use
the content ideas report to see, hey, this is what
people like in this industry, and here’s what people hate. Because the content
that isn’t doing well is also shown on Ubersuggest. You want to avoid writing on that stuff and write more on the
stuff that people like. And then when you find the
stuff that people like, come up with ideas that are very similar and use Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique. If you’re not familiar with
the Skyscraper technique that Brian created, think of it this way. Have you ever noticed that countries around the world are always fighting for the tallest building in the world? It’s like, “Oh, yeah, ours is 1,000 feet.” “Ours is 1,500.” “Ours is 2,000.” It just keeps going and never ending. So you know what the
Skyscraper technique is? It’s the same thing for your content. “Oh, yours is 2,000 words. “Mine’s 5,000 words.” “Mine’s 10,000.” “Mine’s 20,000.” You don’t want to just
add in more word count for the sake of it, though,
and keep having fluff. You want to make sure that whatever words that you’re putting on
the page have impact, have meaning, help
people get the job done. They’re thorough. They’re actionable. That way when people
read it, they’re like, “Oh my God, this is amazing.” You want to even
integrate design elements. Not just pictures, not just videos, but any custom graphics that
you can create, great, amazing. Then when you publish that content I want you to go back to
the content ideas report in Ubersuggest, look at all the people who link to your competitors. Hit them each up. Go to their site. Hit them each up. Let them know. Send them an email, something like this. “Hey, John, “I noticed you link to XY and Z site, “and I have a similar site
with a similar product. “You can check it out here. “Mine also covers one, two,
and three that theirs didn’t, “which provides a much better
user experience for audience. “If you like it, feel free to link to it. “Cheers, Neil.” It’s that simple. Yeah, you may have to end
up sending out a hundred of these emails, but as you do you’ll find that a handful of them
will link back to you. And as they do, your content
will get higher rankings. You’ll get more social shares. You’ll continually get that traffic. That way, when you
create content out there, it’s not going to be one of
those four million blog posts that get published every single day that no one reads. You want to make sure that yours get read. And the last tip I have for you is, whoever you linked out to in
your blog post, email them. Let them know that you linked out to them, and ask them if they
can share your content on their favorite social network. Usually people are flattered. They’re like, “Yeah, Neil,
you linked out to me. “Why not? “Why wouldn’t I tweet this out?” People do that with me all the time. “Hey, Neil, I linked out to you. “Can you share this article?” I’m like, sure, no problem. You know, I got a email
from Larry Kim today. He’s like, “Hey, I created
this blog post on Inc. “I mentioned you. “Check it out.” Now, he didn’t do it because
he’s expecting a tweet, but I naturally tweeted it out. That’s how it works. People are gladly willing to tweet and share stuff out when you promote them. So if you need help with
your content marketing, check on my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoy the video, like it, share it, subscribe to the channel, and let other people know about it. Thank you for watching.

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