how to find content for your videos using SEO tools

By | August 12, 2019

Rs I selected fine contest now I
selected all these times over here missed must have missed one and I
selected fine contact has been a search for all the
content that is related to whatever it’s on the top
of the year up the title that I started with and
basically you get confusing you know what to write
about you don’t wanna goo I mean you want to look for so issues
Marcus am right from really that simple you want to talk
something about the lobbyist and look for like this review you want is like this you read their
country you see what’s going on she wouldn’t live in a bow you see what they’re talking about I see
their titles and you basically move on from here mean I don’t get too much into detail
regards to other people’s sites by me all marketers
there are basically in positions I love earning an income on the Internet we all
do this to each other as we’re doing keyword research we are
doing stuff like this you can manually do this
is using Google you can see who’s on the first page was
not on the first page you can see why the on the first page in why they’re
not arm maybe this just do it anyways throw it you know hang in there with him about my
settings required select this really quick extensions that’s going to see ok way stern’s alesco cortical as well freeze Google dot com said the research and this is something
freidy contagious download as he ok wait for a
quick and power network or this just two like these to know where
your body is is is a freaking keyword strip this is BlackBerry’s for everybody know this was being
marketed all over the incinerator so who don’t like these you see everything
here bobby’s Google+ see everything here this is what we do with sorta basically look at this stuff
here which for a very long time else really I don’t
know why to hold on just looking at everybody stats when I should have just been worried
about content this is what I mean it’s a you wanna sit here just look at stats
and we’ll get back playing solitaire PR status pr1 pr2 PO for you know 80,000 back playing some you know subdomains and you want to
start doing all this stuff away and kill yourself in I can tell you you’re really gonna waste a lot of freaking time I mean in the
last our we’ve created 10 videos let’s go
back and see what we’ve done we got nine videos created or 10 videos
total I guess I could have been one to nine days ten so pretend videos and hour or you can
sit behind Google and basically study someone else for an
hour now what’s more productive you can sit
there and look at someone else foreign our let you did now you spend an
hour with me and i’m glad you did you know you gotta lotta trainee allow to incite you that in my mind you
see how I think and why I get productive productivity completed every day but now I created 10
videos what’s more how can you make money can you make money watching someone and
try to study so 14 an hour or will you make more money if you just
created videos like I did for an hour and submit it 10 videos
throughout the incident do you understand we haven’t even
started like market into that kinda stock on markets Mr this one only teaching SEO
I’m giving you the basics bessie also you can make a smart
decision on a keyword in the day you and you really need to
look for is what people are searching for point-blank that’s what
we’re really that was the whole point markets them
right is were people searching for and you play around with keywords if you want to see Edwards just who Google games felt and word Keyword
Tool love you people there been expressed know what
I’m talking about people not experienced you have no idea what
I’m talking about so let’s go to keyword to rate your had to replace with
Google Adwords and were two says do a quick call keyword research tool ice I logged into
my Google cal and we are going to basically has
selected tools and Google planner work who plan which way here now process for new
keyword wanna do lobbyist I don’t really select any of this I
don’t play around with this though if you want to go ahead I’m just doing a
quick tutorial CS get an idea of what’s going on you what ideas I like doing this re-supply quisiste 320 searches a month
sewers 220 people just searching for Bobby someone so there you got a keyword so that’s is the the top search re: so what you’re looking for Block B’s
online blogging the blog Peas the Black Eyed Peas and
power blogs blog an online be thawed believe the up the bees live is it like platform
look right here this is or bowl competition
meeting competition about 390 a whole point is video which I didn’t
wanna go six minutes but I did is you can get you could fine just by
typing and what you would normally Google into Google planet you can get
ideas on what actually been searched for on the internet so you don’t waste your time in and
basically picking up or writing a title they get absolutely no searches I prefer that you
focus on something it gets you know 1000 2000 3000 4000 start low willow competition just so you can get
to hang a bit when you get a little bit more experience then you worry about getting two hundred
1200 1300 300,000 but you really gotta crawl
before you start walking and running I know you wanna make money I know you
want everybody to buy your blog bees or by yet by the opportunity you’re basically
pay you money you can’t think like that you’re running a business Creek on Sat fill it up what are people looking for
would you search for it that’s basically the question that you
have to ask yourself and then you have to create cut and
about with the creating a video are you creating a blog are you crying a
picture whatever it is cutting its content just
think that the box a tweet as content anything what are people looking for that all you
really need to focus on unfortunate one over seven minutes I’m
sorry and that’s pretty much it I’m going to see
you in another video cuz now we’re going to start doing a little marketing go next by

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