How To Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website

By | November 15, 2019

Hi Guys I am Shyam from Today I am going to show you how you can find a good domain name for your website so now when you want to start a website you might have noticed that, it’s quite difficult to find a good domain name, which is available. So in this video we are going to see, how we can find a perfect domain name in just a few minutes so After watching this video, you will be able to find a name
which is both easy to Remember and also matches your brand. So let’s get started To find a good domain name, We’re going to do 2 steps The first step, is to choose a keyword, which matches your website So for example, lets say your website is related to photography You can choose that as your keyword So as I want to create a website related to technology, I have selected my keyword as ‘techy’ Once you have selected your keyword… Just go to your browser And then type Now enter the keyword which you have selected in this box so I am going to enter ‘techy’ which is my keyword And then click search Now as soon as you click search You will find all domain names, which are available, with your keyword. Now all of these are .com domains So Have a look at these domains and see if there is a name you like So let’s say you like this domain just click on it And you can see that it’s still available. now as soon as you find a good domain name which is available, make sure – you buy this name
immediately So to buy this domain name All you have to do is Go to the video which you’re watching right now And then click this link
in the description And it will take you to this page, where you can buy your domain Now enter the name which you found on lean domain search And click search and now you can buy this domain from here so this is how you can find a good domain name for your website Now let’s go back to the leandomain search okay guys So now if you have not found any good domain from this site you can use our next method to find your domain So in the next method instead of using 1 keyword, we are going to use multiple keywords to find your domain so to find your domain using next method Just click this link below the video and it will take you to this page Now think of all the keywords which you want to use in your domain And then enter them in this box So I have 3 keywords which I want to use in my domain So I’m going to enter them one-by-one so let me enter the 1st keyword and then click add Then add all the other keywords in the same way Now once you’ve added all the keywords you want bust-a-name will show you all the names which are available with your keyword Now if you want to add more keywords Just keep your cursor on this arrow it will show you more words which are related to your keyword Now if you want you can add these words to your keyword list So to add a keyword from here just click on it And it will be added to your list So once you add your keywords the tool will combine all the keywords and find a name which is available so once you find a name you like You can buy that name by clicking this link So that’s it guys, This is how you can find a good domain name, for your website so after getting your domain name If you want to learn how to make a website you can watch this video We show you how you can make a website in just 10 mins Next, if you want to learn more about building websites easily Make sure you Subscribe to website learners To get more videos from us. Thanks for watching… I’ll see you in the next video Babye

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