How to Edit Footer Copyright Text In Any WordPress Theme

By | December 9, 2019

How to change the footer credits on your website
I you guys out of accurately another WP crafter videoing under the show you how to change
the footer credits in your WordPress website when you’re being developer didn’t make it
easy to do so now there are eight actually before I get into this my website lately I
have over 30 videos geared towards people new to WordPress or even people that are experienced
with WordPress but don’t know every little detail to accomplish what they want head over
to my website I got these videos there there known for you I got to do is sign up for a
free account in him and give all those videos to you and that’s gonna really really make
your website shine and now help level up your skills anyways activists the world without
the flutter of your WordPress website I don’t know why Dean developers on the developers
don’t make it so that it’s really easy to do to change the credits that just I just
don’t get it but luckily in this video on the show you how to change those for credits
to be whatever you want them to be so let’s take a look at my WordPress dashboard so I
got this thing contest recommended doing to the limited due to missing I’m also doing
a very popular thing called to do anything both of them don’t make it available so when
you log into the backend of your WordPress website and let me just clarify what I’m talking
about if I click on to the front of the website and scroll down you see right here it’s as
being by that’s what I’m talking about here let me also open up the DVD the main show
you what I’m talking about there when you scroll down and says designed by elegant themes
powered by WordPress when talking about changing those credits to whatever you want them to
say so let’s first do it in this Tesseract scene here you would just go to appearance.
It is the same steps for both the code looks a little different so good appearance and
then click on editor now the quarter credits are to be in a file called footer.php nine
times out of 10 of never come across a team that it wasn’t in the footer.php so when you
click on that editor here’s a different template files were inapplicable when this is footer
and here it is this footer.php now what I like to do and what I recommend you do is
to highlight everything in here and put it in the clipboard of your on your computer
so what I use I highlight everything now I’m on a Mac so I do it this way if your PC you
just say control eight and a highlight everything and then I’m gonna put it in my clipboard
in case I screw something up at least I have this in my clipboard and I can easily restore
but I’m not finished writing up okay so hopefully okay so I just wrote down and to the bottom
so in this particular theme this test right FEMA’s down here so you need to do is, look
for the same text that you see on the front answer right here existing by Safeco here
in Iowa I scroll down and looking for where it’s his theme by in here it is now you’ve
got now this is code okay there’s elements of code in this footer she got been careful
what you change but don’t be afraid of breaking something we just put everything in this file
in the clipboard so you don’t have to be like too afraid to break anything so if you want
to change the theme by text you would just change this right here now the remainder of
the credit is and actually a hyperlink and so right here is where the hyperlink goes
to him than here’s the text that wrapped around that hyperlinks or you could just change this
so France and Spain by we can say I love and let’s say instead of putting this name here
would say WordPress and then let’s change the link to okay so what you
make your changes to scroll down and click update file and him and to go here and just
do a refresh and artists I love and you can see about the hyperlink there for WordPress
that I do in this theme lets do it in the DVD not just doing this all off-the-cuff I
haven’t looked at it prior to just clicking on the record button which sometimes could
be a mess but anyways going to appear in its appearance than editor and I’m looking for
something that’s his footer curate is and all right so like I said before, in a highlighted
all a little put it in my clipboard in case I messed something up and and hear what I’m
looking for is where it says designed by and then there’s a hyperlink and then there’s
this the Haskell type minces powered by so let’s see if we can find that Kate usually
the bottom okay here it is so is is designed by striking change that tax and then here’s
worse is powered by and I can change that text now here’s where I would change the link
and the text that went with the link so here’s where the URL goes and here’s were said premium
WordPress thing I’m sorry our adherence is elegant themes and that here’s the URL to
word has a link to word press and the link to WordPress so that’s pretty much is the
same thing just click on update file when they do a refresh on the front and make sure
you didn’t miss anything up you can also delete the entire footer if you don’t want it not
the higher order but the credits of the footer so let’s try to do it on the divvy theme and
I can always restore from what I got in the clipboard so let’s see I think I would just
need to delete this part from these/P here to the P there some that are highlighted all
and I’m in a deleted in the number click on update file and then I’m in a go to the front
and click refresh and you can see the whole credit is gone so likewise you don’t need
to credit or you might want to put a copy right there that would be an ideal spot to
put a copyright so now if you mess anything up remember I have been the clipboard sucking
going here and I can highlight everything began like that and then I can paste what
I had in the clipboard and then I can click on update file and if I did that writes on
the front and when I hit refresh we should see her credits again there it is so that’s
why I was like to put everything in the clipboard when asked for this video thank you for joining
me today on this video I’ve got a lot more WordPress videos for you to watch over on
my [email protected] thanks for your time today I want to ask you to click on the thumbs-up
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    </div><!– #content –>
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