How to earn money on YouTube – without AdSense

By | August 16, 2019

everybody welcome back my name is Triston from UtahSEO.Ninja and I want to talk a little bit about this YouTube
monetization thing is kind of driving me crazy and I’m going to keep my personal
opinions to myself but i want to give you guys some options as far as other
ways to monetize your videos if that’s what it is you want to do and so that’s
what we’ll be talking about in this particular video so today we’re going to talk about other
ways to monetize YouTube traffic so it’s basically we’re gonna be talking about
affiliates which is where you make a commission on products that people by
after interacting with your content we talking about sponsorships where
companies pay you to talk about their products and we’re also gonna be talking
about selling your own products which can be things like t-shirts or stuff
that you curate in the store so again just a heads up this video is probably
really long it’s about five pages worth of text and it’s about 2,500 words so
just to let you know really what I want to do is I want to answer as many
questions as i can in advance that we guys have a really clear idea of how
these different things work and then you’ll be able to make the best decision
for yourself for your content for your viewers there are also links in the
description to different parts of this video so if you’re looking for
information on a specific topic then just go there and click on that it’ll
take you straight there and also if you’re interested in this kind of stuff
i’m actually working on a training program and how i use you to pay all my
bills and just so you guys know adsense is not a big portion of that so if
that’s something that you’re interested in then you know shoot me an email
thanks a lot of information will be in the description so let’s get started by
talking about affiliates now my humble opinion affiliate offers are probably
one of the easiest ways to make money on youtube and just so you guys know it
pays a lot better than google adsense does an affiliate offer is when a
company offers you a commission or portion of their earnings from each cell
that you sent to them for example most links that you will see in the
description of this video are probably going to be affiliate links and so if
you click on us and if you decide to purchase that particular product or
service and i’ll probably get some sort of a kickback for it now this is
particularly helpful if you’re showcasing a product or service in your
videos so things like review videos or especially for gamers this is a very
very easy way to make money off of your channel you got it is have an affiliate account
with something like Amazon if you’re a gamer with g2a and then you leave a link
to purchase the game or the product from one of those platforms in your
description so for example if you are teaching web designer help people to get their businesses online
like what I do here on this channel then maybe a hosting service provider could
be a good option so like hostgator which has a really cool affiliate program and
our particular case affiliate offers makeup about twenty-five percent of our
income so let me give you a quick example of how this would work say you normally make about two dollars
for every thousand views that you receive on youtube so a two-dollar CPM
that’s about normal ok let’s say that your videos only get
let’s say a thousand years during the first 30 days so after 30 days and you
have made two dollars now let’s get your channel talks about beard oils well amazon offers a lot of options for beard
oils but the most popular ones cost about twenty dollars each and Amazon
will also pay your starting right at four percent of whatever people by after
clicking on your affiliate link so that means that twenty-dollar beard oil that
you are linking to equal about eighty cents revenue for you now just a quick
note the percentage actually goes up depending on how many items you sell so
once you hit products you’ll be making six percent instead of four percent and
it’ll eventually go to like a during the half percent something like that now you’re probably thinking that eighty
cents isn’t a lot of money which is true but we also have to keep in mind that
normally would only be making two dollars off of this video now we’re
making two hours and eighty cents that’s almost fifty percent increase right off
the bat but let’s also talk about our conversion rates so right now on one of
my videos i’m selling cell phones we’re gonna come back to that in just a minute
in my conversion rate there is three point four seven percent so that means
that for every thousand clicks on an affiliate link i sell about 30 for
almost 35 products so with those thousand views if you can get those
thousand people to click on that link then you know if you had that same
conversion regularly get twenty seven dollars in 76 cents instead of just the
two dollars that’s almost 14 times more money off the exact same traffic all you
have to do is make sure that people actually click on the link so when the
videos that I’m doing this with is like I said for pokemon go in the game was
first released i create a video showing how the game ran on my Nexus 5x which at
the time costs about two hundred fifty dollars that video right now has about
six thousand views but I can version rate is an actual little bit
lower for this just because of fun is a lot more expensive in a beard oil but
even so in the past two months we’ve actually sold about seven cell phones
through our affiliate and I did this just the show that the game works on my
phone and tell people how much it costs with a link back to amazon some music
maybe seventy dollars off of that one video or would have made just 12 on this
channel my main affiliate is hostgator i like it because it deserves ideas for
several years and I know that the quality is good in person i think that’s
a good way to judge whether or not i want to promote a product or service and
that is if I would suggest it even if I wasn’t being paid to do so so hostgator
will pay me fifty dollars for every person that signs up using one of my
coupon for my links and it’ll also give that person a ten-dollar are ten percent
off coupon from this first purchase and so there’s even a little extra incentive
for people to try their service all i do is mention some beers they can get a
discount by using my code they click on the link and everybody’s happy so now that we know that an affiliate is
how much we can make from one of these things and also how to use them in our
videos let’s talk really quickly about how it can actually find affiliate
offers for our content so the first night you want to do is you want to go
to the website of the company or the product that you want to promote and
look for anything that would say affiliate on it that’s really easy way
to do it sometimes you can find these pages more
easily by just doing like a google search so usually I’ll do a search for
something like product name affiliate and this is the question of feeling out
whatever information they require the main affiliate platforms that i use our
amazon g2a for pc games clickbank and Commission Junction commission junction
is an affiliate marketplace me that you can find offers from dozens of different
companies and different platforms on one place is pretty cool now these companies were usually ask
that you have a website with at least some traffic on it if you need any help
with his partner shoot me an email Tristan SEO @ and we can help
you set up that website and we can even tie it into your affiliate offers if you
already know how to do all that just get my little hostgator coupon in mind in
some cases they’ll actually even accept your YouTube channel pages as your
website but that’s not always going to be the case is not gonna work for
everyone then once you’ve been accepted for an
affiliate offer all you need to do is copy your new affiliate link and paste
it wherever you plan to use it I personally put them in my youtube
video descriptions or maybe sometimes even in in a notation and if you’d like
to see how many clicks each of those individual links get then you can
actually put them into a link shortener like bit ly and that we can see where
those links are coming from me and you can see which sources are working better
than others now one important note is that you can
actually start doing affiliate to the meantime you do not have to wait until
you have thousands of subscribers and millions of views on that gaming channel
which I was talking about where we selling the cell phones i started with
affiliates on day one right now i have like 80-something subscribers and about
to about 30,000 views and again we’re making way more money through those
affiliates then we went through just adsense and that covers the basics of
affiliate marketing if it’s something you’re interested in there are a lot of
other good youtube videos and channels that go into a lot more detail as far as
setting up these different offers and where to find better offers and things
like that and especially a lot of these channels will even talk about you know
using these different kinds of programs for your specific niche so for example i
know a lot about affiliate programs for video games and for website stuff and so
if that’s the kind of thing that you’re interested in you know I can definitely
help with that then also if you do have any other questions if you do have more
general questions about affiliate surrounding the subject that we’re
talking about in this particular video we actually just set up a facebook group
for this channel so if you have any questions you can go over there and ask
them and we have to help the next subject that we want to talk about our
sponsorships now sponsorship has a lot common with an affiliate with the
process a little bit different you’re still promoting a product or
company other than your own but instead they pay you a set right and they
usually pay before upon release of the video as compared to pin your percentage
for each purchase it comes thereafter sometimes you’ll even do both sometimes
i’ll pay you up front feet and then they’ll pay you the feeling after that
the biggest issue that was just finding sponsors for your channel it’s a little
bit more difficult and requires you to have a somewhat larger viewer base and
you would need for an affiliate my typical experience with a sponsorship is
that the company will email me or call me ask me to remote service or product
to my viewers and sometimes that sponsorship is valuable and helpful for
my audience which is the best case scenario and sometimes completely
worthless I do not promote video games on this
channel for example simply because it’s not something that this audience is
really going to be interested in and it doesn’t providing the value to my normal
viewer now in order to determine how much i charged with sponsorships I
actually go to the Google AdWords tool and their look at the keywords that the
sponsor wants me to target and how much Google is charging for those clicks and
then what I’ll do is I’ll usually charge anywhere between 50 to 75 percent of
that rate and multiply that by the average number of views on my videos get
so if i get an average of a thousand years my videos in the first 30 days and
in google is charging one dollar per click and add words then I probably talk
about fifty cents per view and so that would work out to about 500 bucks for
that particular video and again keep in mind that you would only don’t really
make two dollars and adsense revenue off the exact same video now some people
charged more some people charge less is entirely up to you what you want to do
and also what the sponsoring company is willing to negotiate now there are few
sites where you can find companies are looking to sponsor video creators the
most well-known of which is favorite I haven’t personally used any of the
others out there so make sure you do your research before agreeing to
anything and unfortunately I’m not able to really about for anything else if it
helps you can kind of think of these like commercial during the Super Bowl ok so the NFL is able to charge a
million dollars for a 30-second ad because i have tens of millions of
people watching their games and in these cases the companies are paying for the
attention of the viewers now this particular example you are the NFL and
the game is your video content these are companies that want to sell to
your viewers so again you have tech companies have cosmetic companies you
have game developers and people from just about every industry that wants to
promote their products some group of people all you have to do is grow your
community and attract or seek out sponsors that will pay you for their
attention and then finally we’re going to talk about selling our own products i
think most of the people watching this video are probably not going to be
business owners just because the way that I plan to 2-ranked this and drive traffic to it so
in this particular case or in my case for example then I make money based on
the cells that I gained from my video advertising that’s what i do i make
videos that help people to build websites and then I offer my search
engine optimization services which helps them to get traffic to those websites
now we do make websites too but mostly just focus on SEO and so when you get to
that point where your website built you’re ready for that next step then
that’s when people hire me and that’s how I make my money now if you’re not
offering the services of your company or product or anything like that you can
actually still sell products your own products to your base I think the easiest way to do this is to
go through a platform like Shopify or something like teespring basically the
way that would work with those t-shirt companies is you send in your logo
design if your products like t-shirts hats mugs or whatever and then your
viewers by them the story of the sense of community among your viewers the more
likely they’re going to be to purchase those kinds of products unless of course they’re just really
awesome people can’t live without them now the other way to do this when
talking about Shopify is actually something i’m actively exploring myself
and is normally called dropshipping so what I’m thinking about doing is
collecting a series of products that i think are really neat from different
manufacturers and suppliers and putting them into an online store in my case I’m
looking at stress relief toys for business owners once i have my product
selected i uploaded into my store and then I start selling and then whenever
somebody purchase one of my products i ordered from a manufacturer and have it
shipped out to my customer now you can of course pre purchase your products in
bulk and do the exact same thing which actually makes you a lot more money
because of the prices significantly lower but for the time being I think I
like this approach it’s a lot more hands-off so say you have like an in
channel you can create one of these stores and stock it with knitting
supplies like yarn needles patterns stuff like that and then you can direct your viewers to
your store whenever they want to buy something anything about this is that
you can also look into sourcing specific products that your viewers are asking
for so like if your viewer base is looking
for a very specific kind of crochet needle plucked thing then you can get
that you can put on your story so it’s kind of like having a specialty store
but without having to go out and purchase all the products on your own in
advance and you can put as high of a mark upon your products that you want so
you can make an extra dollar from Excel make an extra hundred dollars from my
cell now this is a little bit more difficult for all you gamers out there
but what I would suggest for you guys to do is to look into gaming peripherals so
things like mice keyboards headsets stuff like that and you can even tinier
on amazon affiliates or make an amazon store or g2a affiliates make money from
there as well so again by doing this if you have a markup of say ten dollars on
one of your products and if you have the same thousand views and even if you only
sell one product out of those thousand views you’re still going to make any
extra ten dollars all you really need to do is make an extra two dollars from
every thousand years in order to replace your adsense revenue now of course on
channels do have higher CPM like this particular channel action makes quite a
bit more than two hours for every thousand fused like I said making 10
dollars from a thousand pieces and hard if you really want to make money on
youtube an adsense is not the way to do it sure you might make an extra hundred
bucks a month you might even make a couple thousand if you’re getting a
million views a month but again this will make you so much more money than
adsense and it gives you so much more control over the products and the
advertising that goes along with your content and the neat thing about this is
even if your brand new channel this will work just as well except maybe the
sponsorship part but again there are exceptions I mean even my little gaming
channel just ATT subscribers made of a hundred dollars last month and I know uploaded a couple of videos of me
playing pokemon game and so you can see the difference between that and making
my case it would have made ten dollars on adsense something like that eight
dollars so just something to consider so if you want to become a full time you too but for whatever reason
youtube is not monetizing your videos find something else the only limitations out they’re the
ones that you put on yourself my goal is to make ten thousand dollars
a month before the end of the year that is going to be the new focus of this
channel in fact it that’s the journey that my wife and I are starting if you
want to do the same thing we invite you to do so and again if you’re looking for
support and help with all this we just started the facebook group for this
channel and welcome to join us there and share your story as well that’s what is
we want to do is we want to move forward and make money off of the content things
that we’re doing here on YouTube but again that’s how you can make money on
youtube without using Adsense and if this information has been helpful for
you or it’s giving you any ideas for moving forward then please help others
to find this video by pressing the like button by sharing it and everything else
and if you have any questions that should go into the comment section or to
the facebook group and we can answer them there but again my name is Triston from where we help to connect the dots between your business
whatever that may be and your customers and i will see you guys in the next
video and on facebook

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    I love your method of estimating the value of a sponsorship – I'd never thought about that route!

  2. Vermont Video Marketing Post author

    Thanks for this!
    In Vermont we can't do affiliates because our government is not happy about not being able to tax things people buy online. ugh. So, a couple of years ago I got something from Amazon telling me all my links are no longer going to do me any good financially. Any ideas about how to get around this. I've been bugging my government reps about this, but they don't seem too interested.


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