How To Drive Traffic To A Website 6 – Web Traffic 1 Week Results

By | December 10, 2019

hi rick bowman ember back with video six
and it’s been about a week since we’ve got to take a look at the
results from when we first started uploading videos for the key word of how to drive
traffic to a website so let’s go to google and take a look at
the results not hold up uh… my firefox browser and
again i have cleared my history and uh… cleared cash so that uh… we kept real-time results
fit everybody would see out there so are keyword is house dr traffic to seems website and let’s go in and take a look at that real quick so here we are on page one of how to
drive traffic to a website and i want to bring your attention right
now down to the bottom corner of the screen where it says that it’s about two
o’clock in the afternoon on january the thirtieth two thousand thirteen just so you’re aware of where we are and we just had a student at a little
bit on um… of the uh… page one we’re looking at
so we can read everything that’s on there and the search tools for using right now
were open ok wide there’s no quotes from outlook for it exacts search what we’re looking for is a seat what
google gives us in the way of relevancy uh… when anybody types in this
particular keyword what they consider to be relevant right now our search tools percent on
anytime as you can see and sixty seven million three hundred
thousand results for the web on an open search so let’s see if we’ve got anything right now on page one these represent he works by the way i’m ashamed later when i’m gonna do with
those keywords just take a look at page two real quick
to see what happens canada this is interesting out of sixty seven million results
within a week as he told the uh… date is uh… january thirtieth and um… these were uploaded on january
twenty-second hooker so about a week we’re right in
there and uh… we have one to and three okay
on anytime right now four page one eggs anything else time here about excited okay that tells me right
now on a wide open search because there were moving up through the rankings and um… got a little less than a week so let’s take a look at video and see
how we’re doing on the video category and uh… oh twenty-four million on how to drive traffic to a website that one and that’s pretty cool besar playlist right here from utube and showing our videos consider sending on page two hundred
open search and we do so they’re coming along nicely as you
can see uploaded page one we had the playlist that
already has presence on page one for the video and we’ve got three of our videos now i have uploaded to others uh… during these last couple of days and uh… they have it appeared yet but they will could take some time to try to catch up
to these in as these establish relevancy and the run
to the playlist so all the other ones but i’m uh… got to tell you i’m pretty excited about
uh… about those particular results that fast uh… within a week especially on web without using any of search tools uh… would be in wide open and i would say probably within about
another week we should be moving up into the uh… page one person’s with some of
these and to be a web that’s pretty cool let’s go ahead and take a look at uh…
utube real fast before we jump over their if you like
what you see do yourself a favor go subscribe to how to drive traffic to a website and
uh… you’ll see the link this wet below this
video uh… you know just click on it’ll take
you to our channel and subscribe to it i’m is still continue to produce videos
to show you how we’d wake and begin to dominate a certain keyword and take it over and i think that you find the
information that i believe to watch it step by step aside keeps throwing up
these videos of producing a case study the other thing is that i have a website in its culture
greater masterclass and one of decided to do is uh… so far
have gotten a few comments back on on this and there are people are asking why
how did you do it so what did i decided to do was goin
inform uh… or start to build a series of
seven free videos this little more to detail are the exact steps that i took to how to drivetraffic to a website on these videos and there’s also a link below their and
it’s called to bring a masterclass use one o’clock at all it’ll take you to the
home page that you’re seeing right now on the screen and up idea to do is put in your name email
address and right now will be out of pre-release basis lettuces those videos rapidity and
notified can you get a free commodity seven of them and they’re going to go
warrant at of this steps step-by-step exactly how to drive traffic to a website watching watching on the snow west into the next video can take a look
at you tube real quick

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