How To Drive Traffic To A Website 5 – Web Traffic Day 3 Results

By | January 29, 2020

welcome to how to drive traffic to a website video in the
series and in this video were going to continue on with uh… where we are three days after launching
videos uh… up to you to be and beginning to
rank them for a specific keyword on how to drive traffic to a website so where we left off of the last video was uh… you know where we work preliminarily in the search rankings and by no means
had we done yet this is just early early results came
word about the third day but what i wanted to do was show you another way that i see if
we are on the right track and then after that i wanna go take a look at you tube
real quick and see how we’re doing there but one way details qty ethical we’re starting to move up through the
search rankings up to that top agent or alter the dole is to be on the page one of website
anytime but here’s another way for that take a look at what i do visible in here and they wanted to talk
to give the inexact keyword search for the particular keyboard of researching for instead of
going wide i want to know if i put it that exact
keyword what will google giving in the way of
results so we want to go to web and i want to go ahead and one internet and it t_v_ an idea on search tools okay
we are going to be on anytime for this particular so now we’ve derrida down from you know millions downtown and fifty three thousand
results and again we’re still looking at three
to four days ago but if we take a look now of where we are we have one we have to we have three hemorrhaged top
of page one so that tells me it within two three four d day period of
time they were right there where we need to
be on top and their school starts to move us
through the rankings that eventually anytime they’re considering this is more relevant how to drive traffic to a website
than any other traffic that’s out there based on our videos enters our page one
result let’s take a look and see where we are on videos for the
same thing and here’s our first one right there and we are a number one right down the
search rankings for videos on what we call it tight searcher by putting in
quotes or an exact search that’s not us but this is our playlist right here number two and that’s our playlist where we’re
putting all these videos but you’ll see how usally it becomes to be able to start to
dominate the section in such a short period of time here’s two more pretty river video showing we uploaded
four days ago and that’s kind of how i make sure that were
on the right track that’d early early stage of the game so what i’d like to do now is i would
like to jump over to you to real quick and see how we’re doing and you too and here we are and you too now what i’ve done as i’ve signed out up
my account they had to make reason for doing that
because i want to take this i don’t want to giving me results just because im
login underneath my account so what we want to do with this uh… rekindle we our eventual goal is to be on page one for this particular keyword which is how
to drive traffic to a website and then we started uploading videos and
the playlist we did the optimization staff and optimized it so that you to go
pick us up at google would pick us up so but see how we’re doing with uh…
how to drive traffic to a website and let’s go take a look i don’t expect
really you know desperately looking to see a some page
one but let’s see what happens here as we scroll down now this one is an ad and if you notice there’s about seventy five thousand a
toddler result in you to now u toots search engine is completely different
and google search engine even tho google i want you to was completely different the way you search is the same he could still go why do we need to be
any results that you have for how to drive traffic to a website and as we go down how director you excite top ways to drive traffic to your website
that’s not an exact match what we want by the throat of the category and utube feels that that’s relevant to
people that are searching the keyword solo on down we’ll take a look and see what we’ve got and opened yet but we do have a result of on page one and exactly the result of is looking for which is our playlist how to drive
traffic to a website increase website traffic that would be anywhere bowman and here’s video one video to video
three and we are working on page one right now as you can see and that was within the three-day period and uh… that’s what i was actually a
fast results that i’ve gotten in the past able to break this three days that’s really terrific and that’s what i was looking for was to
be able to have something on their now again this is early in the game the the type of of results that i’m
showing right now were only three to four days in at the cold history rank page one
anytime for those videos for the playlist on google continue to we’ve successfully
done that on utube with seventy five thousand results what we’re gonna do israel waited up a
couple of days and what a man to do is we’re going to come back and and we’re
going to do the same type of search about this time is where we should start
to see some results on google be about the same as how to drive traffic to a website right now on you tube on an open search so we’ll wait a few days and double
create another video amoco and we’ll take a look at uh… the results for that but uh… i’m excited and i hope you are police subscribe to our children uh… you know it’s uh… you all know me to
and uh… they will be away quite below this video you’re going to subscribe to follow us
as we show you the lab results of what we’ll be able to accomplish

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