How to Download ANY Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet? (UPDATED 2019)

By | March 9, 2020

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. In today’s video, we are going to see how
we can download videos to iPhone without using iTunes. Previously I did a video on the same topic
and the website there was taken down due to some copyright issues. And this tutorial is working right now, and
I can’t assure you that this will stay long. If this gets patched up, I may come up with
a new video. So, stay subscribed. Without any further ado, let’s get started. First things first. You can download videos from these list of
services. I’m not supposed to show you the procedure
to get YouTube videos directly, but here I will be using Vimeo video service. You just replace the video URL with the youtube
video URL and follow the same steps. Also, if you would like to know the method
to transfer videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes, do check this video right
here. Now to download videos to iPhone, you need
to get a free app called Documents by Readdle from the Appstore. Once you have this application on iPhone,
open it and find the safari icon at the right bottom corner. To launch it swipe to the left and here open
the website Now copy the video URL from any of the service
of your choice like Vimeo, youtube, Instagram, facebook, etc. and switch back to Documents
app then paste the URL here by double tapping and choose GO. If you see any advertisement at this step,
close it then check the preview of the video. Once you feel okay, Tap on Download. You can check the status by moving to ‘Downloads’
section. Once the download gets completed, come back
to Documents screen then choose ‘Downloads’ folder. Here you will see the video you just downloaded. Now tap on these three dots to see the available
options. From the list, choose ‘Share’ then tap
on ‘Save to Files’ then ‘On My iPhone’ then choose any folder, and I’m choosing
Pages for now and then finally tap on ‘Add.’ Now open the ‘Files’ folder on your iPhone,
then go to ‘Browse’ tab then open ‘Pages’ folder. Here you will see the video you just shared. To save this video to the camera roll, open
the video then choose ‘Share’ icon then finally tap on ‘Save Video.’ Now come to Camera roll and find the video
downloaded in iPhone. That’s it for this quick video. I hope you find this video useful. If you do, please hit the like button and
subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos like these. Your contribution is more to us. This is Praveen signing off. Hope to see you in my next video. Thank you.

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  1. TechEmpty Post author

    Important PS: When you open savefrom(dot)net website, at first you may be taken to some UNWANTED websites. It happens only when you first visit the savefrom website. Please close the tab and reopen the same website again and follow the process.

    Extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I haven't faced any issues while producing this video. So, I didn't mentioned about that.

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