How to Do Website SEO Audit & Improve Search Engine Traffic

By | August 22, 2019

Hey guys, Harsh here from Shoutmeloud and
welcome to my video channel. Today’s video is for all the website owners, all the bloggers
who focus on SEO, who focus on organic traffic and today you are going to learn how to do
the site SEO audit. what is means is like you have a website, you have a blog and there
might be lot of issues with the websites which you might not see, those SEO issues needs
to be fixed, now those issues could be as simple as broken links, it could be title
tag or your meta title and descriptions are too long or lot of 404 errors which you usually
don’t find yourself. For this there are many great tools out there that you can use,
one that I use and recommend is Semrush. It’s really amazing. so in this video I will show
you how to do your site SEO audit with Semrush, it’s a paid tool but I have a link in description
that you can use to try up this tool for about 2 weeks and its completely free, so it will
help you to get started to get used to the Semrush. So this is how the dashboard of Semrush
looks like. I have already done a few campaigns before, what I would do here is that I will
show you how to add a new website. So clicked on ‘Start a new campaign’. I am doing it for
one of my blog for wpfreesetup, so this pretty straight forward where I need to enter all
my details. One great thing is that they have added the option for desktop and mobile and
you already know how big mobile have become, so this would help you to ensure that you
can do SEO audit from your desktop and from your mobile site both. So for this video,
I am keeping it for mobile. Maximum page limit keeping it 2000, no problem with that, I have
a pro-account. Now you can schedule it weekly or you can schedule it daily depending upon
how big your project is. In my case, weekly is pretty fine, so whenever the SEO audit
is done, I will get an e-mail which is pretty great and click on create project and start
audit. so it would take some time for their bots
to go ahead and crawl the complete website and create the complete report, so I will
show you how the report looks like and this is for one of my blog, so the audit has already
been done and you can see lot of errors, you know some of the errors are very critical
that you need to fix right now and some of them are warnings that also needs to be fixed.
Now one thing which I can tell you about a good SEO is that you need to take care of
all the elements. whatever the issues that you see, see if you can fix them, some issues
that you can’t fix, no problem, just ignore them, so many of my images don’t have alt
attributes and this is really bad for on-page SEO, right? But here when I see this, those
images that this tool is showing are from Gravatar and Pinterest, so they are unrelated
and so you can ignore those. You can click on errors and see all the major errors and
one which is very important is this, external links which are broken and always remember
that broken links is bad for your blog SEO. it’s like a dead-end for the crawlers and
google hates broken links, I mean that means that you are not taking good care of your
blog, so here you can identify all those links which are broken. if your are using WordPress,
you can use a free plugin called ‘Broken link checker’, that solves the purpose really well.
if you are using any another platform, now you know how to find the broken links, so
click on errors and then you can also find the pages with the duplicate title tags, again
that is pretty bad. it creates duplicate contents, every page needs to have a unique title tag
which is very important, so all I need to do is go ahead and edit this blog post and
give them a unique title and similarly few images are broken that I can go ahead and
fix, so this is what the SEO audit looks like and depending upon how big your website is,
how big you blog is, it would take time for you to fix them and this is one of the must
do things for all the website owners, I mean every month you should do a site audit and
most of the website owners and business owners actually pay a fortune of money to the SEO
companies to do this kind of audit and you can do it for free and here is a tip for freelancers
and for the people who are selling stuff on *, you can actually export this report in
pdf format and you can actually sell a service on * that give you a site SEO report and you
can create a business out of it, so that’s additional for the people who are looking
for another source of passive income and pretty much that’s and anytime you can re-crawl
the website so let me take you back to the dashboard. So I can start crawling anytime,
so usually some of my projects are already configured to crawl after a week. Some projects
have not been crawled for a while so this has not crawled for last nine months so I
can start crawling and I can get the latest report, so depending upon the plan and package
that you are using, use this tool to find all the SEO issues on your blog and fix them
immediately, so the link which I have told you about will give free access for 14 days,
I think in that time you can try this tool, you can actually get a free SEO report, even
if you don’t plan to continue with this tool, you don’t want to pay, that’s pretty
fine, you will get your job done. eventually, once you start using this tool, you will love
it, reason being, not just for site SEO report, you can do a lot of things, you can do keyword
research, you can check back link for a website and one of my favorite feature is that I can
find keyword that any webpage or any website is ranking for, that’s one of the great
feature which I like about Semrush, I have already done a few videos on that, if you
want to see them, I have added the link in the description and do let me know if you
have any question about doing SEO audit with Semrush and also let me know what tool that
you use for auditing your website SEO. I will see in the next video, bye!

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