How to Do SEO with No Marketing Budget | Tyler Horvath

By | August 24, 2019

what’s up guys Tyler Horvath here
welcome to another episode of the daily T today I’m going to talk to you more
about SEO so a lot of people have been messaging me and asking what they can do
to their site to increase their rankings if they don’t have any money or a zero
dollar budget so in this video I’m going to show you how you can do SEO if you
have zero dollars of budget now I have one warning if you have no budget for
SEO you’re gonna have to work so SEO is not easy it’s very very hard to get
ranked on the first page and to get you know highly targeted free traffic from
Google it sounds great but you’re gonna put in a lot of work if you really want
to you know see that awesome traffic coming to your site so I’m gonna show
you how you can get started and how you can start seeing some good traffic
increases without having any money at all so the first thing that you have to
do is write content so Google is not going to find your site unless you are
constantly providing and putting out more and more content this is what
Google is built on is built on a you know a question/answer system so if
someone is searching a google for a question and they’re gonna show you the
best answer now that might not be a direct answer it might be you know a
blog article or you know a video but good content is one of the best ways to
get a lot of traffic from search engines so what I like to do when I’m first
starting a site and I have no budget no money is I like to Google look for the
best content out there in my niche so let’s say you are starting a web design
company Google you know web design articles and look for the best articles
that are you know ranked for for good keywords and pretty much write better
content than that now we’re gonna use this content
future down the line here too to get more backlinks for free but you want to
make sure that you have good content or no one is going to link to you and you
know your your your contents not going to get indexed in Google so your content
should be at least a thousand words per blog post or you know per page now if
you are you know making a home page about Us page it doesn’t need to be a
thousand words but for your content pages it’s well-known that the more
words your pages the more likely you’re going to rank on the first page so now
that you are writing you know good blog content every week you should be writing
as much as you can the more you write the more you work the more traffic
you’re gonna get so now we can do guest blogging so guest blogging is writing on
other people’s blogs in your business niche and kind of trading them for a
backlink so what I like to do is Google all of your biggest competitors and find
them all put them on the list and now you’re going to pitch them guest posting
ideas so pick you know five popular article ideas and pretty much just email
every single one of your competitors or every single you know website in your
niche and say hey I wrote this article and you know here are a few articles to
choose from pick any one of these and I would love to write it for your blog so
the good thing about this is you don’t have to write the whole article already
you can just pinch them some ideas and you know some of them won’t respond but
the ones that do will say hey I like the article you know about X or Y and now
you can go in and you can write your article and put you know your backlink
in it and you can get a really great free backlink from you know a ton of
sites so when I first start a site I am literally reaching out to you know
hundreds of people and you know twenty percent might might respond but that’s
you know some good good high quality backlinks that are really going to push
your site up in Google so when you’re guest blogging you want to remember that
you don’t want to spam too many links a lot of websites have content guidelines
that you have to follow you know whether it needs to be a thousand words or it
can only have three outgoing links etc etc so make sure you read those content
guidelines on the site there your guest blog posting on and you know you’ll be
sure to approve it if everything is right so another thing to remember is
you want to be able to write on other people’s blogs sixty percent of time and
write on your own blog forty percent of the time so that kind of gives you an
idea of how much you should be writing on other people’s blogs instead of yours
because if you run out doors a bunch you’re gonna have a bunch of great
content but you’re also not going to have any backlinks to that content so
you have to write on other people’s sites and get you know high quality
backlinks from your competitors and from other people in your niche and that’s
how you really get high in Google so the next thing that you can do on a budget
is a web 2.0 act linking so web 2.0 sites are sites like WordPress comm and
Joomla and there’s a ton of web 2.0 web sites out there you can just google web
2.0 web sites and there’s ton of blogs I have a list of all of them and basically
what these are are high powered websites or high da websites that allow you to
create a free subdomain that you can you know test their their software or their
platform out on so this is great because you can create a subdomain on a really
high da domain like WordPress comm or do my comm and you can start writing
content on these web 2.0 sites and you can link back to your content that you
initially created and this will give it even more link juice to your original
content and boost you up a lot higher in Google so
these are three ways that you can get some great backlinks and start seeing
really great traffic from Google without having any budget at all so if you
enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to my channel I’m always gonna be
posting great content like this on how to get more backlinks and how to grow
your business online so thank you and have a great day today

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