How To Do SEO The Right Way in 2020

By | February 13, 2020

Today, we’re going to talk about how to do
SEO the right way in 2020 just to kind of kick things off the way SEO is nowadays,
I mean there’s, we’re talking millions of blog posts being published
every single day. It’s getting more and more competitive. The search result pages are
getting more and more confusing. Google is actually, when you land on the
search result page, the number of zero clicks searches are now the majority. So if I search for something
like how to tie a tie. Guess what, I might just find the answer
I need and I’m just going to bounce off. So basically what you can do is when
someone lands on a page and they land on result and you have one of the results
on the page, you can actually have sub results, maybe three or four kind of
additional results where you’re answering questions there. You can plug that in there. So I’ll recommend checking out FAQ schema. You can just search for Matthew Woodward
and he actually has a complete process on how to do that. The second thing is doing an audit, maybe
you do an audit once a month or so, or you can use an SEO tool out there. there’s a lot of popular SEO tools where
they give you a score and they tell you what to fix each and every week. I’ve actually got that
tip from my friend Sayed. You know, maybe you can have a developer
or you know, you’re constantly monitoring your site, but you’re constantly, you
know, trying to keep your score high. that’s, that seems like a
very no brainer thing to do. The other thing is. Thinking about your site speed. You can use Google page speed insights. You can also use Pingdom as well. I like using two sources of truth. You can also look at GT metrics as well. So that’s G T metrics with an X instead of
CIF S just constantly monitor your speed and you don’t want to slow things down
cause you’re trying to create a good user experience for people. Speed is a factor when it comes to SEO. Don’t load your site
with a bunch of popups. Don’t load it with a bunch
of widgets out there. It’s just going to slow things down. I’m not saying don’t use popups, but
just you don’t want to overdo it, right? Do on SERP SEO. So on Serp SEO means doing on the search
engine result page, think about, okay, if I have the rank zero result where I’m
showing the answer right there, how can I brand my company or tell them to check out
the site or click on the results to get more information? So take that call to action there. Brand yourself a little bit. That’s the best thing you can do there. And then also think about, title
and meta-description, as well. Like when you think about optimization
there thinking about how you can write a better title or better meta
description to entice people to click. You get a higher click through rate,
you’re going to get more traffic. That’s free work for free traffic for just
a little bit of work that you’ve already done. And then you can use Google search console
for that to just look at pages that have a high, high click through rate
or a low impression count. Or you can use our tool, you can use click
flow a, just click and you can manage a lot of these
kind of SEO processes. We also monitor the top pages on your
site and if they’re decaying in terms of traffic, so if you’re losing
a lot of traffic on a page. We’re going to let you know as well. And you can just go to click and you can find that option over there. And by the way, you don’t
need to use our tools. I mean those are the content
decay’s a free tool you can use. And then obviously if you want a free
thing to use for a title and meta description, you can use Google search
console or obviously you can just sign up and use our tool for free
for the trial period. The other thing I want to bring up
too is thinking about translation. So. Google needs a lot of content
in other languages as well. They’ve actually said this, so how can you
translate into other languages if it makes sense for your business? Think about there’s different schema
markup that you can use, right? There’s obviously, there’s review schema
as well, if it makes sense for you to be using reviews, use that. Use Google my business as well. If your local, local business, I think
about how you can occupy a lot of these, takeover the, the local snippets. Maybe you make different websites as well. And then also think about
going on each channel too. So what I mean by that is you don’t
want to rely completely on Google. Don’t forget about collecting emails on
your site because emails, that’s one thing you can control. Don’t think about diversifying
into different channels. If you’re writing something on a blog, how
can you convert it into a LinkedIn post? How can you convert it
into a Twitter post? How can you convert that
into something on Instagram? Think about how you can diversify because
a lot of the people that are doing marketing, I think the right way now a
modern day marketing is not putting all their eggs in one basket. I think still people are
making this mistake today. They’re relying completely on SEO. You don’t want to do that. And if you want to stand out when it comes
to SEO, like have a unique product, have a unique widget, have a unique tool that
way, that’s a much more linkable asset than, you know, just trying to go
out there and beg people for links. You know, I think it’s going to continue
to get tougher and tougher when it comes to SEO. Sure. We can talk about voice search. I just don’t think it’s you know, from
what we’re seeing right now, you’re not seeing like. I might ask what the weather is. I might ask what the, the liquor score is. I might ask these random things, but
at the end of the day, when it comes to business right now, I still think it’s
a little early for voice search to start taking off. I do think it’s going to become more
important later, just not right now. So if you’re asking about that,
you know, that doesn’t mind. That’s my opinion. And then let me know in the comments what
you think I missed in terms of how to do SEO the right way. At least for this year and beyond
and for coming from YouTube. Don’t forget to check out the next video
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  1. Jaya Vishwakarma Post author

    I have created a site but due to some reason I deleted it and the domain of that website is now parked on Google Blogger with coming soon page and the domain is around a year old. I was planning to reuse that domain for my new site. Will there be any kind of ranking or SEO issues from the Google perspective. Though my old site was indexed. I hope you got my question.

  2. Xadmagus Post author

    Very interesting video. But where do you think there is more space for creativity in digital marketing? Everybody says SEO has become more mechanic and robotic and methodic compared to 15 years ago when one could be more creative. So which subfield of digital marketing do you think one can be more creative in? Maybe copywriting? Design? CRO? SEO?…

  3. Xavier XYZ Post author

    Get a premium and trustful domain name to get better ctr! won’t do any good for seo.😀


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