How To Do SEO Properly: 5 SEO Mistakes You Are Doing in 2019

By | August 6, 2019

I don’t know if you’ve heard of a niche website,
it’s called It’s kind of niche, not everyone to use it,
not everyone heard of it, but maybe you have. The owners of it, ah, are worth 50 billion
each and it’s, ah, and the business is worth, ah, several $100 billion. Um, I don’t know if you notice it, this sparked
a new opportunity for the world of entrepreneurship. Now, we’re competing for keywords that have
market value or offering some value that ultimately will have a market value unless you like communism
and don’t care about market value. Today, let’s talk about SEO or search engine
optimization and how it affects you. Five mistakes that you are probably doing. There are five key points to you doing SEO
the right way and potentially at least five mistakes that you can do while trying to figure
those out. First, picking the right keyword. This begs the question, “Nick, how do I- how
do I pick the right keywords? I don’t- I don’t know how.” Well, first of all, I got to tell you this. If you’re watching right now and you’re subs-
not subscribed to this channel, there is a huge opportunity that you’re missing out on,
like it literally costs you nothing to subscribe to a channel. Like why are you not subscribing? Like better yet, okay, you subscribe. You click the notification like v-very– you
did a very good job. Okay, this is the first step to SEO success. Okay, you’re ranking first in Google but the
second step that you need to do to ensure that the dinosaur won’t step over you in the
next 24 hours is kicking the like button and commenting down below. What SEO tip do you like and what do you think
that I should add about SEO as a topic in my next video? Also, make sure you comment down below. If you’re already doing SEO, let me know in
the comment section down below by saying, “Yes, I’m doing SEO, Nick. I’m doing it. Maybe they’ll try it, but I’m trying to do
it.” So let’s hop onto my computer and let’s see
how to pick the right keywords. So the first step to doing in order to do
SEO the right way is picking the right keywords. If you do not have the right keywords, there
is a very slim chance that you will rank in Google at all, because maybe you’ve picked
two niche keywords that no one is using or you use two broad keywords that everyone is
using and websites with very high domain authority and URL authority are targeting, and you just
do not have a chance there. So what we’re going to be doing here is seeing
and checking out a free tool that I’m using. It’s called, and I’ll link it in the description
down below, it’s called Ubersuggest. So this little league guy who is basically
the godfather of all SEO, he’s really good at SEO. He’s called Neil Patel. And he basically decided to buy out the tool
for a few $100,000, that was paid to make it free so everyone is using it. And this is free traffic from him that he
then converts into, as you can see here, services and blah, blah, blah. So you go on or
just type in google that niche website that we are talking about, type SEO or, ah, Ubersuggest
SEO or just Ubersuggest and you go to this page. So how do you pick the right keywords? I’m supposing that you already have a website. If you do not have a website, make sure you
subscribe because I’ll make a, ah, video down the, um, down the line on how to start a website,
how to hire freelancers for web design, and so on. From the back end even if you can’t pick something. So what you can do is you type in a domain
of a-a competitor. So one– let’s say that you’re stein– starting,
ah, e-commerce store. So what you want to do is type in the name
of your competitor, for example, Oops! Store front and just leave captcha. You can see the backlinks profile normally. The organic traffic value of $36 million but
it’s, ah, that’s probably per month. The estimated Google Ads cost of this domain
ranks organic for, yeah, I’m nor-normally using [00:04:47] but it’s, ah, $180 per month
so I want to hook you up with a free tool. So the keywords that you– that are targeted,
for example, by this website and that you can potentially target which are not too weird
are, for example, what, what, what, what? I have no idea what– ah, wedding dresses,
right? So let’s say you’re targeting wedding-wedding
dresses. Like you have any com- or Shopify store and
you’re dropshipping some wedding dresses. And this website is ranking number three in
Google so maybe if you like this keyword, maybe this is a very broad keyword that you
might not be ranking for because even this website is worth several $100 million is not
able to rank number one for it. So you-you want to check a variation of those
keywords. And as you can see webbing dress is like wedding
dress. I don’t know what happened here but wedding
dress for sale, wedding dress bells, wedding dress clothes math, okay, so this has too
little volume but maybe you can try a word with around 5,000, this is really good. Now the difficulties and too hard so you can
make a blog post about it. And I’ll cover that in the next steps. But doing that, you can pick the right keywords
that are not too niche, not too broad for your website. The estimate competition is not too high,
but also you want to make sure the volume is pretty good. So above, ah, if you have, ah, a competition
here, having global competition is better, obviously. So around 21 to 20 would be good. And if you can find keywords that are 1 to
20 and have a few thousand maybe below, obviously below 10,000 on search volume, that would
be really good per month. And the second mistake you might be doing
is not doing the right on page optimization. If speaking the keywords is following the
fashion trend, doing on-page optimization the right way is speaking the right clothes. Ah, how do you like me? Yeah, I look lame but if you’re using WordPress,
your job is really, really a what is– a lot easier. You have no idea how easy it can be. If you have the plugin, Yoast SEO. If you don’t have it, make sure you do. I’ll link it in the description down below
as a plugin. So if you have that, you can you write, ah,
meta tags, learn how to focus keywords, and so on. I can teach that in a video– in an upcoming
video. If you want to see that on my channel, make
sure you comment down below. I want to see some Yoast SEO, Dr. Nicki and
I’ll make sure I do these video for you within 24 hours. I’m pretty sure I can do that. Number three is content. You ever heard the term cash is king? Well, in SEO content is king. What does content mean? Content is the words you have the fee– the-the
images, the assets you have on your website, the blog post, images, video, books, apps,
and blah, blah, blah in your website. Why is content king? Because Google, the company that you want
to rank in really rewards high retention. Let’s say you have a 2,000-word article. And then the person spends 15 or 20 minutes
on your website to read this article. This is really good at retention. But let’s say your article is really bad. It’s 200 words, it’s information that is all
over the place, nothing concrete, very broad. What happens? He-You have a very high bounce rate, which
is the chance of a person just clicking off your website, which is really bad for search
engines. So to rank good, you have to have good content. How can you g-get- have good content? Check the description down below. You can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork. I can show you that in another video obviously,
so make sure you subscribe to the channel. I can’t keep– I can’t stop plugging this
in because I’m a salesperson, but you need to be subscribed. Number four is backlinks. Backlinks obviously like eight years ago were
really, really important. My first job when I was in 11th grade was
to write, ah, stupid articles about guitars. I think I didn’t understand and the guy I
was writing them for made them with 10 names and spam the old place and he ranked very
stupid niche websites for guitars for Amazon, blah, blah, blah, blah every– he ranked them
very good even though the content was so bad. He had a really good strategy with his b-backlinks
and he was really doing an amazing job with Amazon affiliates and whatever. It is– just a small tip. Page view, it’s normal to get 2.5 cents per
page view if you have a niche website in this. If you’re watching this video to sell, ah, 
website like this, this is a good criteria, this is– if you don’t have, if you cannot
provide the value yourself like selling your own stuff, you have affiliate links blah,
blah, blah, small AdSense banners, this is a good-good-good, um, it’s a good starting
point for you too. So how do you build backlinks? Well, the way I am approaching backlinks is
I’m hiring people to do that for me because and they are working eight hours a day. You do not want to download software like
Money Robot or something like this to spam links. This is not good links. This can actually make Google penalize your
website. And the number five tip I’m going to give
you and I’m giving it for free guys, so yeah, and I’m going to say but yeah, yes, I will
subscribe. So the number five tip is load speed of your
website. Google does not reward slow load speed. You do not want your website to be slow. So how do you go about fixing this? If you’re using a WordPress, you just download
WP Rocket. I mean, that’s air, it helps you pretty much
do everything, right? And again, if you’re really interested in
me doing that, make sure you comment down below that you want to see more about tip
number five. If you are not using the right hosting service
as well, maybe if you have a lot of traction right now, you might want to switch it from
Publics, like a what– like a shared cloud service to a dedicated hosting company, ah,
and hire an actual web developer to help you, maybe that’s a good thing. But having slow low speed will definitely
not help you to get those first rankings. And you can probably imagine if you were opening
a website and it takes like 15 or 12 seconds to load, the images are not cached and so
on. like there’s a very high chance that you clicked
away. And yes, number one student, you probably
remember if you have a high bounce rate and low retention, what does Google do? Bye. The number– page number 50 and you’re, yeah. If you like this video, you know what to do. I plugged it in 10 times. Do you think I’ll do it again? Of course, I will. Make sure you subscribe to this channel. Give this video a thumbs up. It really helps me out, like when I see a
like on this video, I just– if I’m with– I just jump all over the place, I’m so happy,
so make sure you do that, okay? And there’s a huge, huge value, ah, if you
share this video to someone who’s trying to do business or, ah, rea- he’s really bad at
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so everyone can-can see on his wall. OG people called Wall, the Facebook Wall,
you know that website, it’s kind of niche as well Facebook. See you next one guys. A video a day keeps the doctor away.

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