How To Do SEO For YouTube Videos?

By | August 27, 2019

Welcome back. In this video, you’ll learn
the simple steps to get your next video to rank at the top of YouTube. You want
your subscribers to see your videos but you also want new people to find you,
people who’ve never heard of you before. You want your videos to show up in
search. Now if you’re thinking, I’m just going to repeat the things that you’ve
already heard, think again. You’ll find more clarity in this one video than in
any other resource on video SEO. I film and launch hundreds of YouTube episodes
every single month for channels in a wide variety of industries and video SEO
is our core growth strategy so after watching this video, you’ll be able to go
film a new video today and see it ranked on YouTube tonight. Alright, this is going to be fun.
I’m Nate Woodbury, the founder of Be The Hero Studios and when I launched my
company eight years ago, I was excited. I had just left a prominent SEO company
that worked with many big-name clients with their SEO campaigns and I thought
that I knew a lot about SEO but guess what I discovered, two things: one, the
strategies I knew didn’t really work for solopreneurs and two, SEO loopholes and
tricks that worked one year don’t work the next. The search engines like Google
and YouTube, they constantly improve so I went back to the beginning with the
mission to figure out two things: how do I do SEO for solopreneurs and how to do
SEO that wasn’t based on loopholes and trying to trick Google, basically how to
create videos that the search engines want to put on top and keep their for
years. So as you can guess, since I’m making this video, I figured it out and
it works. I’m going to share with you the system that I follow to rank videos in
the top 10 on YouTube the day that it’s launched. So rule number one, keywords at
the top. You want your main keywords for your video to be in the title, in the top
line of your description at the top of your keyword tags and at the top of your
video transcript. Now look.. You think you’ve heard this one before because you
have but your videos don’t rank on YouTube, do they? Let me explain a couple
more rules first and then I’ll come back and elaborate on this rule. I’m going to
cover rules, two and three together and you’ll understand why. So rule two, use
narrow specific topics and roll three more competitive topics need a video
series. You want your videos to be narrowed down as specific as possible.
For example, you can make a video on how to do push-ups or you can make a video
on how to do perfect push-ups for beginners, there are many important
reasons for this. Let’s talk about the reasons first and then I’ll give you
some more examples and I’ll even show you an awesome example on YouTube. Reason
number one, more specific topics have less competition and are easier for you
to dominate. Reason number two, the more focused your topic, the more applicable
it is to your target audience. Honing in allows you to speak to your tribe who
are most likely to hire you or buy from you and reason number three, when you
take a topic and break it down into several niche
subtopics, you now have the titles for a video series instead of just one broad
topic. Reason number four, if you create a video series like this then YouTube
knows that you’re the go-to channel for that topic and after a while you rank
for the more broad and more competitive phrases.
Okay, back to some examples. If you just make a video on how to do push-ups,
you’re fighting an uphill battle, think of how many other videos have been made
with that very same topic in title. The only way to outrank them is to create a
video that viewers like more than all the others and generates more revenue
than all the others. Now there’s several other things that go into it this is
possible but that’s a topic for another video, it’s a pretty big challenge. Now
what if you make one video called how to do a perfect push-up for beginners? The
second video called, does the perfect push-up really work? Third, what muscles
does the perfect push-up work? Fourth, the perfect push-up 30-day challenge. Fifth,
how do you do the perfect diamond push-up? Six, how do you do the perfect
one-arm push-up? Seven, the perfect push-up routine. Or eight, how not to do
push-ups? So each one of those videos will quickly rank on YouTube because
it’s laser specific. Content like this will attract a loyal tribe to you and
when you create a series like this, you’ll eventually dominate YouTube for
the more competitive broad topic of push-ups as well so how about I show you
a real example? If I do a search for how to invest in real estate with no money,
you’ll find this video at the top. We filmed this back in 2014 and it’s still
on top. Now since then, we’ve created hundreds of videos on other niche
focused topics. Now when you search YouTube for any category relating to
real estate investing, you’ll find one of our videos every time often multiple.
Let’s move on to rule number four, entice viewers to comment. You probably already
understand too that a video with better engagement from viewers will perform
better. In YouTube, this means the likes and comment so unfortunately YouTube
doesn’t have the option to share a video, that’s why there’s really no such thing
as a video going viral on YouTube, instead, we need to do things that
impress the algorithm to promoting your video and hopefully
someone will share your video link on other social platforms where it can go
viral. For social engagement, the best thing that you can do in your video is
incentivize the viewer for commenting. This might simply be that you promise to
personally respond but what if you get a little bit more creative? What questions
could you ask your viewers advice on that they would likely want to comment
about or you offer a download or something? Consider this, what type of
contest could you put on for those who comment? So are you getting the idea? At
the least, at the end of your videos, ask them a specific question and to comment
their answers below so before we move on to the next role, I’ll give you a bonus
tip. Next to the subscribe button, there’s a bell if they click it they can opt to
turn on email notifications from YouTube and every time a new video is uploaded
they get notified so this is so much more valuable than just a subscriber. I
recommend visually demonstrating how to do it when you invite them. Now in your
video, you might simply say “I upload new videos like this everyday. If you click
the bell icon right here then YouTube will notify you with when a videos been
uploaded.” Okay, let’s move on to rule number 5. Use keyword tags. Now strategically,
tags aren’t as important as it used to be but they’re still necessary and if
you use them strategically, it really works. Most people spam this section with
any keywords they can think of. This only confuses the algorithm into not really
knowing what your video is about so here’s an example. This video is
apparently about everything and therefore it won’t rank for any of them,
instead use the keyword phrase that describe the specific niche your videos
about. Include two or three variations that also have search volume and then
just a tag or two on broad subjects for the video and the channel. That’s it. It’s
better to get rankings for a few targeted phrases than to have a mess of
tags that get completely ignored. Put the most important phrase first and follow
the principle that less is more. Okay, rule number six, create clickbait
thumbnails. Yes, of course, you want to create clickbait. The thumbnail is one
shot to entice viewers to click and watch our video. We want
put as much psychology and strategy that we can into it so for obvious reasons,
what you show or say and your thumbnail needs to stay true to the content of the
video otherwise, your clickbait turns into bait-and-switch where viewers get
mad because they’re expecting something else so good clickbait will get you more
views. You could have an amazing video with a poorly designed thumbnail and
you’ll get less views and you can have a lousy video with an amazing thumbnail
and get tons of views. My recommendation is to first create amazing content and
then put focused energy into designing a compelling clickbait thumbnail to ensure
your content gets seen. If your content is average or your strategy is
bait-and-switch, your watch time will suffer and the YouTube algorithm will
see right through it, your video will be shown less and less. Okay, so how do you
design a great thumbnail? That’s a great question and it’s the subject of an
entire course so let me give you a shortcut. What I want you to do is do
some research on YouTube, comb through hundreds and hundreds of channels
looking for a style of thumbnail that looks professional that matches the
brand you want. Find a few that you really like and then be able to define
what it is that you like about them. Next I want you to copy and improve.
Yes, copy their style and improve upon it. The improving part is usually pretty
easy, what you’ll find is that most good channels use their thumbnails to inform,
they create thumbnails with professional design that repeats the title at the top
so don’t fall into that trap. Every time your thumbnail is shown, the title is
right there with it. Text on your thumb can be great but think of something else
to say besides what you already have in the in the title. Instead of using text
to inform, say something that makes them curious, turn a statement into a question
or use a phrase that creates curiosity such as, don’t make this mistake or look
what happens or have you done this or my biggest secret or it always work. The
imagery you choose combined with any text needs to create a desire to want to
watch and see. Combine this with strategic searchable
titles and you now have the best of both worlds. When people click your video,
they’ll be hooked into watching and have proper expectations for it so rule
number 7, be strategic with your descriptions. You
already know that you need to include your main keywords in the first sentence
or two of your description, right? You also know that the first two lines of
your description need to create curiosity as well, right? Now let me share
something with you that you don’t know. You should use the rest of your
description as you would the homepage of your website. If your viewer clicks to
view your description, they’re looking for something. This is where you get to
shine and let them know what your offerings are and that they’re a perfect
fit for what they’re looking for so focus on them, what’s in it for them, give
them links and resources in an organized way that they can find what they’re
looking for. Ask yourself what people might want to
know after watching this specific video. They might want your contact information,
they might want to know what you offer or just know more about you, they might
want to follow you on other social platforms, they might be looking for a
link to something that you mentioned in the video. Your video will introduce you
to brand new people who have never heard of you before and links and things that
you put in your description or one of the ways they can enter your sales
funnel. Okay rule number 8, shoot for 10 minutes. The goal here is watch time. We
don’t want to create long videos for the sake of them being long, YouTube loves
watch time. The ideal length of a videos between 7 and 16 minutes but if people
only watch the first minute, it would have been better that the video is just
1 minute long. Now some of you may be thinking, wow, 10 minutes, that’s a long
video and others might be saying, how could I possibly give them everything in
only 10 minutes? Let me answer both. The YouTube culture is used to watching
videos in the range of 7 to 16 minutes, they might have an hour or more to spend
on YouTube and plan on watching a handful of videos each hour. You are
their entertainment. Each episode needs to be long enough to give them
recognizable values and build familiarity with your personality. In
addition to informing and entertaining them, you want them to like you,
you want them to know you by name and desire to follow you. The more successful
you are narrowing down your video niche, the topic, the easier time you’ll have to
keeping your content from going too long. If it’s too long,
you didn’t go specific enough. If you followed my advice for making a video
series on a topic then each video will be very specific allowing you
to thoroughly cover the topic in around 10 minutes and give you plenty of wiggle
room to allow your personality to come through so that they can connect with
you. Okay, rule number 9, analyze and improve. So after you post each video,
watch how it performs. Did it do well or not compare it to the performance of
your other videos? Ask yourself why did this one get more views than that one,
what did I do different? Become familiar with YouTube analytics, become a numbers
nerd. Believe me, when you have a video that starts to spike, you won’t be able
to stay away from the analytics. Learn from it, make decisions and try new
things, you’ll win some, you lose some but over, time you’ll get better and
better. YouTube tells you so much about each video. You’ll know what percentage
of people watch the entire video, you’ll know the most common places that people
lose interest and leave. If you dig in, you can determine what your audience
enjoys the most. Now YouTube SEO is all about impressing the algorithm. The steps
that YouTube shows you on the dashboard are the stats you want to score the best
at. If you do and you follow these nine rules, you’ll show up in the top of
search, you’ll show up in suggested videos, YouTube will promote your videos
for you. What are the questions do you have about video SEO? I want to answer
them for you, leave your questions in the comments below and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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