How To Do Search Engine Optimization Yourself With Builderall

By | August 14, 2019

How to do search engine optimization Yourself? Okay how to get ranked in Google how to do search engine optimization Seo how to do you’ve got a website Okay, what you’re gonna we’re going to use build a wall as a platform to build a website But it doesn’t matter you can use any anything to build a website any platform It’s you know, how do you get ranked in Google? How do you get how do you do SEO yourself? Get yourself ranked in the search engines. Okay, let’s see now You got Google Analytics. You want to get rough? You want to get Google Analytics on your website. So it’s for tracking purposes and The other thing you want to do is on the Google search count or search console you’re gonna rank up you’re gonna get you’re gonna put a tag on your website think it’s a To get indexed in the in the in the search engine. Okay, so Like I said, I use build the role you can use any any website builder you want. I mean, it’s just a matter of of Jees Keyword, you know he picking a keyword came to keyword research You find a keyword that you want to rank for you go for something mid-range You’re not gonna go for a hard keyword you looking for something with? high You know, you know Low and low difficulty. I’ve, awl um– okay high traffic low difficulty And and those are the keywords you’re looking for. Okay, and then you’re gonna you’re gonna rank for those keywords by You know writing copy in your on your website and you’re gonna you’re gonna have an h1 tag Which is like a title a title tag, h1 tag will have your keyword in it You’ll have meta tags and I’ll show you how to do all kinds of other tags You you can name your pictures You know all your images get get names those are tags and you get ranked in Google okay, so Build a roll, like I said, you can use any you know one the little has everything here So you’ve got buildable has a builder, you know drag-and-drop Website builders you can build in website. So if you click on their Clicking on 4. This is a blank template. Ok Matter of fact, let me go package show you if we do the do new website They have millions of templates and you know in all different niches, okay Okay, but I’m gonna use a blank page to Figure out to show you what I’m doing. So you get a blank page. I don’t know what your niche is I don’t know what your you know your story is what you’ve what your copy is gonna be I’m gonna show you how to get some copy builder all has a script generator You can put all your information into a script generator. It’ll spit out a script generator for you. Ok, so This is a simple web page. It’s only got one page one page right now It’s home page. You want to add pages to it you go here to the default Layout this is your layout. Here’s your pages not down here. You can add a page now You’re gonna you’re gonna add pages. We’re going to go through privacy policy terms of website conditions and you know All kinds of legal pages that you have to have in your website in order if you’re gonna use Facebook ads or any any other kind of ads You’re gonna have to have all these on your landing page. Ok. Um, so That’s one thing on there so that showing you that You’re gonna add this button here now again, this is buildable Every other web builder site builder is gonna have it’s basically the same stuff, you know cut and paste drag-and-drop Click here open this just when you’re gonna add the add the plus button you need everything so you would add text Right you want to up here is the title text now see how it says h1 So you would add an h1 text, you know And it would go up here and that would be your h1 title text and you would know don’t mind the language you can see No, you can change it to any language doesn’t really matter what it is. So then you turn around and you make your text Come over here again. And uh Like I like to do videos so you come down here the video And then you add a video pops up over there and you can move it anywhere. You can size it I can change the size of it by going here. I can make it small and stick it up here You know I can move this over here drag-and-drop everywhere the The header up here I can change I can put a logo on it Okay, the footer down at the bottom you can do change all that stuff, too So, you know you get what I’m saying you can also obviously, you know do a picture You can add a button you can hit boxes and lines a banner. You could add an image. Okay, you can hit images and You can put that image anywhere you want you can size it resize it put it anywhere you want, okay? As you go down the page right so you go down the page you can add more much more text You can always add more text now that we have that what that was an h1 up here for the title So now you want to go down to paragraphs and you’ve got the different body sizes and you would click on here. Okay now This is kind of a mess because I just throwing all of this stuff on the page but basically see how easy it is and and Anything anytime I want now there was a time where I had pictures up at the top and I decided to put a video in So I all I had to do is drag it down out of the way put the video in very very very easy to do and It to build the webpage. Okay, so I’m gonna click out of this. We’re not gonna save it Okay, because I was a big mess Here is the website again build a roll builder. Will’s having a launch coming up at 3.0 where they do enough Upgrading everything. It’s gonna be awesome but so my keyword was build the roll 3.0 and I put it in and then and I stuck the keywords and I used a script generator Let me go over here build a roll main page you go down to the apps down here and one of the apps is The script generator Right here. Okay, and so you would I don’t know if I can pull it up It’ll let me pull it up The script generator is really cool because you put in all your all your parameters you create an avatar of the perfect customer and uh and then you put in all your keywords and it spits out my copy for you and So you generate the script you could save the templates, okay? and of course as always dissolved video tutorials on it, so I mean So you can make your own copy you make your own website Get your own pictures okay, so now your uh like I said You’re putting your keywords in the website Okay, like I put a button in here for a seven day free trial create no credit card needed Each one of these photos. Okay, if you double-click on the photo, and again, this is buildable WordPress has the same thing, you know, I used WordPress before so you go to edit image title Right, and there’s my keywords image titles my keyword and an alt image title is my keyword Okay, so now yes, you’re getting keywords on all your images You get new keywords now. Also I’m getting backlinks because I’m putting different links from you know There’s this is a seven day free trial. This is not the seven day free trial then further down. There’s free affiliate you can sign up to be a free affiliate and it doesn’t cost anything to promote build a role and You can sign up down there for the free affiliate And so those are all backlinks this tell, you know explains everything about what what what it does So it’s plenty of plenty of keywords and plenty of backlinks in here again The seven day free trial another photo with see this see how it says build a rule 3.0. Okay Now that’s a subtle keyword, you know for the website. So this is how you get an SEO it done Okay You you stack all your your stuff all your photos all your images you get a video and again google loves video this video here is ranked ranks on the first page of Google for buildable 3.0. Okay, and I threw that up in a day and it’s already ranking. So it’s awesome stuff. SEO is great It’s free traffic SEO when they when they go to Google and search something it Google’s a trusted friend Okay, I mean what they believe what Google tells and whatever pops up on the first page They automatically think it’s the best They trust Google did the research and what they’re being shown is the number one thing for what they searched for That’s what Google is known for and that’s so you’re on the first page of Google. You’re it, man You know people people think okay you get credible credibility Okay. So again, I Said videos are important to help your video to help your page rank now subtle we go here Okay Up here is in the settings You put in your title, okay, that’s gonna also be SEO I’m gonna get the 2019 out here cuz I don’t want to write for 2019 See that’s all that’s all like that my description Okay, here’s my keywords Meta tag, this is for the Google search console so that it’ll be seemed The web crawlers will crawl my website and see what about what it is Then you got if you have a Facebook pixel it goes here And for google analytics it goes here in the analytics right then all the scripts go there. Okay, so basically That’s how you do that You go to google webmasters and how you’re gonna you’re gonna find out how to get that Keyword, I mean, I’m not keyword It’s going to show you how to get the Tag to put in in in there. Okay, and then you also go to google analytics and they’ll give you also the tag here Okay And you’re gonna have to go and verify your website at these at Google Analytics and Google Console very simple stuff to do you go and do that you verify it and then then it attracts it Okay, so going back To My website here, okay. Now I showed you the tools in build a roll What I need to do is go up to My sites I’m going to show you something Because they they have an SEO tool builder all has its own SEO tool So if I go to my site and this is the one right here, I want to copy this Copy address, okay I’m gonna go back down to the apps Down here it is right here go to the apps and we’re gonna go to SEO on page report tool, okay SEO one page report tool you’re gonna go in there now Very cool. You’re gonna put your keyword in here might build the whole 3.0 is my keyword and my URL Is right there, right? So then we’re gonna hit search and it’s going to give us a report on SEO on the page Okay Okay, so total keyword usage was 15 – the title for the Meta Description one in the h1 four in the body Okay image all titles history see to see how it counts. Okay, I see how it counts So my URL received an eight and they great my URL. Okay, awesome stuff high relevance factors Critical factors moderate relevance factors low relevance factors and ops gives you a whole report Page details. Okay accessible to engines. It’s got it. All is this site is is kicking man So this is all ready to go when when the 3.0 launch happens. All right And that’s all from the builder role tools okay, I use the script generator I used the SEO on page report tool I use the website builder. I used a used it all man okay, I mean I mean It’s a it’s a business in a box You do any kind of digital marketing build a wall. And again, I’m telling you SEO is the same on any any website? Okay, any any platform whether it’s WordPress or whatever, you know, it’s you’re still doing your analytics tags He’s still doing you know, your search engine take you’re still doing your SEO. You’re still stuffing your images You’re still putting your title in your meta tags and all that kind of stuff in there Okay, you’re you’re doing all the same things just different platforms It’s just where you want to pay for the platform’s, you know, buildable has all these tools for one price you know you get a website builder for $99 and you get a an order responder for 30 40 dollars and then you get a SEO tool for $30 then you you get landing pages for 22 another $50 $100 and you know It’s it adds up to like so much and then apps chat BOTS for another $100 facebook chat BOTS You name it, okay Like I’m not going to go through all the tools build a role But they do have a lot of stuff for the foot of money, but you could check it out and check out the free 7 day free trial look forward to the 3.0 launch in buildable. It’s gonna be they they’re adding a lot of good new stuff And really get in get in now because the price is gonna go up soon I’m pretty sure the price is gonna go up got to get in now on the ground floor get in learn How do you use these apps for affiliate marketing for for digital marketing for dropshipping? for e-commerce for To make courses, you know to run webinars. I mean this this is the ultimate platform for everything okay, so I mean, I don’t know if you thought you learned something about anything here, but you know a Short period of time I went through a lot of information pretty fast may want to watch it again but you Know if you want to go and look through You know the copy you know It it has to read like a person is speaking Okay. Now of course, I’m listing here all of the all of the different apps on the tool Right, so that that’s a list but for the most part you gotta it’s got to flow in Conversation so that the search engines will pick it up and you gotta have your keywords in this. All right, okay So like and subscribe to the channel, you know, we we learn how to make money online here You didn’t know and build a role and we used build a role for our platform just because it’s easy So you have everything on one platform and you don’t have to worry about? Ten different tools from ten ten different platforms and ten different bills and ten different things They can go over on. Ok. So any questions leave a comment down? What platform do you use? How do you build your websites? What do you do you like it is, you know? Is it friendly is it something that you have to learn how to do a lot of stuff to figure it out was really easy I mean building rules real easy and if what you don’t know There’s the tutorials or is ridiculous They have so many tutorials and training videos and and and and so many different people In build the role that are willing to help you and if you if you’re signed up under me for the 7-day free trial Meant to your mentor you I’ll give you the Facebook Message or you can message me on Facebook can ask me any questions and now up you will figure out what you’re doing wrong so what you’re doing right get you on track and Fix you up and as long, you know, I’m here to help because it’s a, you know pay it forward and you know You’ve got to help enough people get what they want. You’ll get what you want and to be successful You have to help other people be successful. I truly believe that So that’s that okay like and subscribe

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