How to create success on YouTube! Organic SEO and ranking on Google!

By | March 4, 2020

[Eric] hey everybody Eric Isham Founder and CEO
at OMNICOMMANDER [Mark] Mark Cassara Marketing Coordinator in Nashville [Eric] yeah so Marks
in town this week we’re doing some videos we’re talking about branding it’s
2020 which is [Mark] the year of the brand [Eric] and one of the things that we’re talking
about today is video content one of the platforms that’s near and dear to Mark’s
heart is YouTube so Mark you’ve had a lot of success with YouTube you’ve got a
channel with over a hundred thousand views excuse me rather
followers why don’t you talked a little bit about how if you built that up and why
YouTube as a platform is so important to our question [Mark] sure absolutely yeah
YouTube is definitely important and I think in 2020 video content is going to
be a game changer for the industry especially the credit unions I’ve been
privileged to build a YouTube channel of over 120,000 subscribers with my boys my
younger kids and it’s just it’s been a heck of a time a lot of fun but there’s
a lot of technical stuff that goes into it as well as far as hash tags and
keywords and and title optimization but it’s definitely one of the best
platforms to present your content on I think 2020 is gonna be a big year for
video [Eric] and why is it so important to post on YouTube as opposed to other places
[Mark] yeah so a lot of people don’t know YouTube is actually owned by Google
Google is the mother company of YouTube and so when you put content on YouTube
it ends up making its way up the search engine when people search for something
in Google so the more content you put on YouTube the lut more likely or your
chances are of being found on the first page of Google [Eric] okay so the content that
gets created and posted on YouTube it flows into Google so you’re actually
getting search engine optimization [Mark] absolutely absolutely organic SEO is is
the best thing that YouTube actually produces organic [Eric] okay fantastic so for
this and more you got to check out our youtube channel which Mark is now
administrating and we’re gonna be posting a lot of tips and tricks and
different things that credit unions can go out and start producing their video
put it on YouTube and help increase their search engine
of course also check us out at OMNICOMMANDER.COM or reach out today if you
want to speak with Mark and learn a little bit more about how content
marketing video marketing and putting things on YouTube can help drive results
for your credit union Thanks

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