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By | November 19, 2019

So today we discuss about how to create a YouTube channel So how to revenue will be start by YouTube channel, what is it new update by YouTube channel? So is a very important by YouTube revenue nowadays very is a completely for YouTube So here YouTube will be two types channel will be there One is called user Is a team at Google best profile channel the channel we can’t give access by other member YouTube if you teach the channel will be two tips when he’s called user channel Second one is called branch and branch out about your company channel so Here you already created from the Google+ profile What is the profile? I’m here just we look here Duncan in tech solutions In for tech solutions, so here, this is my channel here now This is my profile actually that I’m user this name here. This is not your profile name profile a nothing but I’m genius a name here, which for second tier and changing name here murders and distal Yes, it’s nothing but your surname. I can give you for this is like that name. Call is Noah Do so I am clicking for here Others this is a lamp unit so previous. You can name call is something like the tug Infotech solution will be there I’m Jana has an hour agenda discharge. This is a username So always Google+ profile name is call your username. Don’t use any kind of empty names Which is nothing but profile name as a person name on male or female any name fulfilling nothing But just here previous like this now the fresh name will be changed Not disturb so here I am going to youtube channel here and click the YouTube channel, just refresh So here this is a you two will be latest version Sometimes it will be confused by the new person that time we can go by the old one restore. Wall you too I Prefer not the answer I can provide any not answer here click here click first submit So they going to hold worship is easy understand by holy worship. New version will become some way will be Difficult for the new user so yeah, I am clicking for this one Here they can give by two options Creator studio don’t go to the creator studio here. This is Trudy option. This is called dashboard option. I am clicking for settings The option collies see all my channels Here this is all your Google+ pages Which page you can create by channel so is my profile What is the problem with profile tell you? You can give YouTube channel by multiple user access sub I created my youtube channel Then posting Powerbank uses some other access from you as I remember but in a profile We can’t give access by other member so the reason is we can get by your brand page here By our trading by your new channel also Every branding page. We can create by Google here look this one at Google. This is all your brand pages If bleep landing page your YouTube account how to create a branding page go to your Google+ profile create by brand Create a Google+ page Young giver Distill marketing You Interview questions and Answers Question and answers aah Done you ask him by your phone number you can verify with the phone number here wait for a second again Am I doing from the proper code? I’m looking for enable this option here So he’s created perfectly newer Ban page here now after today a brand page first of all we can do the first option is called Here go to profile Edit profile first of all your create the picture Colley’s profile where you can upload by your desktop So right on oversize pioneer by 500 You You can design your logo using with you can place this logo into the ear itself I’m getting for this one So you’re I’m adding the slower your click for gun No habit, so we’re not visible click this option Upload photo here you can change by it another logo another local sub but a logo say will be finded by 500 You don’t click file save Sonia say what now really do three fish? It’s clear so your channel will be created here now. I am going to YouTube here. Yes. I’m going to refresh Then this channel now click and creating channel, okay Now what do you do for my channel? So yeah, this is your channel here first of all here Is my cover image disco your logo first one? What is that here? This is my cover image right? Don’t cover my size – five six zero into One four four zero Now here the option call is edit channel art What the size will be 2 5 6 0 into 1 4 4 0 I? Can add 1 screen here use n bytes pin here? I can make the image you can use by Can use blaming by email back and what a dragon Gouda one image here this for temporary by the per after it can change by your liking any cover image So yeah This is my third image So after that you can create by your menu option how to feed your menu option see any main option is there here? Now go to settings the option Polys customize the layout for the channel click this option click for Save So here this is called upload channel after that setting the option Colley’s show discussion tab Click here, but say Series home videos playlist channel Discussion a boat and this is a two options so your YouTube complete base done by vid IQ toolbar Definitely can add by your with IQ tools, but this is curved browser extension this is called browser extension here this option will be there, but they how many subscale got everything checked by your YouTube here these options What it is back how many men watch my videos 60 minutes back? How many member watch my videos? We’ve been captured by every our Captor by we’re aq toolbar now here So first you adding your cover image and your logo and you activate your icons after that here look. What is that? Edit links inside them are your social icons So before that vent reading channel don’t forget the setting option. We activate to option one and two First we character by this one after click the saved we can go another setting option click for second option. I clicked for say So yeah, I’m reading for this channel here first. Yeah, what is called? Post your interior channel-set a first important that is called odo video manager First even set up your channel now Very important thing is first of all verify your YouTube channel by your mobile number is mandatory Go to channel here Here first of all benefiting YouTube channel definitely can verify your email one of my his mandates from your YouTube channel any YouTube channels, so I’m looking for verified my YouTube channel here, so We’ll give your country code like to India anything after that you can call me your number So the enter your phone number click first submit So here after enter your phone number. They’re calling by six. This is number here – tired sixty number look for submit Your China will be very faithful continue look anyone after in your channel Must wait for it your mobile number if not verify your mobile number they can skate by your custom thumbnail on your YouTube channel With all ready for your mobile my own youtube channel. We can’t create your custom thumbnail on your YouTube channel, so he’s a verification Is ready for your then with your mobile number after that? Here a second option upload default when uploading any your content What is your category? Supply your property from the education why because you’re pruny for distant Margaery? Interview pushed and answers this is for the education purpose your license will be two things One is called standard YouTube license second one is the Creative Commons this common purpose or comedy anything any kind of common things for the standard YouTube license, I’m promoting for the standard YouTube license Suppose if we create any default I didn’t know I’m not getting any default I do here so after that you can use a proper Description here now you can give title by using by double course Is all your comment tax you So I’m writing here So I’m reading one by one here you you You You So I’m you the this all keyword so here, I’m not using comma there using only for double course So your so after that I’m adding with the description here wait for second. I’m adding description Here I Am writing for information call a botch Now with my blogger design der everything here just Then now click here So here’s a common tax will be done see a comment will be eating everything will be accepted somebody will be done your comment So it will be uncheck the common will be not accepted here so user can view a reading and you or this video likes and dislikes take nothing but likes and dislikes now your language will be always read by the English So we hotel you put in for tell you we can celebrate the Louvre and answer by already putting for the English year Now here, don’t set any option here. This is a default option here click file save Done the child sitting next to one future contained Here you can create by 1/3 eye on YouTube for your video promotion purpose We can create by one add by your YouTube, but promoting by your video like Your channel will be no add is there the views are there just a show you how to add the videos See I don’t have any videos after uploading video I can show this how can we do our kidding by adding now click for banning? My nothing, but when you play this video And I with your watermark whatever theme, but I can now keep the add watermark Choose your file this will be only for 1 MB file They Knox accept them more than 1mb here This is kerwin you pay this feed your automation showing by the adoption along with the subscribe button now click for say So your net default what is the continual adding this year? Just go to advance I do nothing but complete channel tags here channel keywords Cherrylle blaster which country India Suppose even you to promote by some other country can change a country always Wait go to your YouTube channel click for channel option police video manager in this option Polly’s Channel in the option Polly’s advance will be changing this country We can promote that country always the changing by your yeah You will be going to the country will be change so MRE with India here here we can add to it by your website, or blog is mandated from your site and Your blogger will be activated along with your Google Analytics is mandatory That I will be coming to Your Google and list by where which country they can easy captured by your Google antics So pairs on the your tracking ID is a very very important What are the little antics ID will be then your blogger same ID will be there in to your YouTube channel? So we can help a lot also by your bloggers But the blogger must applicable by webmaster and analytics this master should important We will add read by your blog address on your Google and a spot here tracking ID click first save So you’re perfect ready by your channel appoint you I’d buy everything here except a future until I’m not adding now it was I’m not on you a blog address and your Tracking ID in lateral you can ask me you’re tagging Eddie when you pin you a blogger along with your activatable your Google and mix now here This is called analytics So user damnit your YouTube how much time will be spending Everything check by your analytics part here. See this is all your report timing You can export your data also report by CSV format so Sea-washed time your they when your venue will be not added here when axes will be approved your revenue will be added here So clear so first of all I am going to my channel here So this is my channel, I’m not adding any video here first. I’m uploading one video here. Just take what is called upload So remember anytime in uploading time here, they called for option will be available One is called public second one is unlisted third one is a private fourth one is called schedule should develop debug you can be defeated by Nesta week or Maybe next day like anything you would schedule by this first See it When you put this pose they give you the schedule data and everything Now here, so always when you’re uploading your video. You click by unlisted always So first time to upload video here And thirteen the file is called yeah upset anyway video here cm7 video here this term are getting fa Q’s Here To learn this video you You I Can give a cleaner name See effect use as you can write by FA cos gamma You You Interview personal Ounces well as Cory will be there here after 50. They give the score by 37 here Can you buy a fake use? Interview so I can view by here Right I use some name a lot. I can change my name also See this is my content version FAQ here this support ID will be called hundred characters for YouTube title description will be up to five thousand characters and Heroes will be I accept by up to 500 characters along with the space look here This is a spool out of 50 days view the score by 50 here now When you’re creating by playlist relevant place is mandatory for the here Create a new list link for immediate So done is my playlist So that when I did the club this time They asked him by Jeep lysander twitter here, so i’m activated tutor here Which was say grant I? Am Annie with the authorized just login my Twitter icon here so here I’m give only accessed by Google place so in uploading me to automate if they go into the main Google based branding page So here I am user content here. Just I’m putting for us as tag this term marketing Again you bastard if accused by ambu fir Distill touch no clear so how to enormous coal will be there 43 so just increase your score here I cleared by discharge a little bit So total will be called 24 by 9 now simple here, just give you the complete one You So yeah, what is that custom thumbnail? So yeah, just hidden this one here click clip for custom thumbnail You can add image by your here, just you can save by this one So we not verified by YouTube channel we can’t create by the custom thumbnail It very mandatory thing now. You are click for sale change Damn this is one now. Yeah, just come to your YouTube channel refresh Related so very important Polly’s photo for new visitor any news come to your channel channel trailer click this one add this video click for save So yeah just is my channel here I opened by another browser Channel open will be like this Yeah, and now with the one video here, they will be a play automatically when you open your channel So we will be automatable being this Startup YouTube John will be starting with you here amid the you’re here. See you The video has a no music You can’t the music also here just This you’re kidding by here, so I’m looking for videos. How many ways are there one video see a click for playlists? One playlist is there what is called this time are getting a fake use so yeah Any channel will be called you can any subscriber channel will be there you can show by your subscribe channel So I can show you one more channel will be there so here. I’m open this channel here just for subscriber purpose Here, I’m clicking for subscribe button When you click the subscribe button here and subscribe this button here, just go to your channel here refresh What are the channel will you subscribe the channel list by your coming to by this channel part Is a discussion You Oh bleeped discussion about writing any content here at any public comment, can I’d come in from your YouTube channel So public will be interact with you Firewall is called a boat, but your information your source like I everything so I’m not giving anything here So you can give by your entry here? So yeah, you can view your gmail address and give me the channel description also after clicking your social icons here can buy multiple social icons here just here I can give my YouTube here a Given if I one channel here same yo YouTube channel You We say Now yeah only one time will be I mean to this here where we can avoid we can fill up your email for contact purpose They will contact by your email simple here you can subscribe this channel Ok now your I’m looking for a watch See I can understand in this person every details here country. You’re away will be there. It’s here, but they’re not adding by gmail address look here Already we can intimate by your officially what this will be the Ariat. This is all my social media icons But yeah, I’m not adding for any social icon by my boat here in latter You can add by your socialite unlikely YouTube Twitter Facebook anything we can add by here Purpose of hitting lights and follow up our your channel now. You are looking for this one Now my video will be no to have a music just what is called I am going to wear Video Manager Yeah, they will indicate Lord Skaar look And hear music while My youtube channel reader will be no music is there now simple will be alpha click this one The option call is REO You can have a multiple curry will build a select any category. I’m said to an option is called anyone Audio blipped fur save this file See here I’m adding. This music here wait for second music will be added here so Radio main thing is called three options my video will be captured by screen by One is called in this screen orientation is very important in video. This is call we can add by another Playlist by end of the your video how to make a play by another video automatically now click here So click further create the option, Khali’s playlist When your playlist click fer say So why because only one video is there they call him by this option departing for another video? The option will be no problem, so wait for a second uploading one more video here Just click for upload So when uploading diamond bling fur unlist click here I’m opening for PPD here I’m not buying what we do here You I do custom thumbnail So everything will be to mark so whenever this all Sigma will be perfect your money will be getting for more Every option will be right tick mark Everything will be called my interruption will be proper tick, MA Your money will be generated by your utopia, so how much your school will be called 8.9. So you can add by one by one here Adwords Advertising fundamentals exam Practical text so yeah and give You Now this one and same the ideal we can add by here Where your playlists You can create by your common one Also, the disc called Istanbul is a common issue is a common the same is a common one a way multiple playlists also You Done so yeah This is a container will be there probably here it is So we click for publish So we do has published here, just look lik for videos You And how many ways are there to look for a ditch Whether it’s indentation Our element bitch I have perfect so which clearly can show up this end one. This is a thank you button You play by another video. This is called viewing please purpose when if you resist that video the other buddy play for another video we can place for four videos we can place by four videos, but YouTube’s new update they reduce by only for three video will be accepted here in the screen how many videos three video But my utility one video is there you can buy one video here You can add my number of videos within in this key will be three videos one to name a love D We can show by as a like this now here now click for ours At God You Eh ear what button? Is that God you will be dead like this So you are very save here is go to back You Look here December I did here In four so I mean option will be showing here in this right corner You This option how many done one two three four so maunder is nothing? But when you are several approved boutique my will be done So I’m not sharing for Twitter so when you share it to turn you will done so in sharing your Facebook with the like You’re done anybody reply on your comment box that tip point will be done. This is called conclusive caps option Nothing but your channel name simple here just his final one What is called sub-headline by CC nothing, but we never play the video they give the subtitles They’re playing by Telugu, they gives us after by English they play by English they gives up there by Telugu We can capture with in tidal Bay this last option The study will create by yourself by notepad or somewhere else we can capture by here yourself so your English See your upload file on your desktop The video captured by which kind of tie gel will be there when English they give the Dilute Idol when I tell you we can get upload by the English title here Is a clear right typing uses common name? This video belongs to just another example for publish here come common name I don’t any friend of the Teddy will be there and you this now go this and find settings Okay just come down You It’s clear Done whether the menu option is one duration will be pending with this heading pending? Facebook shading with the one light will be pending This one will be comment will be pending when how many paintings are there total How many are there three six plus three out of nine? How many will be free or will be the if I will be done? So Y will be six will be your hand Why I am NOT the idea with shades and the theme, but here not a new option call this feature Very important you know pro in time. They asked him by Twitter user teacher accessed again They utter when shared by your data will be both filter here now. You’re just I’m going to Google+ profile here What are my page name is my Google+ page this term already in Turkish announces here. Just click here All banning pages here What are the way of dating they are to be posed by your Google based band page Here mr.. Mizer David was 10 ounces What are the posting done by your YouTube channel? What am I post by your? Google+ page here look Done you are floating by where YouTube channel whatever I update by them Well Google+ is it clear. This is Carl this kind with your Google+ and Twitter He has a doubt so we can’t add back Facebook are linking we can’t Take you the only for Deborah is a to option one is got Google per second is de Twitter so clear that this can be shaded by this information by is to option only So clear we can make your channel first of all you define your channel here, and you are pending one one thing We’re go to channel or option college future add Now click the future to contain Select to add Which ad which video you can paste by ad as a free of cost Now select your ad now click one and we’ll with it now That it will be gone you do will be Peevly promoted that is catechumen in video the three of us will be recommend by your ad like this man one will be so we can place one will be called when ad will be golf free of cost by mantras your Video they’re getting from more buspar this video by using mr. Future dad purpose you think I recommended video here, so here now click for my channel here, so Everything perfect my channel between you buy cover image logo and videos. I’ll buy everything see you You can change by any options, or you can have any options click here, so yeah? applause Say so when go to your channel here So I Open up another tab we’re open for the like this When you play you play by automatically your play will be this is Clear this is called good So this is called out TD or you to tunnel and check by your traffic by using with? We’d IQ toolbar so proper school will be cleared by where we like you toolbar? what are the main options called one is curve in the screen and course and third one is a close-up capture and share you information Twitter and Facebook under eating you by Robert make a playlist Every video managed by playlist with a playlist be gone killed by your ad the disguise always your tick mark We can fill up the dis options are very important They actually show him by only four with a good toolbar only is clear Only one option will be pending the risk of when you ask them We approved the option will be active by you are one dish will be enable here based on the country here So clear this is Cal kiddo you too bad upload your videos based on the proper title and a proper thing Suppose if you need the youtube search results just go to your youtube channel here you Can search anything by here like you are looking for SEO? Oceans and answers but Such will be there 56,000 four-handed Support even do the video market research be compelled by only for here Suppose you look look the website And oh you two we can search by the Google here now the same one we can search by wait Google you See how much one good 46 lat compared with YouTube the bailiffs, so if you have to upload by video by YouTube we can capture by the chills suppose in s you in a question before I marry with Interview see how much I need other so no need to either by interview here unite by which Nancy will be very I 56,000 potent it. It’s clear based on the search you can mention for your title they will based on that you getting her go traffic first when uploading video we can share your continues on the Multiple social icons see your 0 video here if you reach the content for the more people You can shield by here results jail button here. You can use by Facebook Google+ Twitter Everything will be possible by the share button here Video ad by some other website. We can use by embed code You can capture this code place by your blog or website anyway being page this embed code If you send me this video by email in your action by send by email. It’s and user two are looking you by inbox message click for sin may This is well more rich purpose you have to take the earth in under email citizen by individuals, so I send by bulk mailing for this feeder you can use by the Whaleship dot comes opted. It’s clear This is called video or video marketing and start your video so video how to begin this abuse first of all shading you this panda will be multiple social media endure and used by the Magnets of mishandle search engine submission here, so your if your video will be approved or not In a google search engine just copy this URL Just into search click here Index so is based on by your title will be very very common thing here They accept up to 165 characters is support by your description so if you maintain for the proper 165 guarded by in your description by way in your description part here they accept how many cactus phyto a character, but we have bigger by you in your Description only for 165 characters here is your title this is your description so yeah? This is called making your YouTube channel how to upload your video and everything discussed by the video channel feeding by YouTube

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