How to create free website with free domain name and free hosting 2019

By | December 14, 2019

So guys today i’m gonna about free web hosting, free domain and free wordpress hosting So first i’m gonna show you how this website looks like. so this wonderfull website looks like this and it’s free for lifetime and domain name is free for 1 year so first go to freenom i have recently added video on freenom here i’ll type my desired name and here i’ll purchase it in 0.00 usd I didn’t have to pay a single rupee. and here i changed 3 months free period to 12 months and here i have to verify my email address i goto my email address i’ll open my freenom link and verify my email. here i have to give all my details. after giving details my domain status is active. so for free hosting for a lifetime we go to infinity so infinity free is a webhosting where lifetime webhosting is provided. you don’t have to pay anything and you need only domain which we buy for free from freenom i’ll signup from here. i’ll verify my verification email. and here first i take their subdomain. i write here cyberera, afterwards we will change it with freenom domain they created my username. then we goto control panel. Main thing is here. goto aliases parked domains we will change our domain name from here. and here i’ll write my domain name here below the server names are seen we have to type them in freenom server names. so i’ll copy it from here. after going to management tools goto name servers. here i have already written before so if you are new these fields are blank. so we wi’ll copy both names and paste it on freenom server names. so our work with freenom is done and rest of the work will done on infinity free. our domain name is created here. so go to softacuous apps installer. here we install wordpress from here install the wordpress and here give the choosed name and your website name whatever you want im staying on cyber era in site description you can give description after that user name should be admin and im making password admin to easily remembered. here i can install any them and click on install. here you get 2 links. one link is for your website and second for your administrative activities. means the domain , we have to write wp-admin after that. and our admin link will open. so this package is suitable for students because you can get free domain and fere hosting for lifetime,. here i click on visit site to see how it’s look like. open it will also open your web browsers. here wordpress customization is opened as you already know about this. soon i’ll upload lecture on wordpress where we will build wordpres websites. so here i write to check wether it open’s or not. so now i changed my browser and let’s check wether it open’s or not. so after writing my website is opened. if i write my c-panel will open. hope you like the video, if you like it then share my video.

9 thoughts on “How to create free website with free domain name and free hosting 2019

  1. Dark Pit Post author

    got strucked when the infinity hosting says that you can't host sites of .tk

  2. Waleed Khalid Post author

    I just tried today it says technical error cannot register domain.. please help

  3. Cyber Era Post author

    always get .ga domain because its best then other… other free domain extensions sucks.

  4. Divakar Valmiki Post author

    How to insert our html files in this control panel

  5. mtsmayad webaholic Post author

    wordpress is heavy on free webhost 🙂 it will make your site down everyday, so u may try BLUDit 🙂

  6. Artist Satya Post author

    But .. web site… Not working ☹️… I tried many times 😭…. fake


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