How To Create Coming Soon & Under Construction Pages With WordPress While Building Your Website

By | January 14, 2020

In this video I’m in a show you the best way
to create a coming soon page for your website or a maintenance page for your website hi
my name is Adam from were I make WordPress videos for non-techies and
I get this question a lot how do I create a coming soon page for my website and I wanted
to answer and show you how to do that in this video so first let me explain what a coming
soon or a maintenance mode page is essentially when you’re building out your website you
don’t want people to be able to or even Google search engine to come to your website and
see all these things you’re doing because it’s probably not exactly ideal how you wanted
to look right you’re putting it all together and you’re intentionally not perfecting it
because you’re just put in the structuring and any or tweak everything or do all the
stuff and sometimes it can be kind of embarrassing to someone was to visit your website or maybe
you just want to keep it private and top-secret so you want to put it in a maybe have a coming
soon page work whenever anyone visits any page on your website is going to show them
this coming soon page or this under maintenance page there different things in him and explain
the exact difference but then these are the common sought times when you’re gonna want
one of these options so specially here on the channel I show people how to build websites
I recently released entire video series on how to create an online course website so
this question does come up a lot so I’m to do it in this video now if you head over to and do a search for a coming soon plug and typically you would just go
and find a coming soon plug and add it into your WordPress website and then you’d have
to figure out all the little nuances of that plug and now the main one Juergen is he recommended
if you Google WordPress coming soon plug-in is going to be this one right here from seed
product and you could see right here it’s on a ton of websites on over 300,000 websites
out actually uses before and it is pretty good it’s not what we use in this video though
because I have a better solution for you but this is limited to just creating coming soon
our maintenance mode pages now the negative of this is your pages the pages that it generates
are very restrictive you don’t really have full creative control over those pages and
that’s why these are kind of problematic now maybe two years ago these were ideal because
page builders were still in their infancy there wasn’t these page builders or anyone
can really create anything they want in a webpage so these are actually great to give
you some structure and give you something that looks nice now I want to introduce you
what working to do were to use Elementor because Elementor is the very best three page building
plug-in for WordPress and they recently added features to wait to use it to generate or
create coming soon pages and also to create maintenance mode pages now the benefit of
using Elementor is not just that it’s free I mean it’s free is great but the benefit
is you will have full control over these pages and that’s what I really like about it now
Elementor itself is free but they also have a paid version called the Elementor Pro and
this is going to add additional features to that you can use on these coming soon and
maintenance mode pages but here’s the thing you don’t need this but there are a couple
nice things that it adds that you may want to to have so one of them is Alexa let me
scroll down to the main like features that it adds an okay from logical templates here
it is these exclusive Pro widgets or elements and the main one is right here this countdown
element that you’ll be able to use on your page so in order to get this countdown timer
if you want to countdown timer I personally don’t really care for them on a coming soon
page I mean you can have it but you could just as easily say coming soon on this date
you don’t have to buy Elementor Pro just to get a countdown timer and I look for free
countdown timers there are really any good ones unfortunately but it comes with all these
different elements that you can use to make a powerful website but of course Elementor
is not just for making coming soon and maintenance pages it’s for building entire websites but
this is just one more thing that you’re going to be able to make with it the cost of Elementor
program remember you don’t need it it’s 40 bucks or 49 bucks if you want it on the site
I have a linked envelope also when you purchase through my link I give you a course called
Elementor essentials now let’s go ahead and try this out so I already have Elementor installed
but for you your need to go to plug-ins click on add new and then you’re gonna just do a
quick search here for Elementor so I’ve entered Elementor in it’s right here I obviously ready
have it installed you just click activate and then install and then activate you can
see it’s already on 90,000 websites this is a very very popular plug-in people are using
these to this plug in to create some amazing websites and some amazing pages but the benefit
of it is is you can use this to do some amazing things and you’ll have full control so once
you install and activate it your and I have this menu option here that says Elementor
now let’s go ahead and make ourselves a coming soon page now I do want to preface this by
saying this is gonna work on any single website every single word press website it doesn’t
matter what theme you have it’s going to work on them all so what we need to do is we need
to click on my library and working to create a coming soon template in this thing called
the library soaring to go ahead and click add new and then let’s just call this coming
soon okay I got that their only need to do now is click on publish now I need to click
on edit with Elementor’s and outs can open up in Elementor this Elementor interface now
obviously when the first thing you think of when you look at it like I don’t want my coming
soon page look like this I don’t have a header design get her a menu or any of the sidebar
stuff this is what you need to do go ahead and click here on the top left and then there’s
this option here this is page settings and then it’s his template right now it’s his
default but we want to changes to Elementor canvas now when you do this it eliminates
all of that stuff so now you have this a blank canvas to start building your coming soon
page so the way Elementor works is you click on the little dial pad right here and you
just essentially dragging and dropping elements in there you can have sections with background
colors background textures you have text you can have buttons you can have anything that
you see here is really easy and I have a bunch of videos already right here on YouTube perfectly
free to watch right show you how to make some very advanced designs right now the word and
a look and see what added templates there are two Elementor for coming soon pages some
to go ahead and click on add template right here and it’s going to pull up a list of the
templates now I think there’s a few coming soon specific ones now I do want you to notice
that on some of these templates on the top right corner you see it says Pro these are
templates that are only for people that have Elementor Pro which I showed you earlier in
the video so you but you got a notice that they have beautiful templates whether you
bought the Pro version are your using the free version they are giving you some beautiful
templates like look at this about us page right there it is absolutely stunning and
then here’s another one that just happens the be part of the Pro package so let’s go
ahead and scroll down a bit and see what we have here you can obviously use any of these
as a starting point but I want to scroll down here because I know there are some specific
ones in here they are here are let’s see 4566 let’s see eight Cummings while nine coming
soon templates that we can use as a starting point now the main difference between the
ones that are going to be with the free version and ones with the pro version really boil
down to that countdown timer so you can see this one here coming soon one beautiful countdown
timer but coming soon to its beautiful it just doesn’t have a countdown timer so that
is can it be your main difference between these various styles here so go ahead and
shoes that see this one here it’s got a clock on it that looks fine go ahead and click on
the insert button and then this can go ahead and download everything that makes this template
and it’s going to put it right here on your page so this is literally how it’s going to
look now the beautiful thing about Elementor is that you can click on anything and start
editing it so right here it’s is coming soon I can click on it and over here I can change
it to whatever I want and it adjusts in real time you see that Ed adjusts in real time
and you can change the colors the style whatever you want the same goes for this paragraph
text here the same thing goes for this phone number right here I can click on it like this
and here is the phone number I can click on their and change the phone number to whatever
I want now this is really cool because is also showing that phone icon but we could
even change that icon to any icon that we want and we can make it a hyperlink but were
not in this instance and the same thing goes for the email right there so what we would
do then is we would just go ahead and click on save now want you to know you can create
anything with Elementor we can do something totally custom part from scratch I just wanted
to show you how easy it is with these templates actually probably wouldn’t want this MNR right
here would see what it is it’s an image when what happens when I deleted it just pulls
everything up let’s just go ahead and delete it like that okay now I’m in a go ahead and
click on save like that and then when I click on the X on the bottom left corner right here
I can choose this option this is view page and it can open up this page in a new tab
and there is this coming soon page so now we’ve actually created it and we’ve saved
it now let’s tell WordPress that we want people to see this when they come to our site someone
to go ahead and click on go to dashboard and now I’m in a go back to these Elementor settings
and I want to click on tools right here so now what we need to do is go right here in
the section that says maintenance mode and Sorkin’s click on the choose mode right now
it’s disabled but I’m to choose coming soon now when you choose coming soon it’s gonna
give you a couple options number one is who can access and this is saying who can access
the full site and not get stuck behind this coming soon page and this is going to always
usually be said to people that are logged in so what this means is when you yourself
are logged into your website that’s when you can start editing and building your website
but if you’re logged out you come to your website you’re just going to see this coming
soon page and Mrs. choose template and we just created it right here coming soon and
that I want to go ahead and click on save pages now what happens is and I really like
this and this is a WordPress feature when you have this in maintenance mode for coming
soon on Juergen I have this big red indication right there maintenance mode on and that’s
just gonna let you know that the maintenance mode is on and anyone that comes your website
right now if they are not logged in there in a see that coming soon page so for me I
am logged in if I went to example website and click on view site like this it doesn’t
show me that coming soon page because I’m logged in but if I go here to the right and
I choose a log out it’s going to take me well here I am at the login page but if I click
here to go back to the website is can you show me the coming soon page and that’s all
I have is this beautiful coming soon page so now what I need to do is log back into
the website I can just click back and get to the login page on a log in really quick
okay now that I have my username and password on the click log in and here we are maintenance
mode is still on so now let me go back to the front of the website you can see now I’m
able to edit my website now when you are ready to let people back to see your website you
would go to Elementor tools and then right here it’s his maintenance mode we would change
this to disabled now there’s also something called maintenance mode what mean I’m getting
a little confused or all of it’s called maintenance mode but the difference between a coming soon
page and the maintenance page it has to do with what your website communicates to a search
engine okay so if it’s going to communicate coming soon it tells Google hey were building
the websites you can index it when it says maintenance it says hey Google come back in
an hour or so or tomorrow or so and you’ll get access back to the websites will communicate
something different to Google and that’s what these differences are so okay so you would
actually take it from maintenance mode you put it to disabled and then click on save
changes and then that would go away so let’s now create a maintenance mode in this time
I’ll choose one of these Pro templates someone to go back to my library I’m in a click add
new and let’s name this maintenance mode okay I’ve got that entered him to click on publish,
click on edit with Elementor and I am going to go and click on the top left here going
to my page settings and change that template to Elementor canvas to get rid of everything
number the click on add template and let’s look at one of the ones that have a countdown
timer just you can get an idea of what that looks like so here we are scrolling down and
so typically maintenance is under construction or something like that let’s go ahead and
choose this one right here why not this is a pro one a minute choose insert and it’s
gonna pull everything down and it’s the same thing you can click on it over here on the
left you can go ahead and edit anything that’s there it now this this countdown timer is
part of the Pro package and I gotta say it’s one of the best countdown timers I’ve ever
seen built for WordPress it’s so easy to use and so flexible with the styles I can click
on it right here and I can change my due date to whatever date I want in the future and
right now it set for two days from mouse you can click in here and choose any day that
you want to sell it see today is 28 April actually sorry it’s a month from now Soren
April and were right here so let me choose the 29th you can even choose a time just like
that and there it is five hours three 3032 minutes and 30 seconds and you can even turn
off some of these we don’t want to seconds to show you go like that in turn the seconds
off I really like all the power and flexibility here some go ahead and click on save and then
this time I am going to click on the X go back to the dashboard to go to Elementor tools
and this time I’m going to put it in maintenance mode but this time maintenance instead of
coming soon and I want to go ahead and choose that maintenance page we just created a go
ahead and click on save changes and then go back to the front end of the website same
thing if I’m logged in I can access the website if I’m logged out I cancel just click log
out here and then go to the root of the website and there it is in this section will have
a beautiful template I didn’t know was can have this beautiful white frame around the
edges and it looks great with this background image so essentially this is a much more powerful
way to create a coming soon page or to create a maintenance mode page for your website because
these are things that really should be done with the page builder anyway now the reason
there’s these popular plug-ins it’s because they’ve been around for many years before
we predominantly built websites using these page builders but I think it’s pretty visionary
and forward thinking of the Elementor developers to go ahead and build this into their plug-in
because it’s the ideal plug in in order to do this so if you did want to get Elementor
Pro I do have a link down below and when you click on that link it’s gonna tell you about
the bonus package that I have essentially if you bite him to give you this training
course on Elementor that I developed and recorded and I deliver on my website the training course
alone is $149 but if you purchase even the least expensive Elementor package for $49
you’re gonna get access to it and your to be able to learn how to use Elementor to do
many powerful things on your website like create landing pages beautiful designed pages
and poster and learn how to do essentially everything with Elementor and build amazing
and beautiful websites

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