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By | August 22, 2019

How To Create a Facebook Map Page || Facebook Business Page So today, I’ve discuss about the how to create a Facebook fan page There are two tape initial mappings the govern is the business Business will be two tips Means I don’t Facebook business page will be two tears one is called branding one is called service base So it was a banner thing but our company organization our Institute Branding Reebok Puma is all your brandings So flip Cory’s company disco company Tamsin is a company and they will be coming to product all something moped So we can promote only for samsung mobile that is call your product about your services Samsung mobile we face mobile we pay what is called its current kind of services So your T tips will be the one is called mapping they come on his skull Brandy anti one is cursed early space create by your page. Please right now first one how to create a Facebook mapping Right down URL slash pages So today we discuss about the hold on how to grade a facebook mapping using with two that Allow with address so here was a yokel Facebook outcome pages here option collies creative page Please write out the categories first one is local business The current one is called branding That one is brand of your product you fourth one is Promoting the rippity levels Of protein a person also somebody one person like is a actor actress comedian author Writer anything will be powered by the fourth 1:51 entertainment purpose Like I hit the music you to write is force anything will be coming to entertainment last so on own community like our nation facebook-like generated our baby Alfons home improvements anything is the own communities so now we will discuss about is called local business now click for local business our place So please first write down for I am writing for digital marketing Only brainy Other output, this is my one so category will be called Education As you can check by the training also they will check Painting even on a ship you will be caught Education So we write your address here, let’s take the address here, so What is that? state Okay last one is that pimple number. That’s what is that phone number? So adoption Polly’s lick fur get started So we’ll click your option. They show you for a spell bus will be added by the profile picture what a problem Peter sighs find out by finder pixel for Facebook Upload your profile picture so? on your desktop Was after that cover port of ad your cover photo So I am taking the town photo So yeah finally page will be open again So our location will be pasted along with the office Elevated artists not only for mother Ferrari anything Down here the page was created here Thanks So yeah just You have to check this one so first you just go to the crowd photo I’m re the photograph here Don’t photograph, please come here just here if you divide anyone and do this page in wait with any person here, but Purpose of like your page your invitation so your what is it my username here? Something something will be there like that The user will be changed by this particular page The option call is a boat Was that Username was that create page username? So yeah Nick Mr.. Marketing Training father so The Facebook your election sure will be suffered up to 50 characters. Please write on Facebook Any your election will be suffered up to 50 characters? Profile of Danny pay tax by the fifty characters You So I’m creating the username here Using it don’t use any kind of space or full stuff like that you were continuously And if he is not showing for that tick mark the username will be exist The showing tick mark is the valid and it will be nobody using for us you are username now Your when you click create a username? They will accept by your username here Done there will be finally you’re not so previous like this now check Previous distil I for marketing I feel like that will be there now. We’ll be using what our user name mr.. Magna training fatherhood and Suppose. We’re creating user name time there will be not accepted, but this is for your Cheney for multiple times Your Facebook name will be in a creating time. You’re creating for the two or three times will be changing the names They not accept that your username First Adam knew of username the attempt by username will be first attempt. You’re changing to a new creating Facebook time page time You’re changing though your name will be multiple times. They don’t accept the username when except when getting the 25 lakhs What if I likes they accept your username? In a grading page time You’re changing user name multiple times for the user ain’t nothin but did you say changing for multiple times? They don’t accept the Facebook username Except when you get the page will be 25 lakhs they accept your username So I got some mistakes I don’t accept my username that is for your mistakes well You are repeating term your username will be changing for multiple times If we change to all trade-ins also, they’re not reading the particular username So clear this is called proper username here So when you’re feeding time very very important thing is First for an invitation to Ana you’re perfect for persons. They come on is 12 create a username Third one Paul will double your complete page information Well, it is called a boat comeback somebody open your page How will we fill up the or your page like this this come to your team over option Polly’s a boat? Now what is that interviewer website just go to here take the website URL Lady you Obviously our entire website Yeah after that what is that email or just write your email address here You And so right for everything for that edit company for you So this is my company over years. It’s um to copy this over you So if you’re adding more information now click here And check the all information by here with the C mode Is our company or some pre profile information about your trainings Service basis not defend training base is complete different So here For that your story just go to your I Near very very important call is short description So you’re asking by short description, but you don’t asking by date company over you here So please write down. What is called enter your phone number here You So what are the information you want you can tell me by it one by one again so edit a watch Was it had shot is the please I don’t if I a short description they support 250 characters 250 characters We suffered by the 250 characters So this is call we can make your complete page When you’re grading page time video a particular mutation for another people for profile persons Second one is star create a username turn on your radio details long description story and a short description Email at this let’s say it assigned to mobile number with patient using successful philip ID your complete Facebook business page will be created here for the page name is this summer getting on a training in mother put this call facebook mapping page bill period the process So we can post by youtube video and web charity will possible by the facebook page

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