How to convert static website to wordpress 2018

By | November 3, 2019

How to create business website on blogger 2018 So, this is our study WordPress website People ask a man pushing his skull how to we can annotate to dynamic sites. So what is mean by dynamic site? I Can give an example here you can open further my site magnetic solutions I can provide for a number of services in this one and indeed for wear but Services in one services button you can provide for the in number of services So you how many pages are there? one two three four Five six a six phase will be static for vertical to page make a chauffeur whole page here Deserve the might end number of services. So the company protein for in nem’ro services Same light. This is my WordPress website So first, I’m trading my static website. So how to convert into dynamic website the simple logic first of all, you can go to your WordPress dashboard go to call option Collies host You come into category category namely create by any kind of annual produce offers Comforting areas I can promote any kind of services Create new category 11 clearly will be there. If you are live with empty create new category that is for services That Mariga belongs to fer none is not relate for any other categories. This is called description will be Services Whitford add New category so after PD category the display by weight, huh? Services, so this is the pretty firm a no name for the better name is called Services, what is it Tommy page? The page does not already content after that Go to appearance click for meadows It will be their horoscope category width but we were achiever category name click for add to menu This menu bar does not ready contains is zero content click save menu Done found here refresh this SP edit button click How much is added zero Services now I can create my services So it is someone I can provide for the M number of areas will be services in this first one We go to option Polly’s post Add new post Is a create here also much a Bitch Next one and media Search your image You the actual content So I said to them, but we’ll continue Copy This here so whatever service is there is no particular area so grant by whale Services may know click for publish Reuse any cutter. Is there nothing phone? I can the fish? after updating greatly prefer refresh Person who is named Osama Monty myosin Rajendra Nagar next one Same like add new post Are so much It Would Add media Select your file so each container adding four separate image added separate content for the launch You you And pinch The glance which one that is – but services by various together will be smart put now click publish so how many services your protein add by each will be on your services page So this is look at your category. Can you add info at number of posts? Are you how many positions are they right now? Only one I can do fish Now 100 – so what does earlier you will be did? Services, I saw by Merrill mutton in Hyderabad. So I’m clicking for this keyword. I can read each Other so much Mary Magdalene is much food. So they Page providing for a rich area is for area. This is call your services Next one coming to here add new post so each post we are in four separate category only for one can again display by n number of Pages that is called dynamic website first Are we reading by category category by your menu bar? Each post can’t buy read on category option if you one can delete promoting for it number of pages Your homepage is not static menu bar. It’s clean to any pages you showing for intercrop ages. That is called dynamic website appear One-way robot didn’t create by in number of pages That is for dynamic one page you create for n number of pages discuss dynamic website Abbreviate pace was increased. So we have pasted fix paid in pages is called static Really increase your pages suppose. Your area will be pleased by it number of services different fiscal Dynamic website now your money for one more key word The keyword is per You Services click publish So no obvious is how they put these services we can find out clip for sad resist One one libera a smut would pass one So like there again preserver in tempura services So you can services will be lost always using for contact. We will be always lost so you can change your me. No option made appearance click for venues from changing for this drag and drop Loss will be contact this clip for save when you Pick for here Oh Doc my liquid services boy information videos under Mother’s crew system so you can go with them for information will Disappear this all your Static website when coming to services, so this is all will be increase the page is dummy, but will it click the page the showing for n number of Services, what is all called? Dynamic website then you will be call create a category the category modify your menu bar here your post under your Category may no option This is purple by the dynamic website

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