How to Control YouTube Notifications YOU Send to Subscribers

By | August 13, 2019

– Did you know there is
a limit to the number of video uploads and
livestream notifications a viewer can receive from a single channel in a 24-hour period? Have a guess at what it
is in the comments below, and I’ll let you know
at the end of the video. – [Man] vidIQ. – [Woman] vidIQ. – [Man] (upbeat music) – When you are logged into
YouTube, you should see your channel logo in the
top right hand corner of most YouTube screens,
if you click on that, you have the option to
go to YouTube Studio. This is currently in beta, but will become the standard as 2019 progresses. This is the dashboard of the new studio, and from here, you can access
all parts of your channel. Today, we are going to go to Videos. Now obviously, we have notifications, you can only make changes to videos that are currently private or unlisted, because the notification’s
already been sent out for public videos. So, for a private or unlisted video, click on it, this will
show you the video details, and from here you want to go to Advanced. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen, and you’ll see the following option: publish to the Subscription feed and allow notifications to subscribers. To clarify what that means,
your subscribers will see this video in their Subscription feed and will receive
notifications if eligible. This is always defaulted
on, as you would expect, so if you want to stop this from happening when the video goes public, untick this box, and save the change. I know you’ve got a burning
question you want to ask. What’s the difference
between a unlisted video and a public video that
doesn’t send out notifications? Good question. Unlisted videos are those
that are only designed to be found through a shared link, they don’t appear in search results, and they don’t appear on
your channel page either. Public videos, on the
other hand, are totally transparent and visible, they can be found through search and appear on your channel. Some rare reasons why you might need to do this is for your channel trailer. You want it to be discoverable on YouTube, but you don’t want to
notify your subscribers because it’s not required. You might have some sort of Easter egg or secret game you’re
playing with your audience which they need to find,
but obviously you don’t want to notify them that the video exists. If you can think of any more novel ideas why you wouldn’t want to
notify your subscribers about new content, do let us
know in the comments below. And now let’s go back to our question, what is the maximum
number of notifications a viewer will see from a
single channel in 24 hours? The answer is three. So if you intend to
upload multiple videos, maybe five or 10 a day,
for whatever reason, and you only want to make sure that the most important
videos reach your audience, then you can use that
checkbox to untick the ones which you don’t think are as valuable. Very specific user case, but I’m sure there’s somebody out there
who will find this useful. In the meantime, if you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level, then make sure to download vidIQ. It will help you research
YouTube, analyze videos, audit your own channel,
and take actionable steps. There is a link in the video description. Make sure to check out our
YouTube beginners guide playlist over here and more awesome content. We’ll see you on those videos, enjoy the rest of your video-making day.

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