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By | November 8, 2019

– If you’re considering
SEO for your business, there are two main
things that I’d recommend you looking into as a first step in this decision-making process. First step is, do a market analysis. This is something I talk
about ROI all the time. Make sure your market actually supports positive ROI for your business. Now I’m going to take this
video from the assumption that you’ve already done that. That you know there is money
available in your market, that it’s significant. Now, if that’s the case, you’re
looking for the second step. You’re trying to determine
who you should work with for this process. Now, the main recommendation I would give is you need to work with
someone “White Hat”. If you’re not familiar
with that, I’ll explain it. There’s White Hat, there’s Black Hat, and there’s Gray Hat. To explain what that is,
Black Hat is cheating. Google has guidelines, and
Black Hat SEOs basically ignore those guidelines,
and because of that, they rank very quick, very fast. They outrank most White Hat SEOs for a short period of time. And that’s the key to this. Black Hat is simply unsustainable. It is cheating, and when Google finds out, what will happen is the
business owner will get slapped with a Google penalty,
and this penalty can, it varies in intensity and length in time, but correcting these penalties can be extremely time
intensive and very difficult, contingent upon what was done. And in that process, you’re
of course going to fire your SEO, but that
doesn’t really help you. At that point in time, you’re
just not making any money. And that could be for
a long period of time. In fact, after that happens, you’re probably going to
reach out to someone like us and most likely, we’re not
going to take on the project because it’s basically too time intensive, as compared to the ROI. Make sure you’re not working with someone that’s Black Hat or even Gray Hat. Now, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Don’t take mine. There’s some things you
can do to check this out on your own and they’re
pretty simple things. So first, from a sales
and marketing perspective, if they’re reaching out to you and saying, “We’re going to have
you on the top of Google in 30 days, or 60 days, or even 90 days”, just walk away because you can actually have a business on the top of Google, depending on the business
within about 72 hours. But, you’re cheating. And the more egregious you’re cheating the more serious the penalty, and the more probable it’s
going to go down a lot quicker. If you hear that, run. But then there’s some actionable things you can take on your end, as
well, some basic research. So for example, one of the
things that’s very common on localized businesses is keyword stuffing in the business name. I actually do Google support. I’m pretty high level on it and I clear out spammers
on a regular basis, actually every day. And they’re always coming back, and it’s just part of the job. But, one of the simple things,
if you don’t know anything about this, to look for is, let’s take, say when you’re looking at an SEO they have multiple different companies that they work with. And one of them is Bob’s
Law Firm, for example. Bob’s Law Firm is located in Miami. And you search in Google
for Bob’s Law Firm, and instead of seeing Bob’s Law Firm, which is the logo on their website, it’s clearly Bob’s Law Firm, they have Bob’s Criminal
Law Firm of Miami. Well, what they’ve done
there is they’ve just stuffed keywords into the business name. It literally takes five
minutes, it’s easy to do, and it makes a massive positive impact. If you see that, run. Don’t deal with them. It is not a long-term strategy. All that is is simply a
simple cheat, and run. It’s just not long-term. Probably the biggest thing you can do during your interview
process when you’re looking for an online, or marketing
company, or an SEO, is ask how long they’ve had
dominant clients in Google? And what I mean by that
is if they’re cheating, or even if they’re doing Gray Hat, those clients aren’t going
to last for two years. Maybe the most I’ve seen
is around three years. So, if they have clients
that have been dominant in Google for over three
years, preferably five, preferably a decade, that’s the type of business
you want to work with. And don’t, again, take their word for it, call the business. Verify that, hey, they work with you, and yes, we’ve been doing
this well for this long, and it’s because of them. And if you do that you’re
going to mitigate the chance by a significant margin of
working with the wrong business. We are a White Hat company. We have been doing SEO for,
I guess over a decade now with clients that have been dominant since we started doing it. If you have any questions
related to SEO for your business or want us to do a market analysis for you give us a call, 713-963-4605.

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