How to Choose a Web Design Company

By | October 13, 2019

Now, a web design company has to have six
hats that they wear and wear well. If your brother in law is a web designer and
says “Hey, I’ll throw together a website for you,” that could be
a good thing, but it could also be a really, really bad thing. So I want to make sure that you know what
the six hats are that web designer has to wear so that you’re aware that
when you hire a web company. They have to be able to design the site in
an aesthetic way for your particular industry. Not every industry gets the same kind of look
and feel. There’s a marketing aspect to the design. Here’s that pop-up window
I was telling you about that the first time that you go to [inaudible
00:00:46] website will pop-up so we can get that contact information. They
can close it and it will never prompt again but the conversions are really,
really good. So does the web developer understand marketing
enough to give you a website that is going to give you leads that you can
warm up over time and close, and make a customer? Do they understand the SEO enough to set that
website up so that it’s SEO friendly? Do they have that data? Can they write and do
they know how to write using search terms? Are they a decent writer? Now if you are going to write the content
for your site, just put your byline there; because it doesn’t matter if
you’re a great writer or not, I rather you if you’re going to mess up the
grammar, has anybody read “Delivering Happiness”, the book “Delivering
Happiness” by Toni Shae. He’s
the founder of Great book to read. He’s not a writer, he loves
starting sentences with prepositions. Now, the thing is that because you know he’s
not a writer and he’s a CEO, you don’t mind that the writing isn’t 100%
professional. So if you want to
write the copy for your website, make sure that you know. Just put your
little byline ‘written by CEO blah, blah’. It’ll raise the trust factor. But if you’re going to write it and it’s not
going to be professionally written, don’t let them think it was a copywriter,
because then the trust factor will go down a little bit. The programming aspect. Some programmer, you know, have you ever gone
with someone and you look at someone’s car and
there’s just crap everywhere? Well, you can look into somebody’s, the back
end of the website, kind of looks like that too. So you want to make sure that the programmer
is programming in such a way that any other programmer
can step in and make a change like if they get hit by a bus. So it’s really important that they
have all these hats on. Then there’s tracking. Make sure they sign up that webpage with Google
Analytics, teach you how to look at it so you can see which pages are
people abandoning your site from, where are they leaving from, what pages
they’re most looking at, where should we be putting fill in forms. You
can’t do everything at once. Now, good websites, contact info on every
page, images which relate to their service and showing you some decent
websites that we found and this is Allstate. I like AllState, I like all
the insurance commercials now, they’re all good. A form on the home page to
collect the visitor’s contact information. Here’s another good website. This company Brookshire Dental Group, is just
a dentist. We kind of now expect to see certain things
when we go to a Home page. And the Home page changes all the time, you
know, slowly. But if the
home page has those ingredients. If the menu bar was where you expect it
to be, if there is a nice big image that changes out and we can do it
ourselves or wait for it to happen automatically, we expect to see that and
it raises that trust factor. It makes us feel more comfortable with that
website, thus more comfortable with that company. Your website today, is you. I’m sorry to say but it doesn’t mater if you
are the very, very best at what you do. If your website doesn’t look like
that, you are not the best at what you do. Your website is you,
unfortunately. Or fortunately, because you can totally take
a website and make it look amazing and still not be the
best at what you do. Get business
but you won’t keep it. A good website. PostCard Mania’s website. That’s our
old homepage. We just changed our homepage. We did a test with another
homepage, got better conversion. More people staying on the website. Here’s a bad website, and they’re a website
design company. That’s sad. If
you’re in the technical world, your website better be technically good,
better be in the forefront of technology. If you’re in the world of doing
something aesthetic, some architect, a dentist, your website better be very
aesthetic. If you are in an industry where people don’t
generally trust you, used cars, your website better build
trust. You better have pictures
of yourself, your family, about your likes and dislikes, what you care
about in life on that website, because you need to build trust.

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