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Do you ever come up with a really good business
name? You’re like, man, that’d be a really good
name for a business. So if you ever have these questions? What if my business name is taken? Then, this video is for you. I’m Bloggin Brandi and this is BLABoss where
I teach you how to Brand like a boss so that people will want to the BLAB about your brand. And, In this video I’m going to teach you
essentially how to know if someone’s using the name for your business. But be sure to stay tuned until the end of
this video because even though this video’s jam packed with amazing content, I take all
of this amazing stuff and teach you essentially how to put it into a business plan itself. The first step in deciding or thinking about
a name for your business is to actually do some research and see if someone’s already
using your name. Because if they are already using it, you’re
probably not going to want to use it, right? Why would anybody want to use the same name? And plus it might end up being some type of
copyright or trademark infringement if you were use somebody else’s name. So the best way to avoid this is to do some
research up front, make sure nobody’s using it and if they are using it in what capacities. I’ve come up with a couple of names before
where I saw somebody maybe had the website but they didn’t have the social media handles. And to the me a social media handle, being
able to have all the same social media handles on all the platforms is way more important
than having the website because you can kind of pick and choose your website or make your
website, your slogan or your tagline. So for instance, in this series it’s about
how to brand like a boss. Right now, somebody who actually owns the
URL for Brand Like A Boss, but I bought how to Brand like a boss and they’re not really
using the domain. So I don’t know. That might be something that I bid on later
on. Hopefully that person is never watching this
video. But that’s something that I chose for the
domain. Now I thought, okay, on social media, I can’t
have brand like a boss, but I use something a little different. And that was BLABossInc, which is Blaboss
Incorporated. It’s not the like the most Amazing name, but
it works, Right? And I can always try to change this later
on because you can change your social handles later on. How do you research this? You’re like, okay, Brandi will I get it? I get it. I get why it’s so important, but how do I
actually do this and know that nobody’s using this name? So let me break it down for you. If you want to do this the quick way and go
to Google and type in name checker. I know that sounds weird, but that’s just
what people kind of call it and I would check to see if anybody’s using your name. No, there’s a couple of them that will pop
up, but what it does is these sites will actually search the entire Internet for you and say,
okay, somebody is using the website and they might be using the org or the Biz or So it runs a full search for website and social,
your URLs and your social handles. Now. If it was me personally, I would do this manually
and that’s the way that I normally will always do it. If I was doing a manual search, the first
thing is I would go to godaddy and I would run a URL search and I’d just see if anybody
is using that domain name and if it’s available to purchase because if it’s available to purchase
more than likely, nobody’s using the name. Not completely, but it’s a good place to start. I personally use go daddy, but that’s just
because I love godaddy and that’s what I use to farm on domain names. So after I’ve searched Godaddy and made sure
that nobody’s using the website URL. Then I say, okay, well what about social media? Is anybody using it on social media? I will literally go to Twitter in the search
tab and put the at symbol and the handle and search to see if anybody’s using that handle. Same thing with Instagram. Same thing with Facebook and all of the social
media platforms. I will go look and just search. Sometimes I’ll start hashtags too, but I’ll
just search the name with or without the at symbol and just see what kind of comes up. The third thing that I do after I’ve looked
at the URL to make sure it’s available, I’ve checked the social media handles and now notes
available. So what I want to do is just do a quick Google
search, GGGGgoooogle search. What is up with me today? So I’ll do a quick Google search and when
I search Google, I’m looking to see what anybody’s posted under this name is somebody talking
about in a blog post: is it like a horrible company? Is Somebody’s already using it? You’ll start to learn a lot from Google. And if you don’t know why I talk about Google
all the time, it’s because Google is the number one search engine like in the world. So that’s what I focus on after I’ve done
all of these three things. So I’ve, checked the domain, checked the social
handle to make sure it’s available. And done a Google search. That’s all three. Now I’m going to do the quick search for the
name Checker and see if it’s available. So that’s pretty much how I do it manually. Personally, You could do the quick way and
then the manual way. Then be like okay, cool. It doesn’t look like anybody is using the
name. Now let me just go manually and check it real
quick. Double check that and then set it up. So it’s up to you how you want to do it, but
those are the steps that I would say to take and make sure that nobody’s using the name
that you’re wanting to use. So you’ll know for sure. So whenever you build a business, you need
what’s called a branding kit. Tons of businesses have these branding kits
and you want to build one for yourself. So whether you hire a designer or whether
you’re just going back yourself to grab these things, you want to have all of these things
in one place. So that’s why I show you in my branding guide
is how to put all this stuff together and have it all in one place. You can pick that up and the description below
this video? I’m bloggin Brandi, this is BLABoss aka brand
like a boss. Be sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next episode. [Music]


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